Eroterite is where you will find the best sensual and erotic literature on the internet. We are always looking for the best writers, the best poets, the best story tellers out there. If you have something to publish, or something to show the world, try us out…



There are two levels of membership in Eroterite

1- Subscriber

When you first join Eroterite you will be designated as a new “Subscriber“. As a “Subscriber” you can read, publish, meet writers and members, comment on posts… etc

However at Eroterite we endeavor to keep the quality of our site as best as we can. That is why we will not be publishing every submission. As a new “Subscriber”  you will have to submit your work for Review before it can be published. Your content will be Pending, (awaiting  approval), until our panel of “Editors” can review it.

Please note that our editors might reject any content they think does not meet the quality standard of our site. Unfortunately they are not required to give the reasons for their decision. However they will try their best to review your pending submissions as quickly as they can. 

2- Author

After you submit a few of your post/s (as a new “Subscriber“) you will be given the (privilege) of an “Author“. As an “Author” you will be able to publish directly without going through our panel of editors.

Please keep in mind that as an “Author” your published content must always adhere to the quality standard of our site, otherwise you might be returned back to the “Subscriber” status, and your work might be removed if our editors chose to do so.


Categories in Eroterite

You can publish in a variety of Categories. Such categories can be divided into:

Genre : Romance, Action & Adventure, Science-fiction, Historical, Fantasy, Horror, Humor, War & Military, Crime & Mystery…

Types : Short-Stories, Poetry, Articles, Essays and Series…

NoteSeries are any form of literary work that needs to be divided into several Chapters. Example of Series are: Books, Novels, Novella, Plays, Chronicles or Journals. To Add or Edit a Series go to the Series Portal 

Finally you can also choose to categorize your work according to Content such as: BDSM, Anal, Oral, Threesome, Group, Lesbian, Gay….etc

We encourage you to categorize your post into Multiple Categories so that your readers can easily find your work and it can be included into the different category archives. (for example if you want to publish a book about oral poetry, you can set up a new series in the Series Portal then add the “Book” as well as “Poetry” and “Oral” categories when you publish your post. Make sure to add all those categories to each chapter in that series to be consistent.

All your posts can be Viewed, Edited or Deleted from your DASHBOARD.

For more information please also refer to our Publishing Guidelines.