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Half a Haircut

This is chapter 1 of 2 chapters in the series Haircut

A few months ago I moved to a new neighborhood. Of course one of the first things I did was to look for a new barber shop. Getting our hair cut is an important ritual for us men contrary to what the ladies believe. I have always hated to have my hair abused by one of my own gender. I preferred my hair to be delicately handled. Nothing could be more soothing then a pair of feminine touch clipping exactly at the right places. So to my great delight I found just the perfect place which catered to my taste. It was a small clean establishment run by five beautiful young ladies. Even though they were not the best at what they did but who was I to complain. 

Ok but this is not the theme of this story. So here goes:

I came into the barber shop one early morning. That is when I always liked my hair to be delicately handled. It is always quite in the mornings. There is ample time to sit, relax as they give you a shampoo or even a scalp massage if they liked your smile. But when I entered the shop I was surprised to see only one girl working that morning. There was usually two or more at any one time but I didn’t think anything of it. One was more than enough.

“Hi Sam,” the cute girl greeted me with a huge smile, “how are you doing this morning?” she asked.

“Oh. Hi. I am good. Thank you,” I replied, “it is Laureen? isn’t it?” I am usually not very good with names but that one had caught my eye the first time I came into this shop a few months ago. Even though her credentials as a hair stylist needed to be verified but as I said, I wasn’t complaining. She was a lovely brunette with nice curves all at the right places. She had lovely blue eyes, red round cheeks but most of all she had one of the best C size knockers I’ve seen for a long time. Unfortunately to my dismay she was wearing a jumper that hid those gifts of hers that day.

“So what will it be?” she asked, “I am sure you want a taste of everything don’t you?” smiling warmly . But I was not prepared for what was about to happen next. “It is hot in here don’t you think?” she said as she took off her jumper to reveal a white shirt that could barely hold all her assets in place. She even unbuttoned the first few to give me a peak at a cleavage that put the grand canyon to shame. 

Now if I wasn’t the shy gentleman that I was I would have jumped her right there and then but of course I have always been an idiot who does not know when he has been hit upon. So I just nodded and smiled like a moron.

“Sit over there Sam so I can shampoo your hair,” pointing at one of the corner chairs. I sat down and put my head back on the half hollow sink as she began to wash my hair with hot water. As she worked the liquid soap on my scalp she kept looking directly into my eyes smiling as I grinned back like a fool. She massaged with both hands flipping my head from one side to the other and every time she did that I was greeted to the sight of those lovely Cs wiggling right in front of my eyes. Oh yes. It was damn hot that day.

When she finished shampooing my hair she told me to sit on another chair so she would begin working on my hair. When she wrapped one of those large sheets of cloth around my neck I was finally able to relax. It was just that the cloth covered my hard-on which I was barely able to hide. She most probably had spotted that for she kept eyeing me and wickedly grinning as my sweat came pouring down my forehead.

“So what will it be?” She surprised me with that question and I almost jumped up from my seat. “Do you prefer scissors or a trimmer?” She asked.

“Oh that! Scissors. Scissors please,” I replied. I always preferred scissors to those shavers anytime. I find them to be more personal as the stylist looks at you watching for reassurances with every clip. It is way more satisfying. Plus scissors also take more time which is how I prefer it done; slowly and carefully. However in that instance I started to regret my decision. 

So Laureen brought out the comb and scissors and started working on one side of my head clipping a few bits at a time. She was on of those barbers who worked on one side before starting the other. But my eyes could not help themselves as they were constantly trying to take a peak at her breasts which wanted to escape the confines of her bra. I could even smell her perfume seeping in my nostrils as puffs of my breath was almost blowing on her bare skin.

“Are you just going to look or touch some time today?” Laureen asked. Now how was I supposed to reply to that? Actually I didn’t. My jaw just dropped from the shock and I looked into her eyes waiting for the slap that was supposed to be coming.

“Oh god. I thought you were much smarter than that,” I believe she just insulted me and I could not say anything. “Come on Sam touch them will you.”

Of course I could not say no to that request specially since she was holding the scissors in her hands and I was disarmed. So I brought up both my hands and put them on her breasts squeezing gently and waiting for her reaction. 

“I don’t think they are going to bite,” she said, “but they as hell want you to.”

So I unbuttoned what was left of her shirt and unhooked her bra in one go to reveal those wonderful round breasts and a pair of dark red hard nipples that pointed straight at me. Playing with and sucking a girls nipples as she was holding a shard instrument was petrifying but I managed to do it without blood being spilled. But that wasn’t the worst of it.

“Open your zipper and bring out you cock,” Laureen ordered as she quickly pulled down her own pants down. Once she saw my exposed dick jotting out she jumped on me as I was still sitting in my chair and she slowly guided my cock inside of her pussy gasping as it finally lodge all the way inside of her. All this time she still held the comb and scissors in both hands. 

“You are going to fuck me Sam,” Laureen began to explain what she wanted, “and I am going to be cutting your hair as you are doing that. I don’t want you to come or make me come until I finish cutting your hair. So I want you to take it slow. Do you hear me Sam? Very slow.”

What the hell did I get my self into. But I had no choice. If I was going to get a hair cut then I had to do as she said. So I slowly started to push my cock inside and she gently received my thrust with slight gasps of pleasure.

Clip clip clip. My hair was being clipped as my cock slipped in and out, in and out of her pussy. But as my gentle pounding continued her steady scissor hands started to shake. She was biting her lips as she began to unsteadily wave those sharp edges all around my head clipping and moaning at the same time.

“Oh fuck Sam,” she moaned out load, “I told you to take it slow,” so I stopped, “oh Nooooo don’t you dare stop,” she cried out, “I’ll cut faster just don’t stop.” So I resumed my gentle assault as she resumed her clipping.

Then suddenly she screamed, “oh fuck I can’t take this anymore. I am going to come,” and she threw the scissors on the floor. Seeing that she was on the verge of her orgasm I increased my thrust hoping to catch up. It didn’t take long for both of us to explode together like raging volcanos as she yelled out her climax screaming, “I am cooooommmiiiiinnnggggg” I replied with my own grunts that sounded like a bad opera singer.

When she finally opened up her eyes she looked at me and said, “I told you to go slow. Now you have half a hair cut done. So if you come tomorrow maybe I’ll finish the rest.”

God damn it. She is not going to get any tip from me before she completes her job.


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