I Dreamt that Night

You ask me to take you for a ride in the car. As we were driving you put your hand on my legs and start to caress my pants. You open the zipper and insert your hand until you get hold of my dick and balls. You squeeze tightly. You keep rubbing and pulling until my cock becomes real hard. 
You bend your head between my knees. You take my dick out of my pants and take it all into your mouth. You take it deep into your throat and suck real hard. You keep sucking and licking until my milk spills out. You swallow it all without leaving a trace. 
You order me to stop the car. You take my hand and push it under your skirt. You make sure that my fingers go under your panties to touch your pussy. You guide my head down between your legs. I use my mouth to locate the lips of your pussy. First I kiss then I lick then I suck on your clit until you come in my face. We continue driving back home.
After I park the car I wait for you to step out. You look at me and I can see from your smile that you have something else planned for this evening. I do not know what is on your mind but I follow you anyway. 
We come to the elevator and I quickly reach for the elevator button but you stop me. You press the button to the lower ground floor. You open your purse and you take out the key to the swimming pool area. It is late at night and the pool is empty. You open the door and walk in. I follow you in. 
You tell me to lock the door. While I am doing that I see that you are slowly starting to take off your clothes. I am standing looking at you and my dick is throbbing in my pants. You don’t speak to me but I think I can hear your voice in my head telling me to strip also. 
You finish undressing yourself and you walk to the edge of the pool completely naked. I am still looking at you while my hands are foolishly unbuttoning my shirt. You glide smoothly into the pool like a mermaid without disturbing the water and you start swimming to the other side. 
I am standing with my mouth open looking at your naked body. I am trying to locate those lovely parts of yours but they are underwater. I finish taking my clothes off and I follow you into the water. I start to go after you but you turn around and swim back towards me. I am waiting for you to come to me. You reach the shallow side of the pool and start walking toward me. Your reach underwater for my cock and you squeeze it. My heart stops beating. We kiss and kiss and kiss. 
You grab me by my hair and guide me to your breasts. Your nipples are sticking out by now waiting to be sucked. With my tongue I play with the first nipple pulling it with my lips. While still holding my head you guide me to the second nipple and silently command me to do the same. This time I use my teeth gently. You push my head tightly into your breasts and I try to take as much as possible into my mouth. Your hands suddenly tighten around my head pulling by my hair telling me to stop.
You push my head underwater and guide me to your sweet spot. I want to lick your pussy so badly that I forget that I am not breathing. My head reaches your pussy and you open your legs wide to show me your precious treasure. You shove my head into your pussy for a few seconds then pull it up from under the water and kiss me again.
I am out of breath but I carry you out of the water over the edge of the pool. You are sitting on the edge with your legs in the water. You open your legs wide for me again and I start going down on you. 
First I open the lips of your pussy to look at its beauty. I then start licking it with large strokes. I can taste your juices mixed with the chlorine water from the pool. Your aroma is filling up my nostrils. Your pussy is so wet it is spilling out in floods into the water of the pool. 
I locate your clit and start licking it gently. I extend my tongue to reach the bud and stroke it and flip it between my lips. I try to extend my tongue pushing it all the way into your vagina. I try to insert it as far as I can moving it round and round. 
I can feel you starting to come. Your legs are wrapped around my neck and over my shoulders. You start to squeeze my head between your legs tighter and tighter. Suddenly I feel a burst of liquid spraying into my face. The flood of your juices is more than the water of the pool but I keep licking and drinking it up until you push me with your legs into the pool. You collapse on your back on the edge of the pool.
I am now a few feet away in the water looking at you with your legs wide open in front of me. I can see your juices still dripping out of your pussy. I am waiting for you to recover which seems like an eternity. 
I am waiting and waiting afraid that something might have happened to you while you are lying on your back breathing slowly. I come closer when suddenly you sit up and tell me to go out of the pool. I follow your commands without question. 
You instruct me to come to the edge of the pool and kneel while you stand in the water. My cock is now in front of your face. You reach out and pull it then caress it slowly. You are looking at it and admiring its stiff posture. You start stroking it and bending it gently trying to mould it to your will. 
You open your mouth and take the very end tip into your mouth. You bring your tongue out licking gently the head of my cock. Then you engulf the entire cock inside your mouth until it reaches deep into your throat. Your hands do not stop moving and playing with my balls while your mouth is sucking my dick. 
You tell me to lie on my back on the edge of the pool spreading my legs around you. I again I follow your commands without questions. You resume playing with my cock with your hands to bring it back to life. 
It is back to full in no time. This time you attack it with all your effort sucking it for a few seconds then licking it then pulling and stroking it until I think that you are going to take it off.
All this time I am on my back looking at you and admiring your dedication to the job. While you’re sucking my dick your hands do not stop playing with my balls. 
I can also feel one of the hands every now and then going down to my ass hole and fingering the opening of my entrance and sometimes slightly entering my hole. I can not take it any longer. My dick explodes into your mouth and all over your face and breasts in waves of blissful joy.
We go back up to the apartment but I could still sense that this night is still far from over. We lie in bed cuddled up in each others arms. You start caressing my cock once again. I would think that it would never power up again after what just happened but it did. 
I can see you now. Your tongue is going all over my dick once again licking every crevasse and every inch of it. You start by licking the sensitive area all the way up. Your tongue is trying to push its way into the opening of the hole of my shaft. 
Then you start coming all the way down again to my balls. My balls are now being licked then sucked. The first ball is in your mouth, then the second. Your tongue then starts to go down to the sensitive area between my balls and my ass hole. It is looking; it is searching; it is waiting for me to scream to tell it to stop. 
I am trying to hold myself not to come early. I can’t help myself. I am sweating, my dick is trembling but you squeeze the head of my dick hard so I would not come. I look into your eyes. They are looking at me. For a second I can see a twist of a devilish smile in them. 
You keep licking under my balls then start going down and down until you come to my asshole. Your finger starts caressing my hole. You pick up the lubricant gel and you start spreading gel all over my cock and all the way down to my ass. 
My heart is pounding now. I am afraid to ask what you are going to do next. I can not see what you are doing down there. Your face is hidden from me now. I start to feel your finger going inside my asshole slowly then going out again. Then I feel something else starting to push its way inside. I want to tell you to stop but I can’t. 
I am under your spell now. I can’t talk. This thing is slowly pushing its way inside my ass. I can feel it now it is the sex toy I brought for you. It is those beads with the balls. The balls are going one after the other inside of me. While you are inserting these balls your hands keep on playing with my dick and balls, which are all covered with gel. 
Then your hands start to pick up speed. Every now and then your mouth goes up to suck the head of my cock and then down again. The speed is increasing. I forget that the beads are inside of me. I am starting to come. My dick is starting to jerk. Your mouth is on my cock now; not all the way but staying on the tip of my cock. It is waiting for my dick to spray its cargo. 
I can feel you breathing on the head of my cock licking it and sucking it. I start to feel my cock starting to erupt and I see my come starting to spill out on to your open mouth. 
Suddenly you start to pull out the beads out of my ass one by one while my cock is jerking. My heart wants to stop. I may be having a multiple orgasm while you keep licking the head of my cock. My come is now covering your face and hands. It is dripping from your tongue and your mouth. You are looking at me now with those devilish eyes again while licking and squeezing my cock in your hands. You did not swallow any of it this time.
I lie on my back trying to recover from this unbelievable orgasm. My eyes are still closed but suddenly I feel your weight on my face. I open my eyes to see and smell your pussy on my mouth and noise. 
Your legs are wrapped around my head and they are squeezing my head between them. You’re moving your pussy and ass all over my face. You command me to lick your pussy while you are straddling my face. 
Our eyes meet again. My juices are still covering your face and dripping from your mouth. Again I see that wicked smile of yours. You grab my hair with your hands which are still wet of my juices and you push my face deep inside your pussy. 
I can’t breathe but I keep licking your pussy until I find your clit. It is on my tongue now. I lick it, suck it until you start to come all over my face and in my mouth. Your legs are squeezing my face so tight now that I am out of breath. The weight of your body is on top of my head and you stay in this position until your orgasms are finished.
We collapse on the bed together and we lie on our backs in silence. We are unable to speak. We stay like this for a couple of minutes to recover. We look into each others eyes and again I see that unexplainable smile in your eyes and I am at your command again…


Alas this was only a dream.

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