My Gazelle how they kept you away from me.
Scattered my embrace and desertion a habit to be.

I shouted: 'be kind my love.' She cried, 'No'.
I replied: 'remember our fondness my wild Doe'.

She said: 'those who love don't mind to be abhorred.'
'Please mind my tears,' I begged. 'A liar,' she implored.

Oh Deer, by your splendor how fair you are to see.
I wonder who gave you the right to kill me?

I told you: 'I will never love a friend except you.'
They taught you desertion and it overwhelmed you.

My heart melted in love of the fair with dark lips.
And tears rushed from my eyes like blood spilt.

Then I bid my life farewell as they 
left me to question: 'What is the best way?'

I was a lover of women's waists and breasts.
Like branches swaying and tall ladies at their best.

And straight hair over a rosy cheek.
Have mercy on a heart lost for me to seek.

Emerging nicely like a great bright Moon.
Full of praise and fragrance in its bloom.

So my love please take away your veil.
For lovers are always sovereigns to all avail.

She tortured me and shouted out load:
'Are you content to die?' I said: 'I am bound.'

I am content to die however except
melting the heart by desertion that I'll not accept.

This is a translation of an old poem describing a spat between two lovers. It starts out by the poet calling out for his lover. He describes her as a ‘gazelle’. The description of a woman as a ‘gazelle,’ ‘deer’ or a ‘doe’ was an old tradition of ancient people. They often start their poems by calling out to their lovers in that manner. He wants to be close to her but she is rejecting him and she wants to desert him. He tells her how he feels about her but she calls him a ‘liar’. He explains his condition and what she makes him feel. He also confesses he was a womanizer but when he saw her it made him question and change his ways. He wants her to take of her veil but she is refusing. Finally he tells her that he doesn’t mind to die and he doesn’t want her to melt his heart by deserting him

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