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I could barely open my eyes. My head was spinning. I felt as if my body was carrying a ton of weight. I woke up to find myself sitting on the floor and tied to the staircase in my own home. I could not move my hands. I tried to shake them free but they were tied really well to the railings. There was something stuffed inside my mouth. I could hardly breath. I was scared shitless. That is when I remembered. When I entered my house I felt something cover my mouth. Before I could see who or what had happened I lost consciousness. I must have been drugged.

“Come on man. She is waking up,” a man with a deep voice said.

“I am working as fast as I can,” another one cried out.

I looked around trying to figure out what was happening. Who were these guys? What were they doing here? I could hear two of them. But how did they enter my house? I didn’t know what they wanted until one of them came out of my room carrying my box of jewelry in one hand.

“Jack pot,” he yelled out and looked at me, “you little slut,” he cursed, “you made me look for these for an hour,” as he dangled my most expensive diamond necklace in my face.

The second man came running out of the other room and shouted, “you idiot.” I was surprised he was yelling at his friend, “she is awake and she can recognize you. Idiot!”

“Who cares a shit.”

“Fucking Idiot!” He kept repeating.

“Look what else I found,” the first added, “more goodies,” and he emptied my small bag of sex toys between my lap.

“What the fuck!?” the second shouted.

“Yeh I told you she is a slut,” he told his friend as he held my large 10 inch dildo vibrator in his hand and switched it on. “How could you manage to get all this in your pussy?” He asked me in wonder as his eyes were flashing out of lust.

That is when I panicked. I knew that something terrible was going to happen and I was helpless to do anything about it. I tried to thrash about hoping the knots on the rope would loosen but it was useless, “please don’t,” I cried in a muffled sound.

My pleadings fell on deaf ears. He brought down the vibrator and put it on my breast sending a shock wave through out my body. I jolted back almost giving out a moan. I had no idea why. The fucking idiot felt it as well. His eyes opened out of surprise and he wickedly smiled. I knew what he was thinking off. I could see it from the bulge on his pants.

“So you are a slut,” he chuckled as he kept moving the vibrator all over my breasts and nipples. Suddenly he threw away what was in his hand and ripped open my blouse and bra to reveal my breasts and hard nipples which were pointing up towards him. It was a little consolation to me that he was a handsome guy but no one ever wants to be subjected to such a thing. Only I could not help myself and neither could my nipples.

“What the fuck are you doing?” the other one asked from across the room.

“Oh fuck she wants it bad and by jolly I am going to give it to her before we leave,” my attacker replied. His hands were groping my breasts and pinching my nipples as I closed my eyes not wanting to know what was going to happen next. Only a small part of me was dying for him to pinch even harder. I was pretending I was struggling by wriggling away from his touch. I didn’t want to give him the satisfaction that he was arousing me so badly but my whole body was on fire.

He stood up and opened his zipper to bring out his hard cock. But before he did what I was hoping he’d do he gripped my hair and pulled hard, “I am going to shove my cock in your mouth and you are going to suck it until it explodes inside,” he said, “however if you ever think of biting it then I will beat you up so bad you won’t have teeth to suck anything ever in your life. Do you understand?”

I just nodded my head a little to let him know I did and before I knew it he pulled out what was inside my mouth and replaced it with his cock. I almost gaged. But I couldn’t dare let my teeth even scrap skin. I was petrified of the consequences. He kept pumping his cock in and out of my mouth while he still held my head in both his hands and pushed as far as it  went all the way inside my throat. The more he did the more I felt tingles between my legs. What was happening to me? This guy was fucking my mouth without my consent and I was feeling horny. I felt sick. Not from his pre-cum. That was actually very tasty. But I felt sick because I wasn’t sick. A few minutes later he shot his load and it went straight inside my belly without even touching my tongue.

All this time the other guy was watching his friend and waiting for his turn. Once the first retreated the other man came and stood in front of me. He wasn’t so bad looking either. Oh gosh. I am definitely sick.

“Hay, dick head,” he shouted to his friend, “zip up and help me drag her downstairs to the kitchen.”

A few minutes later I was tied up on my back  on my kitchen table with my clothes all ripped to shreds. The second man stood between my legs, pushed my thighs wide apart and sat on my kitchen stool to admire the view. He put his fingers on the entrance of my vagina and stroked a few times. He was surprised when his fingers came out wet.

“Man she is so wet,” he exclaimed before he buried his face down there. Damn he was good. His tongue ran everywhere; up and down, in and out. He licked my clit a few times which made me shiver every time until I finally burst out a flood of juices covering his face.
I thought he would be satisfied with just that but he stood up and brought down his pants to reveal one of the biggest cocks I had ever seen.

“Holy fuck,” I must have screamed. I didn’t know anyone could even have anything as big as that. It was a waste of this man’s talents robbing houses for a living. He could have have been a huge porn star. What the hell was I thinking? This guy was going to fuck me and I was concerned what line of work he was in !!! I must surely have been sick. He shoved his dick inside my pussy with one swift stroke and I screamed, “oooo fuuck..” It went straight inside where no other had gone before and it sent shivers up my spin. He pummeled hard digging deep and I thrashed on the table like a wild cat. Oh fuck I was loosing it. More than that I was actually enjoying it as much as he was. The more he pushed the more I yelled out until we finally came together in one final thrust that almost broke the table beneath us.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck….” I kept repeating those words until I could finally feel my heart once again.

“Didn’t I tell you man,” the first handsome guy said to his friend, “this bitch actually enjoys this.” Through out the time his friend was fucking me on the kitchen table this idiot was busily trying to find something to eat. His head was practically buried inside my refrigerator all that time. He came over and stood over me holding a ball of fruit and munching on a strawberry.

“You are actually enjoying this aren’t you?” He asked. He pinched one of my nipples making me scream out of pain and lust at the same time. My eyes were closed and I was panting out.

I opened my eyes and looked at him, “please don’t,” I unconvincingly begged. He must have known how sensitive my nipples were because they were red, hard and throbbing like hell. He dipped one of the strawberries in chocolate mouse and put it on my nipple and I gave out another moan, “oohhhhh…” then he did that to my other nipple until they were both covered with cream.

“Aren’t going to lick those of,” I surprised myself by saying that. He was right. I was definitely a slut.

“I sure am,” he laughed as he said this. Then he threw away the ball of fruits and started licking and sucking at my hard buds. He played them in his mouth rolling them between his teeth and pulling them up as far as they could go. I thought they were going to tear out of my breasts. They became so numb I could hardly feel them anymore. He kept biting and sucking until I started to feel another orgasm start to form. But I wanted to cum with his cock inside of me so I said, “untie me and I’ll show you what a slut I could be.”

He was even more surprised to hear me say that. He quickly unzipped his pants and scrambled to untie me. Then he lifted me up towards him and impaled me on his hard pole while he was still standing on his two feet. I put my arms around his neck and locked my legs behind his back as his shaft slowly went all the way up my pussy.
His friend seeing what was happening didn’t want to miss out. He came behind me and started to insert his long cock in my asshole.

“Holy shit,” I screamed. I wasn’t shy on anal play but having such a huge dick go up my back hole was more than I bargained for. My two assailants had me sandwiched between them. They carried me like a feather lifting me up and down as their two cocks fucked me simultaneously. A few minutes of that and I started to shudder until I finally exploded screaming and crying, with my hands and legs bucking and thrashing like a mad woman. But they did not stop until they both shot their seeds inside of me sending me into yet another frenzy. Once they were finally satisfied they put me back on the kitchen table and began to collect their stash and valuables.

As they were about to leave the handsome guy said, “hey man have you seen my phone?” He kept putting his hands inside his pants and jacket trying to find it.

“How the hell should I know!”

“It was just here with me,” he yelled out.

“Then find it, quick.” His friend hurried him, “we have to leave this place.”

They searched everywhere but they could not find it. As they were looking for it my front door came crashing down with a loud bang and the police came flooding inside the house.

“Hey boys,” I called out to my two assailants, “I believe this is the phone you were looking for,” as I dangled it in the air in front of their shocked eyes with the 911 number still flashing on the screen.

“You fucking slut!” Those were the last words they spoke as the police dragged them out of my house in cuffs.

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