His story


His story.

He had known from the beginning their time together, provided there was to be one, would be brief. He did not mind, not in the slightest. Life was to him just a sequence of events, just experiences, some pleasant and some not so pleasant. He just took them as they came.

She had been a whim of his, something he had wanted to own at least for a while. He had been unable to envision her otherwise, there had been too many people and miles between them and too many circles they had not shared.

He had enjoyed her presence for a while till another object of desire had risen on his horizon, He had pranced on it, grateful for life’s way of supplying him with what he needed.No one could blamer for that, he owed it to himself to find happiness.

He seldom thought of her and when he did it was only for a very short time. He had left her with no closure whatsoever, he had just stopped talking to her, he had moved on. Her feelings did not matter much to him as they had not mattered at the time of his ghosting. 

He knew that if the same had happened to him he would have shrugged and brushed it aside as he did with everything that threatened his proverbial good mood. Maybe it had been the same for her, he preferred to think so.

He had to wonder about women at times, he ought to take his hat off to them, they were able to feel things with an intensity he had never felt out of purely sexual encounters. It had never been his fault, life was just a game and only good players made it to the top, the others were left reeling. He had not after all created the world and the intricate relationships men and women entertained, he had only fueled it not to feel so cold.

He had never meant to do any harm, he had always been a good boy.

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    1. I think you had this up on the other side. I seem to remember it.
      For me, the delivery would be more intimate in first person. It’s otherwise hard to empathize with this ‘player’.

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