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Going Down


What is it

that drives you

into the deep dark corners

of dimly lit hotel rooms

where sultry sounds echo

through paper walls?


Penetrating sounds

that pound, pound, pound

like heavy hammers underground

as you watch me

watch me

going down…

watch me going down on him,

stroking, stroking

your little stem.

What pulls you in

when darkness falls?


He shoves it down my throat again!

Choking, Choking

back the tears

I take it all

and lick his balls

that slap against my chin


never knowing if or when

he’ll shoot his load

he’ll dump his load

right where you should have been.


I see you leaning in!

His dick is bigger than your own,

much much bigger!

And had you known,

would you have watched?

Watched me sucking on his cock?


Has jealousy turned you into stone?

I read you like a book.

And now, my love,

his seeds are sown –

so take a look…


The creamy icing on my face

he left for you.

Just have a taste!

It’s foamy, salty like the sea

that keeps you swimming back to me

through crashing waves

that pound, pound, pound

like heavy hammers underground…


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