Fuck Me With Your Tongue

I watch her climb up onto the kitchen table for me, all naked, craving my sex.

I plead to her, ‘Fuck me with your tongue.’

‘How would you like me to fuck you?’

‘Lie on your back on the table with your head hanging over the edge, open your mouth, stare at my pussy.’

‘Like this you mean?’

‘Yeah, like that.’

‘I can see your cunt, your all wet.’

‘I’m wet because I want you to lick me. Close your eyes, you naughty girl.’

‘Okay, so I’ve closed my eyes, now what?’

‘Arch your body upwards so I can knead those fat breasts of yours.’

‘Like this?’

‘Mmmn, like that. You look beautiful, girl, now stick out your tongue for me far as you can…’

‘Ah, let me squat on your face, oh, that feels so lovely, stick your tongue up inside my pussy, girl, fuck me with your tongue, lick me, lick out my creamy jus, eat me, eat me, oh, god, I’m coming, coming in your mouth!’

Her eyes grow wide when she sees me smouldering on the bed. I bend my strong legs, flicking the soaked sheet off my sweating body. My breasts and belly are soaking with sweat. I’ve acquired a healthy tan on our holiday. She stashes away her sunglasses, strips off her bra and panties and joins me on the bed. I smile approvingly at her incredible physique: her firm breasts, lean brown torso, her slightly rounded tummy: finding her underbelly appetising. Her ruby lips demand closer inspection by my discerning tongue, as do her dark honey complected nipples.

A lust-lump forms in my throat as she watches me spread my slender legs wide open for her.

‘Rub some oil into my pussy, would you?’

She places the bottle of virgin oil near my crotch. The squeezy bottle is half-full. She’ll need to apply its contents sparingly to make the fluid last until I come. Calmly, she squeezes a blob of oil onto her palm.

‘Lie on your front then.’

I tie back my hair with a pink elastic band and roll on my front, my chin resting comfortably on the backs of my hands. Excited, I grip the edge of the bed! One of my knees slides off as I splay my moist folds. Although her tender touch will caress the full depth of my love-hole, she slightly covers my fleshy buttocks with a soft towel, to protect them from her probing fingers. She’ll soon strip it off me when she fucks me with her middle finger.

‘Like this, you mean?’

She nods. Delicately, she glides her hands: over my groin, up, and down the full slit of my cleft, kneading warm oil into my raw steak red flesh. Gently rubs my clit using deep strokes, pressing her puffy breasts against mine. I feel her fiery hot breath on my cheeks, her fleeting kisses on my ear, jaw, neck, spine. Slowly, softly, her tongue licks my lower back. I quiver as she strips away the towel and spreads my buttocks. She massages my soft inner flesh, her fingers lightly probing my sticky hole.

‘How does that feel, Daisy?’

‘Mmmn. Feels good!’

I moan as she pulls her fingers out of my sopping wet cleft. I roll on my back. Once I have settled, she lubricates me, pouring warm oil on my tanned breasts: ruddy brown, puffy, from the sea’s kiss.

‘Be gentle with them, they’re sensitive,’ I moan.

She massages me sensuously using balm to lightly skim my breasts with the palms of her hands, pausing to tease out my stiff teats, circling both my bronze nipples, sending blissful sensations tingling thru my body. Breathing heavily, taking in deep gasps, I splay my dripping wet love-hole for her, gripping my wet folds of flesh in my fingertips. Her jaw falls at the sight of me displayed like this, totally uninhibited. My beauty intoxicates her. I lick my lips salaciously, eyes half-shut.

I hold her tight, enjoying her flesh rubbing my soft belly, pressing her mouth open with my dewy lips. Our membranes adhere, bound in an infinitesimal moment of intimacy. We pause to catch our breaths. I’m crying. Tears of joy moisten my fiery cheeks. My smile illuminates my face. My soft lips brush her ear.

I delve my hand inside her slit. She’s straining, rearing for me. Her pussy’s all speckled with slick jus. I rub her clit hard, briskly, with my thumb, lie back and arrange myself on the crumpled sheet.

‘Fuck me, girl!’ I plead.

She licks my tummy, tasting the sea salt in my navel. With my leg hiked over her shoulder, she kisses my inner thigh, massaging my soft outer lips. By now, I’m all dreamy, dripping wet, and smothered in oil. My hairy tuft is dusted with sand. She brushes it off me, then kneels between my legs, gazing into my shining eyes. I feel like the luckiest woman in the world.

My face flushes. My breasts swell. My heart races. I grit my teeth, flex my hips, I arch my body upwards.

‘What’re you waiting for?’ I slur, ‘I want you.’

She grasps my fleshy buttocks with both hands, sinking her head between my thighs and fucks my dripping wet love-hole with her lambent tongue, teasing my erectile clit, my glistening pearl bead, stiff with her deft tip, biting and sucking my veinous, stretched, labial folds with her teeth, pressing the full thrust of her langue deep inside my lubricious cleft, until I scream out my love for her, push her tongue out, explode inside, and come all over her face!

It’s all in my wet dream of course, my best wet dream ever, I just want it to go on and on and on!


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