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Hard Ride on the Lift



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Take a Toll

We met on the beach. She was bending over in an aqua colored thong, flashing her ass at my husband. He was totally taken by the sight, her fleshy buns with that faint birthmark on the right cheek. It was shaped like a cloud, just a shade darker than her medium tan. Her thong barely covered her camel toe. I could easily tell she was perfectly slick…and plenty meaty; the opposite of me with my tiny lips.

I gave my husband a playful smack across his chest to wake him out of his trance. After all, I couldn’t really blame him for staring and was slightly surprised he wasn’t tenting his shorts. “You like that view, do you?” I tried to keep my voice down.

“Kind of hard to ignore,” he admitted with a smirk. Samantha, my four-year-old, was becoming acquainted with the thong lady’s son. I guessed he was about two as I watched him pulverize the sandcastle which his mom had constructed with a plastic cup. Samantha was making every effort to rebuild it, but to no avail. The little guy pounded every cup full of dirt into a sandy pancake, then laughed hysterically as Samantha tried again.

By the time I got up from my chair, the young blonde had dropped to her knees by her son. My husband took notice of her hefty chest. She had a little extra tummy but nothing to distract him from her ample breasts. She was built. I was jealous. “Hey, I hope she’s not bothering you guys.”

“This one is yours?” She asked, nodding her head towards my daughter. “She looks just like you!”

“Thanks. I think.” I was trying to gauge her annoyance. She didn’t seem agitated at all.

“What’s her name?” Asked the blonde.

“This is Samantha, and I’m Megan. She’s four years old this past December. How old is your son?”

“Josh is two,” she responded, confirming my guess. “I’m Lori.” “Nice to meet you.”

I just smiled rather than shaking hands. It seemed more appropriate. “Let me know if she’s bothering ya’ll.”

“No bother. I think they’re cute together.” Lori took a quick look behind me. “Is that your husband?”

For some crazy reason I looked back just to confirm who she was looking at. “Yea. That’s Andy.”

“He’s cute. All these people your family?”

“Yea, they are all my husband’s relatives. We come down every year this time for about a week. This is the first time we’ve stayed at Bella Riva. It’s really nice.”

“Oh yes,” she agreed. “We really love it. We’re on the top floor.”

A few more minutes into the conversation and I discovered that Lori was a 24 year old stay-at-home mom from South Carolina with a degree in interior design from some local community college. Her husband worked in his father’s real estate business, and he was upstairs on the computer finishing a deal. We talked at a distance for much of the afternoon before we all decided to pack up and head back to the condo.

“You guys here for the whole week?” I inquired.

“Yea.” Lori was looking me over as we approached the wooden stairs that led up to the boardwalk. “You must work out a lot.”

“Why do you say that?” I was naturally curious what she had noticed.

“I’d kill for your abs,” she giggled.

Without giving it a second thought, I leaned over and whispered in her ear. “I’d kill for your tits.”

Lori coughed in a bit of surprise, and that made me blush…realizing how forward I had been. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to…”

“No worries,” said Lori. “You caught me off guard.”

At the top of the stairs, Lori slid in close beside me as we both corralled our children towards the pool. “I’d love to donate some of this to you, Megan.” Lori gave her boobs a slight lift with her palms as if to demonstrate their mass. “I’m told they will give me back trouble when I’m older. My husband loves them, though.”

“So does mine,” I offered. “He couldn’t keep his eyes off you.”

“Oh, wow. I get that sometimes.” Lori reached down to hurry Josh along. “Not too many wives take it as well as you.”

“Who says I’m taking it well?” I gave Lori a playfully stern stare. We reached the elevators where the two of us parted from the rest of the group. Josh hopped aboard with his grandparents and Samantha did the same. The remainder of our families piled into the lift.

“We can catch the next one,” I announced as I reached out to gently grab Lori’s arm. When the doors re-opened, we both sashayed aboard the empty box. I pushed the top button for Lori.

“I thought you were first floor,” she said.

“I am. I just thought I’d ride up with you.”

“Would you like to visit our condo? My father-in-law owns the unit. It’s really nice. Customized.”

“Sounds fabulous,” I nodded. The doors opened, but I stood in front of Lori and blocked her way. “Can we talk a minute?”

The doors closed and left us alone together in the quiet cage. Lori looked uncomfortable. That was my intention. “Can I ask you something, Lori?”

“I guess so.”

“Did you intentionally shine your moon on my husband’s face?”

“Do what?”

“Lori.” I gave her name a pregnant pause. “You were bending over an awful long time out there on the beach with your bare ass glowing in my hubby’s direction. If you were trying to get his attention, let me assure you that it worked.”

Lori’s face turned red. I prepared myself for her retaliation.

“Oh my God! You think I’m trying to pick up your fucking husband with you sitting right there beside him? Get the fuck out of my face!”

Lori attempted to push me aside and reach for the button to the door. I slammed her back against the wall. My hands were clamped around her wrists, lifting her arms above her head as I planted my body against her.

“I’m stronger than I look, Lori. In answer to your questions, yes, I work out a lot. I also think you were purposefully teasing my husband with your ass.”

“Get off me, bitch, or I’ll…”

“You’ll what, Lori? Smother me with your tits?”

I jerked up her bikini top so fast, it flew right over head and straight up her extended arms before she knew what had happened. There she was – topless, angry, and vulnerable. I flipped her around with her chest against the wall, folding her arms behind her.

“Oh, this is too easy,” I exclaimed, tying her forearms together with her flimsy top. I snugged the knot tight. She was going nowhere.

“Help! Hel…”

I planted my palm over her mouth. “Shut up, Lori.” I spun her back around to face me. Her pretty, white globes were massive. I could make out some bite marks on her nipples. “Did your husband give you these? The guy working on the computer? Does he like to fuck these big tits? Shoot his cum in your valley?”

Lori whimpered. I had my hand tight over her mouth, forcing her head back against the wall. I leaned down and sucked on her pendulous mounds. For a moment she seemed horrified. Then horror turned into surprise – followed slowly by a moan of pleasure.

“You like that, Lori? You like it when a girl sucks your tits? I think I want to bite them…just like your husband.” I gave them a nibble. Not hard. Just enough. Enough to make them stand at attention. Maybe a little more where the flesh was snow white. A nice place to leave a mark. Then I jerked down her thong and made her step out.

“Just what I thought.” I stroked her bare pussy with the tips of my fingers. “Smooth as a baby’s bottom.” Lori tried to squeal again but I had her trap thoroughly covered with my hand. I spun her thong into a rope as I whirled it over my head, then slammed it into her conveniently open mouth – crotch to the tongue.

“You’ve been showing off that salty cunt all afternoon, Lori. The least I can do is let you taste it.” I tied her gag securely behind her head, then slid my hand down to her succulent sex. “Here’s the thing, Lori.” I stood back slightly to admire her predicament and her naked body. “You never know who you might be getting excited when start flashing your camel toe.”

I caressed her swollen pussy lips, then parted her folds. She was moist and inviting. I could feel her swollen clit, and when I flicked it with my nail, she shuddered intensely.

“You like that, Lori?” No response. I reached up and twisted her thick, pink nipple. “I asked if you liked that!” She nodded affirmatively. For the first time she seemed subdued.

“Spread your legs, bitch.” She opened them modestly. “Wider, you little, blonde slut. Open them wide like when you’re begging to get fucked!”

Lori complied, and I rammed my middle finger deep into her wetness. “Sorry about my fingernails ripping your sugar walls. My husband really likes them, though.”

I shoved in a second finger, digging for her G-Spot like a cat clawing furniture. I fucked my fingers in and out of her slot with a vengeance. Lori winced and surrendered, her body falling against me as her pendulous tits dangled beneath her. I rammed in a third digit and she came almost instantly, spurting from her slit like she was pissing on the floor.

Her pussy contracted, snapping and gasping like a fish out of water. It felt nice on my knuckles, so I punched even harder. “Do you think I can get my whole hand in your cunt? Have you ever been fist fucked before?”

She was coming too hard to answer. Then there was the issue of her thong in her mouth. Lori crumbled as I forced my way up her snatch, buried to the wrist in her pouting pink folds… deeper and deeper…pounding and punishing…fucking her cunt to pieces… stretching her…splitting her…ruining her.

She crumbled over me like a building, draped across my shoulder like a wounded warrior. She crumbled like a buxom lady boxer, pinned to the ropes and pulverized unconscious, then beaten some more so she’ll never wake up.

She crumbled and I laid her on the elevator floor, legs splayed apart with her pussy destroyed. No cock can pummel a cunt like a fist. No plastic dick. No dong nor dildo. There was no denying. She was a mess. She and her pretty tits.

I kissed her sweaty body – her thighs, her belly, her breasts, her snatch. I flipped her like a ragdoll. I licked her crack. I kissed her shadowed birthmark. I bit it tenderly. She trembled. I flipped her again on her back.

She was lying in her own sex juice; her puddle of rain – her ocean of climax. I smeared it all over her. Slick and wet. Her eyes fluttered open. I pulled out her gag.

“Fucking hell, that was amazing. I’ve never come like that before in my life. What did you do to me?”

“Whatever I wanted.”

“No, seriously, Meg. I feel like I’ve been fucked by an army.”

“You kind of have been.” I helped Lori to her feet, then slipped on her top and her thong. She smelled so strongly of sex, I suggested we go back to the pool for a quick dip. It was beginning to get dark.

As we submerged ourselves in the water together, I reminded her that her family was probably wondering what happened to us. She picked up her phone and fired off a text. My picture popped up and she scanned through my profile.

“Meg,” she said. “When I agreed to meet you for role play, I couldn’t believe I would have the gumption to wear a thong like you insisted….but I swear, girl. I’ll wear two pieces of thread and cones on my nipples if you’ll agree to do that to me again tomorrow.”

I laughed, then pulled off her top. “Just keep your husband on that computer.”

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    1. You’re a merciless, punishing bitch! (the provocation in your writing descends to new depths of depravity, stimulating arousal in your unique, inimitable style – no wonder you’re so popular, awesome Meg – you’re flying, girl, flying!)

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