It is Strange

It is very strange 

what people think

when lovers meet.

When eyes exchange 

a sudden wink.

It’s their doom.

When hearts do sing

on opposite seats

in a crowded room

over a drink.

People still say

It’s only a fling.

They’ve met in heat

one summer’s day.

They’ll never cling. 

Everyone was wrong. 

They’re still a thing.

Engulfed in sheets.

Writing their song

till the end of spring.

It is even strange

when people think

their love will retreat 

or it will change

without a ring.

She didn’t care.

Although it stings

to read a tweet

that she likes to share

her lover’s thing.

Of course she did.

It was her kink.

She was no cheat.

He did her bid

to be a swing.

She loves to milk

her lover’s king 

after she greets

her sub in silk

or a leather string.

He loves to lick

his lover’s wings.

like candy treats.

Waiting to drink

what she can bring. 

Their love endures.

She was his mink.

He was so sweet

and certainly sure 

they were in sync.

He finally writes

all that in Silk.

Those wondrous feats

those blissful nights 

tied up in string.

It’s certainly strange 

that many still think

when they do read 

all this on a page, 

that this was never a thing.

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    1. It’s a nice mix of sophisticated rhyme with succinct style and balance. I like how you manage the theme by use of progression, the intricate secrets of a developing relationship…

      and everyone certainly believes everything that you say.

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