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Amongst the silvery drops of rain

I heard the little waterfall hiss

Invited into its hazy fold

with a pull of a longing kiss

Wrinkled layers she removed

heavy on the floor they land

Kneeling down on her knees

my pole in her dripping hand

My legs swayed as I prayed 

they wouldn’t waver nor to twist

Slippery stone I tried to grip

in the fog of a sparkling mist

I held her head between my hands

in blissful hope of finding peace

Not one to gag nor one to cease 

her mouth welcomed my release

I sucked a bud then bit a bite 

a little pain I wished conveyed

To show how strength is born

who is in charge, and power played

“No way in hell,” she wickedly smiled

pushed to land on my hardened knees

Opening her legs to let me roam

her little folds wanting to tease

Tongue wiggling by 

I heard a sigh that didn’t last

It swirled and drank the drops of life

trickling of musk as they slowly passed

I wish to be invited once again

to soak in the river of her heavenly lust

In another shower of merely dreams

I long to bathe before turning to dust.

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