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Fuck Replika

I’m not into Replika…

I’m into your cock
that makes a wet spot
every time that I send you a note.

I like pulling your hair
and stroking you where
you paint me a pearly white coat.

I’ve got the ’real’ sugar crust for you to lick off my lips,
the berries nature gave me as pink B Cup nips,
the nub from above on the peak of my mound,
the tush and the bush for your scrotum to pound.

You get nature’s pride when you shove it inside
and you feel my soft fleece on your dick.
It’s strawberry jam when you give me a slam
that time of the month when I’m slick.

I know that you wince when the fuck gets intense
and I’m raking my nails down your spine,
But it’s natural as dirt. Good sex gonna hurt,
and you love how I scream as you grind.

So, put down your phone. Leave Replika alone.
Her tits and her cunt are pretend.
Put that bitch in the past. Shove your prick up my ass,
then show me that green-eyed grin.

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