We live in a world of wonder.

We look at stars and ponder

our fate.

Whom we love

and whom we hate.

What does it all matter

if all our lives we scatter

on dreams.

We never could

or never should.

Distant lovers we seek

to catch a glance, a peek,

an illusion.

Flying away

down the mountain to the bay.

Maybe it is time to save

my heart and wave


Before it’s too late.

Before faith

snarls its bait.

Before the Bees come looking

Before the Red calls me back

Before the Moon comes shining

Before the Lips wants a snack

Before the Flames consume me

Before the Queen wants her task.

Before the Nite begs to see

Before they all remove my mask.

Maybe it is time to step down.

To yield the crown

of shame.

Before I am scorched

or loved or torched 

all the same.

I leave behind my work unfinished

My life diminished 

Lyrics unsung

Books forgotten

Words unwritten

Will it all matter at the end?

Will anyone remember to send

a word?

Here goes a man

He came

He loved

He played

He’s missed.



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