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Into The Light

I woke at 4AM in Ellie’s spare room, feeling surprisingly refreshed despite all the drama and tedium mere hours ago.  After a quick shower, I pulled on a red Icebreaker 250 zip-up, last night’s jeans and a thick polar fleece as it was cold outside and would be colder at my destination, though my heart would soon heat up there.

I was shocked to see Ellie, normally useless until daylight, up and had pancakes ready.  I wondered if subconsciously, she had picked up on my anticipation of seeing Andy later, but so far away.

At exactly 4:30, the bell rang and in the darkness, I saw Wing. 

Ellie videoed me leaving the house, placing my bags in the boot, next to one already in. I hugged her and she videoed me getting into the car, then driving off.  Later that day, she would Dropbox it to me so I could send to The Pests.

Wing asked me about last night and I told her how Andy had got fucked over badly and how I’d killed the link.  “Stupid bullies get it eventually,” she acknowledged briefly squeezing my knee hard, then rubbing it gently and concluded, “But together you stand, they will fall nasty, hard and unexpectedly.”

From her tone, I wondered whether she had plans for the nasty fall as I wound up my precis of the evening to her, including Andy’s keel snap which she laughed at saying, “Typical Bat.”

Arriving at the airport, we parked, found a trolley and unloaded the bags and an A2 sized brown paper wrapped parcel that had been on the back seat that I could see was labelled 10B.

She steered us to Premium Check-in and motioned her hand at me, wanting my passport.

We went up to the agent and she retrieved a photo ID from her purse and presented it along with my passport.  When he had entered the details, she told him to show his screen to her which surprised me, then nodded to him, then me to start loading the suitcases and the parcel for tagging and belting.

Arriving at screening, I thought this was goodbye time, but she gently guided me down the Aircrew cut line and presenting her ID, my passport and the boarding pass and led me through. 

First Class service: just for me? I wondered.

She escorted me to the Star Lounge where I saw a set of reserved tables, again labelled 10B.  She said, “These are for families until the flight is called. I’m here until then,” just as the rest of our group streamed in unescorted. Just me I realised, wondering the reason.

We had chatted on OMessage over the last few days, so I knew them, but it was good to see them IRL and we chatted, ate and made happy.  I was very happy to be free of The Pests, but it was only Wing I had confided in on OMessage.

The flight into Atlanta was long and boring and I mostly slept, remembering about the soft pillow that I’d had on the previous flights.  I’ll lay my head onto him later, I knew.

On arrival, we were bussed to the Freight Terminal and escorted into a conference room where the remaining family members were, including Mr Weasel, as I called David, and their kids. The newcomers greeted very warmly the other group.  I could see that I was the only newbie here, but they all made sure to greet me too wanting to put a full body to the image on their app.

We were escorted out onto the apron where a 757 Combi stood, its cargo door up and two containers waiting to be loaded.  We walked up the stairs and took our seats as the lift made its penultimate run.

I did a double-take when a lady in her 50s stormed up the stairs saying “Lazy fuckers never on time”. Weasel: can’t be, I thought and wondered who she was going to deck.

She put her head into the cockpit and said to the crew bluntly, “Airedales, get to it: we’re late” and the cabin door closed quickly behind her.

David’s two hugged her saying, “Auntie Angie, missed you,” and he mouthed at me “Twins,” meaning Angie and Weasel.

She came over to me, looked me up and down and formally put her hand out, saying “Tenby: I’m logistics. You’re Bat’s girl.  Lucky pair,” and flashed what seemed to a friendly smile to me, but it was also the smile of a snake eyeing up its imminent rodent dinner. Possibly: nobody’s dead yet, I mused.

Stunned, I took her hand and thanked her as David flashed me his iPad, which he’d written Team 10Boss <> TENBY, clearing up my confusion.

The pilots took their instruction literally as the plane powered up, then navigated Hartsfield’s complex web of taxiways and crossovers before its powerful engines sent us into the sky and southward for another long flight.

After levelling out, the food was brought out by the solo cabin attendant: basil and ham sandwiches that were simple, but tasty, and some gateau.  I remarked this and 10B replied, “Guess why,” and I knew they was her choice, and the compliment opened a door to a friendly chat.

David and I played around with the DumbCam as I called it so he could get used to it to shoot The Meet, then we all faded out again.

An hour before landing, the pilot announced the time.  We were actually early, and I wondered whether her order had played a part in this.

Crew 2 called up the hangar to get a briefing from Crew 1, including Andy and an afternoon tea of fruitcake, scones and fruit was served. She maybe hard-assed, but she had good taste I realised about 10B.

As we descended, we saw the snow-caped Patagonian mountains start to rise above us, then we made a straight descent onto the lakefront runway and taxied to the spot Andy had picked.

10B got up saying, “Stay here: customs will be over soon, I’ll call out when I’m ready to get you guys off,” and headed down the open door that blew a vicious freeze briefly into the cabin before it was closed.

The rear cargo door opened, blowing the chill through the cabin and we all donned our fleeces, hats and gloves, including me and these would stay on until the coach was moving.  While I wanted to spend a lot of time in bed this week with Andy, it wasn’t because of the effects of hypothermia.

10 minutes’ later, the front door opened, and a Customs’ Officer quickly and efficiently processed us at our seats, then the pilot came out and told David and I to shake loose and my heart accelerated.

David exited the plane first, aiming the DumbCam up so he could shoot me exiting, pivoted, then trailed me.  In the distance, a hooded, gloved and spectacled figure walked out: I could finally see the guy I loved so much, and my heart accelerated further.

We closed in at a decent walking pace.  I thought he looked nearly as hot rugged up as at the altar.

We reached each other and wrapped our arms around, hugging tight.  I whispered, “Missed you so much, my love.”

He replied, “So much to love, so much missed,” as our bodies tightened against the other and we could feel our breaths lengthen and slow.  His index and great finger gently traced down my spine and mine on his, which we loved to do to each other, and I felt a sudden, enormous wave of pleasure wash down my spine from head to pelvis, surprising me and I let out a long, gentle moan of pure pleasure.

I realised that even so clothed, his touch had made me orgasm in a way I’d never experienced before, and I moaned more.

“Are you OK,” he asked. I leaned back and kissed him deeply, which he returned, knowing that I was very OK.

I saw Weasel come out of the hangar and I knew that this moment was ending, so I kissed him again and took him by the hand and we walked past the parked aircraft to the waiting coach.

David got both signals: camera off, engage with wife and he was joined by the kids as the family reunited.

Soon the coach was full of excited, reunited Crew 1 families.  10B got on last, briefly hugging her sister and said, “Bird is clear, coach is loaded.  Patagonia Lodge awaits, buffet is ready, then your rooms will be set.  Tootles,” and walked back to the 757, but I wondered whether what that sight would inspire in the crew.

The view from the coach was stunning: we drove away from the town, round the lakeside around an azure lake fringed with the high snowcapped Patagonian mountains.

My view was even better as to my side was the exposed face I had dreamed of all week and especially, in the taxi to The Dinner. I couldn’t resist periodic leanings in to feel his lips and taste his tongue that while yesterday was so acidic it burned holes, now it was soft and sweet as it touched mine and melted my heart again.

We arrived at the delicate, yet imposing Gaucho style lodge framed by the large lake and bathed in the warming remnants of the day’s soon to set sun and were escorted to the buffet area.

We ate, chatting with the group members, but we seemed to keep dodging Weasel and David, until we ended up chatting with them last. Our foursome chat was brief, then Andy said to Dave, “We’ve got football to catch up on,” and looking at Weasel and I, “Do you mind?.”  We both nodded and they left.

Weasel said, “That was a blatant pass off,” and I knew that was true as combined, their footie knowledge barely fills a sentence.

We grabbed tea and sat down facing each other.  She took my hand in a friendly, but slightly motherly manner similar to that on our initial OMessage call and looked me straight in the eyes.  I nodded and she said, “We all have absolute trust and absolute respect for each other.  If someone trips, they know they’ll be caught and pulled up before they hit the ground.  All of us would take a bullet, some of us have,” then realised she’d gone too far breathed in deeply continued, “hypothetically!”

I was stunned at her comment but accepted the row-back as legitimate. Sort of.

We talked about the honeymoon: how I’d felt during it, our away time and last week.  She’d told me she’d heard from Wing via 10B and David about the fuck-overs from The Pests but had kept it from Bat (Andy). She said that she’d heard his takedown and my walk out as she was the pilot that had fired the APU and she’d had his feed on receive only.

She replied, “If you come to the attention of an EA, better for positive,” and tapped my hand.  I realised that I was right about Wing’s musing: it was a promised action, not an idle musing.

She continued, “You will find that we can be very loud and boisterous but remember, ultimately it’s from respect and trust. We may tickle hard, but we never take shots.  We are all in this together. Absolutely,” she concluded firmly but friendly and hugged me.

All in this together: heard that from Wing I realised.  But an absolute, reassuring truth.

Normally when a stranger hugs me, I find it cold and impersonal.  This hug was different: akin to one from a long-lost friend.  I hugged her back, then it was time to find our men.

Soon, we headed to our room to relax, and David did some quick group breakaway and scene-setting shots with the DumbCam.

Opening the room, I saw two large white boxes on the bed.  The first had my name on it and Andy motioned me to open it.

Inside was a folded dress and I took it out and hung it in front of me in the mirror.  It was a front-button, full-length, long sleeved and dark red with several horizontal stripes.  Not my normal style as I’m a back zip girl, but a style I need to explore, I realised.

I placed it on the bed and kissed him saying, “Tell me later how you got it, but it’s a wonderful gift,” and headed to the bathroom to change into it.

The dress fitted me perfectly and I exited the bathroom, standing before him in the mirror and he snuggled into me from behind, looking at me admiringly and lovingly.

“Amazing. Nearly as good as your wedding dress” he said, and I knew he meant it.  I felt so sexy wearing it and pulled him tight and turned in for a kiss.

“Better than the wedding dress: it’s from you,” and I kissed him harder, moving his hands around it so he could explore it and feeling his lump in my back, causing my nipples to harden and my crotch to moisten as we kissed, and I moved his hands around my dress towards my breasts and the buttons.

“I want you to unwrap me,” I said, drawing a cross on his hip with my finger to be sure: No sex yet – I knew that neither of us were ready.  He drew one on me too: agreed, strip only and started to gently unbutton the dress and kiss my neck.

Feeling and seeing his hands slowly undress me as we kissed turned me on enormously and I could feel it had the same effect on him.

Soon, the dress was unbuttoned.  He gently found my bra’s front clasp and unlocked it, peeling open my tits and we massaged them together, still kissing and feeling him grow in my back as my tits and wetness grew too.

I helped him drop the dress off me and we caught my knickers on the way down, so I was now naked in front of the mirror, and I turned around, kissing him and removing his top, stroking his chest as I loved to do. I moved down and unbelted his jeans, pulling his boxers down and gently caressing his hardness. We were now naked.

I led him to the bed, and we got under the duvets moving onto our sides and wrapping our naked bodies into each other and we resumed gentle Frenching as our hands gently roamed down naked spines which we both liked, irrespective of how clothed.

Feeling his naked body and hardness against me was stimulating but relaxing as all the tensions of the last week washed out of me and from between my legs. His hands running down my spine started my pleasure wave again as we carried on our gentle reconnection.

I started moaning again as our hands moved in sync down our spines, our breathing slowed further, and he pressed deeper into my stomach. Our lips tightened on each other still kissing deeply but very softly as the waves flowed down my spine with each touch, but leaving between my legs and I moaned longer and deeper as I felt his gentle but stimulating touches.

I kissed him hard as I peaked, wondering what our first time will be like, and kissed him deeply, reaching between us for a quick feel and massaging his shoulders which he got the hint and reciprocated.

My second orgasm today and very different ones, I realised.  But the mere touch of Andy stimulated me I knew.

“Did you?” he asked hesitantly? I kissed him hard in return, saying “Yes: here and on the runway,” as we entwined more falling deeper into relaxation and seeing the sun drop below the snowcaps.

He told me that the dress was essentially Wing’s idea.  She’d briefed him on the GX ride, and she’d asked about me and he’d sent over some pics.  He didn’t remember discussing buying me a dress, but two days later, Wing had messaged him three pics of an unknown person in dresses she’d picked out, asking him to pick one and he’d chosen this dress quickly.

Normally, when a guy gets their secretary to buy their partner stuff it means they’re lazy, but in this case, I realised To give from poverty is more important than from abundance is true: going  flat-out, he had made the time to get me a present.  I knew that he would be a good clothes-shopping companion as he seemed to know my body very well, especially now that we’d just done some exploring.

The drawing of the curtain over the snowcaps was the signal for us to dress for dinner.  We worked together to put my dress back on and he wore black trousers, shirt and shoes.

Dinner was in the restaurant, and we assembled.  I was semi-surprised that the kids, who ranged from late primary to mid secondary age were very smartly dressed too.

I had decided that while spending time with him was my priority, this was a group that I already felt a part of and deeply welcome in, unlike The Dinner and I wanted to reciprocate.  I asked Andy if he minded me mixing with all the group as and he kissed my hand formally in response, sending a

Initially I had Andy on one side and Terri and Simon, Weasel’s kids, between me and her.  Dinner started off with Empanadas: petite, stylish and mouthwatering ones.  Initially, they were quizzing their mum and Dog about the flights and in particular the profiles that had been flown.  Terri was still in primary, and she was really hitting the pilots hard about their week. This was similar to Andy’s initial text: badly in need of translation and he whispered as acronyms flew – e.g. VR = Speed of take-off, ING: inbound flight path. 

As the prime steaks from the Indingo rancho arrived, she turned around and started chatting to me as I listened in on the other kids chatting to Andy.  I was surprised at how the adults treated the kids as equals and the kids’ knowledge.  She saw I was struggling and said, “I know this is hard for you, but you are doing well.”  I accepted this, for this was an honest comment. 

Terri and Weasel complimented me on the dress, and I told them that it was a gift from Andy which they smiled at. I showed them and Andy the Fuck Them video that Ellie had Pestdrived to me and they all laughed at my hard-headedness.

We decided that we would all do a morning catch the sun run, so we set our watches for early and arranged with the Matre’d for an early breakfast.

Unlike last night, tonight I was emotionally and physically sated, felt included and I had learned a huge amount, mostly about flying, a subject I had previously no interest in, but one even the kids seemed expert in.

It was time for bed and David, again, did a quick – and final dinner DumbCam run to keep the selfish Pests stated.

We entered the bedroom helped each other disrobe while kissing gently, then headed into bed naked.  We entwined for a kiss and our slowing breaths and touches sent us into slumber.

Next morning, the alarm woke us into darkness.  In the night, we had turned over and were now spooning and I felt his arms over my naked breasts.  We wriggled on each other, slowly waking up.

We helped each other into our running clothes.  It was still below zero outside, so we put on compression leggings, inner tops and breathable long-sleeve outers, exchanging brief kisses as we adjusted each other to perfection, then shoes and gloves and made our way outside to the porte-cochere.

Terri had taken over from her dad on the DumbCam and took some shots of us silhouetted with the lodge and the group behind.  This would be the last time it came out as we decided that our duty was done.  We had our own cameras that we used as we had done on the Honeymoon.

Weasel was hugging David and as Dog barked out the briefing, said to me “Watch out, idiot still thinks he’s CAG” [Carrier Air Commander: a Lt Cdr], knowing that she as who topped out as a Lt Colonel would have done it little differently.  Andy and I kept warm in our usual config: him holding me tight.

Soon, we were off into the darkness, red-light torches on.  The snow-caps started to be illuminated by the rising sun and we took some quick selfies, but we were absorbed in the morning rise.

The time and Ks passed surprisingly fast and as we finished, I realised that we had done 12k effortlessly despite the cold conditions, which for me was a good hit.

We headed inside for a well-deserved breakfast where the non-runners joined us.  Like dinner, I split my time between Andy and the rest of the group.

We returned to the room and helped undress, savouring our naked bodies again as we kissed and touched.  This time I led his lips down my neck and across my chest, savouring his lips   touching my breasts. 

We walked into the shower and turned it on, resuming our kissing and touching as we cleaned each other.  But again, it was the tight unity of our bodies as we kissed and teased each other’s backs that relaxed and stimulated us and me to the highest again, but we felt no need to progress sexually and at night we would entwine naked, everything touching but never nothing more. We understood that we had plenty of sensual and intellectual exploring to do before that would happen.

Each day, we started with a group run, going further each time, exploring the area more, then enriching ourselves with the delicious food provided by the Lodge and by the end of the week we had done four hours.  The post-run hot showers and massages sorted out our knots and bumps, though some got worse, likely because of this.  We’d use the pool as we so loved, then go back to playfully dry off and snuggle. The more I was with the group and Andy, the more I felt at home.

The Penultimate night was Kids’ Night: the kids would decide what they wanted to do and would spend the night parentless as a group, albeit with a minder supplied by the hotel.  They were really into Gaucho and had bagged the large firepit where the older kids would BBQ and spike marshmallows, then they’d sleep under the stars in thick sleeping bags.

We were having pre-dinner drinks in the lounge when Dog came up and asked for a quick chat.  Dog was loud and brash when he was in the group, but quiet and reflective when we had chatted alone which I had realised that was the underlying Pete.  Tonight, it was the Pete that had spoken.

In the side room was Weasel and I knew something big was up.  He led, “You’ve made a big impact on us this Down.  You’ve fitted in amazingly and we’d like you to join the team.”

I was stunned: they were offering me a job, but doing what I wondered as I had zero flying experience. “You’d join 10” [Angie/10B Logistics department],” and learn that team, part time. You can still work part time while away. You’d be in Seattle for three months, starting just after new year.”

Where’s Andy, I wondered. Why isn’t he here now?

“Bat?” I asked using his nickname that everybody used, and I knew a few of the kids had forgotten his actual name.

“We ran it past him.  He was shocked and he’s got no opinion. He said he supports our decision absolutely,” Weasel said, taking her turn.

Absolute trust, I realised.  I had an offer to go where I had not planned to, and this change of career had not been in my plan either.

“Aren’t you supposed to interview people before offering a job,” my HR work brain asked.

“We look for three things: fit, adaptability and skill.  Fit and adaptability can’t be taught, and you’ve demonstrated them enormously here. You’ve earned our respect and friendship this week. Skill can be taught.”

“I’ll talk it over with B,” I answered.

“Correct answer.  But you’re in The Test,” replied Weasel, “This is just another one,” she concluded, smiling.

I went over to my love and wrapped my arms him as we briefly kissed, then talked it over.  We decided that we’d treat it as part of The Test and just roll with it as we were doing even now, and we went and told them of our acceptance.

Then, they told us that in a few weeks’ time, there would be an all-hands, post-deploy washup meeting that would be held at Whistler.  I would go, not as family, but as one of the meeting leads. My learning had already started and would run fast. We would go early to setup the venue; thus, we were going to be away for a fortnight.

Later, in bed and entwined as usual, we talked about The Pests fucking over last week.  We had forgiven, but not forgotten the Crew for their behaviour. The new job meant that we wouldn’t be with the group much over the next month and wondered what value we were going to get out of The Test.

We decided that we had gone in for good or for bad and. For Amazingly Good was how things definitely were, and we still had a vain hope that we would extract value from our time with The Experts.

Taking David’s advice, we realised that going to the TLS hotel when Andy got back would not be sensible.  Andy would be wrecked from the time away and would need to unwind, so we decided that I’d pick him up and take him to his place for two days, then I’d go home alone for two and then he’d join me.  After that, we’d probably we’d play it by ear. 

We woke at 4AM for our final morning run.  This time it would be 4 hours: long and slow and the non-runners would intermittently join us by vehicle or bike.  Night running was a new experience for me and one I’d got to love, like a lot of things this fortnight.  The cold, clear air as we ran along the lakeside and round to the airfield cleared my mind and left my body loose.  The warming sun over the snow-caps was amazing and I knew that further south was Antarctica where the air that got lifted and accelerated by the Patagonias and generated the Apella Current came from.

At the end of the run, we had our usual breakfast, then we returned to the room. 

We wrapped our arms round each other and slowly and softly Frenched, our hands caressing backs as we slowly pulled tops off, sometimes moving to kiss bare necks so we could undo.  Bare chested, I slowly kissed down Andy until I got to his shorts and tights which I undid, then explored there, kissing his pole gently and then removing the clothing.

He kissed down my front, hardening my nipples with his kiss and the accompanying back touch as I rubbed his shoulders, then he moved down and dropped my bottoms, stopping to examine and kiss my valley.

Now naked, we kissed shower and headed to the shower where the flows of hot water caressed our bodies as our hands were also doing, causing our peaks to grow and harden and my valley top open and moisten.  Entwined with our hands slowly roaming backs, we kissed under the flow causing our breathing to slow even more. 

Then we turned off the water and diligently dried each other off, paying special attention to peaks and valleys.

We headed into the bed for post-run massage, with him on top of me. He kissed me slowly and deeply as his hands roamed my side, then he slowly moved down my body, kissing me and lifting my nipples with his sucks and kiss, then he reached turned around and started kissing my valley and playfully exploring it as I took his peak in my mouth.

I rolled him over and repeated the slow mouth, then body kiss, turning around so he could kiss my valley again as my mouth and tongue caressed his peak.

We resumed our entwined position on our sides, our kisses and touches were even more sensuous than before, and I felt Andy’s lump even more.  Our breathing was incredibly slow and paired as we felt every movement of our bodies in sync as our hands slowly moved up and down spines, stimulating relaxation.  I started feeling the peak of my relaxation and realised there was a wet patch on my stomach.  Our hands roamed even gentler as our bodies and kisses slowed but deepened, triggering even deeper relaxation, causing my waves to flow deeper through my spine, but the wet patch started to grow.  Finally, we kissed slowly and deeply as wave peaked and I felt a flood on my stomach.  We had orgasmed together for the first time.

We held softly, but tightly as we kissed a gentle come down, then I playfully scraped the liquid off our stomachs, and we ate it off my fingers before heading into the shower again to clean up.

Later, we composed another email to the producers advising of our decision.  We were happy for them to film at our houses and I would go to the Girls Day, but it was Our way or the highway. No skin off our nose was the unsaid meaning.

The Crew met to discuss the next, and likely last full, week’s taskings with the Planning team in Seattle, so I got to spend more time with the families, and the kids who I had learned a lot off. 

We held the final dinner at the Firepit.  I noticed that there was a pop-up screen mounted against the wall and wondered why.

Rugged up, we sat at a long table looking over the lake and the screen powered up.  There was a logo I’d never seen before: it looked like a stylised map of a solar system with the word CEN in the middle.

Dog got up and spoke.  “Tags” [nicknames], “are earned.  For bad or for good.  This week, Sarah has made a huge impression on us,” and motioned me to stand at the head of the table which I did, along with Andy and Weasel who I realised were in on this.

“You have literally been thrown into the deep end with a bunch of mad randoms 10,000 miles away from home when she really just wanted to be curled up with Bat alone. “

“You met Bat on TLS, so you’re our nearest [TV] star.  Proxima Centauri is our nearest star.  Proxie sounds like an insult, so Cen was decided.  Sarah, do you accept your tag?”

My love held me tight as we both cried tears of joy and I replied, “Yes,” and hugged them as a trio to claps.

Weasel and Andy pulled out a box and opened it.  In it was a small fabric badge that they had somehow made up with my logo on it and presented it to me.  We cried deeper tears of joy, and I decided that I would wear Andy’s dress with the badge pinned on it to next Friday’s TLS Dinner Party: he wouldn’t be with me, but he would be on my heart.

The evening wound up and we headed to bed naked as was now usual, entwining, kissing and slowing our breathing into slumber.

We had an early start the next morning as our flight home was early.

We got to the hangar early and I finally saw how cramped Andy’s environment was.  The two Falcon planes were outside as it was too small for even one to be in.  The pictures on the wall showed the Apella research craft that barely fitted inside and was much smaller than the Bizjets.  Andy’s office was very cramped with the computers and all other equipment and even with the hangar doors closed, it was biting inside. Still, he warmed up quickly, I realised.

We saw the CRJ with the Crew 2 families taxi to the terminal nearby and we waited for them to arrive at the hangar, then we greeted them and went inside, still trying to ward off the biting chill as Crew 2 briefed Crew 1 so they could ready for the day.

Finally, Crew 2 came out and it was time for us to adieu our loved ones.  Andy and I held tight and, for once, engaged in a long, slow, tearful kiss.  I knew that I would have to hold this in my soul for a week, but then, another long kiss would await.

We all walked slowly and sadly to the terminal, our hearts and bodies cold as we began to miss our loved ones, but soon we were inside its warmth and thereafter, in the CRJ.

We taxied out quickly, soaking in the final views and memories and I noticed that the Falcons had moved and were now waiting for us to clear the runway, so they too could soar and begin their work.

Amazing week, so much love, my phone messaged.

We dreamed, we loved, much more of both awaits my love, I replied as it powered up and left the ground. 

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