Friday Night Fun

This has been a week from hell. My husband and I had been fighting the last few days over the stupidest things. I knew this was partially, okay, mostly my fault. I had been taking out my frustrations on him.

It had been one of the worst work weeks where every file I picked up had some kind of issue. Probate, foreclosures, federal tax liens, code enforcement fines, you name it, my searches had included at least one of these problems. I was tired of dealing with the emails from agents, justifying the requirements, fixing legal descriptions, changing names, revising loan amounts on their commitments, and answering some of the stupidest questions. Whoever said there were no dumb questions had obviously never worked in title before.

None of my agents this week seemed capable of doing any thinking for themselves and I was happy the weekend was here. I was more than ready to leave the office and head to my local bar for happy hour and a little down time.

It was casual Friday in our office so I was wearing skinny jeans, sneakers and a red t-shirt. I stopped by one of my co-worker’s office to ask her if we were still meeting up for Happy Hour at Joe’s Bar but unfortunately she had to cancel on me at the last minute. I was a little disappointed she wasn’t going with me but I was determined I was going, even if I had to do it alone. I needed a drink and to chill.

It looked like a lot of people must have had the same idea that I did that evening because there was no room to park in front of the bar. I had to find a spot in back of the building in order to park my truck. I wasn’t too happy about that as I knew by the time I left, it would be dark but I’d deal with that when the time came.

I headed inside and realized all of the tables were full. Fortune finally smiled on me and I was able to snag the last remaining chair at the end of the bar. My favorite bartender Chelsea was working and she set me up with my usual shot of Patron and a bottle of beer.

I quickly downed the tequila, sucked the juice from the lime she provided, and then took my first sip of the beer. I started feeling my shoulders and my body relax from the hellish week I had endured.

I’m not sure how much time had passed as I drank my beer, but as I finished it, I felt someone come up on my left side.  You caught Chelsea’s attention and ordered a beer in a deep, sexy voice with a hint of southern drawl to it. I took a quick look over at you, and caught you looking over at me.

You: “If you could read my thoughts right now, you’d marry me tomorrow.”

Me: “I’m afraid you are a little late. I’m already married.”

I held up my left hand with a silver band on my ring finger.

You: “Then perhaps you need to run away with me. How could your husband let a woman as sexy as you drink alone?”

Me: “Maybe I pissed him off enough this week, he is already out looking for another wife. I wouldn’t blame him at this point.”

You: “His loss could certainly be my gain,” and you winked at me.

At that moment, Chelsea came back over and handed you your beer. I asked her for another shot of tequila.

You: “Make that two shots and you can put them on my tab.”

Me: “I’m perfectly capable of buying my own drinks, thank you.”

You: “My momma raised me to be a gentleman.

You leaned in closer.

You: “But I do know when not to be gentle.”

I immediately broke out in goosebumps  and my nipples got hard. I turned slightly on the stool to face you, and hoped you hadn’t noticed my slight squirming on the bar stool at your words. I slowly looked you up and down. There was a knowing smirk on your face so you definitely noticed. I hdd a feeling you didn’t miss much.

On the outside I gave you my ‘are you serious?’ face but inside I was mentally fanning myself. You were a confident, charming, hot, sexy man, tall, beautiful eyes, a damn beard, my personal weakness. You were exactly my type so I knew I had to be careful.

Me: “You’re awfully cocky, aren’t you?” Yet somehow you came across more sexy confident than cocky.

You: “What about my cock, sweetie?”

Me: “I said you’re awfully cocky.” A little louder to be heard above the crowd.

You: “Baby girl, you have no idea.”

Oh no, did you really just call me baby girl? Another weakness of mine. I felt myself getting wet. I needed to get myself and this conversation under control.

You: “But it sounds like you haven’t had a great day. Want to talk about it?”

Me: “I appreciate the offer but I’m just looking to unwind right now and not do a whole lot of thinking or talking.”

You: “I have plenty of ideas of what we could do that don’t involve a lot of thinking, but I can’t promise there wont be any talking as I do enjoy some dirty talk.”

I felt myself turn a bright shade of red.

Me: “I’m not going to sleep with you.”

You: “Baby girl, who said anything at all about sleeping?.”

Oh man, now my panties are soaked.

So as to not say something stupid, like ‘I’m so wet, will you please fuck me on this bar right now’, I grabbed my shot glass with tequila. You stopped me before I could drink it.

You: “Since I bought our shots, I think we should do them together.”

You made it sound like I had a choice in the matter but you have a self-assured way of talking and I instinctively did as you said. We clinked our shot glasses together and we each threw our shot back. I felt the alcohol work it’s magic and my body started to relax even more.

Oh no, why did I order that second shot of tequila? I knew better. One thing I can’t control is the fact that I’m always ready to go sexually but now I’ve added alcohol to the mix and my inhibitions have lowered even more. I have started to fall under your dominating spell.

The house band jumped onto the bar’s stage as we stared at each other. They started playing a cover of a popular 80s tune. You grabbed my hand.

Him: “Come dance with me.”

You pulled me toward the small dance floor. I tried to say no but instead of yanking my hand away, I followed you.

As we reached the dance space, I noticed others patrons had the same idea and it was fairly crowded. We were forced to dance rather close, too close, as the crowd shifted and danced around us. Everywhere you touched on my body, I felt these zaps of electricity. My body felt like it was on fire. I needed to leave before I did something crazy.

After a couple songs, the band for some inexplicable reason, started playing a slightly slower and sexy love song. I briefly thought it’s too early in the evening for this but then you grabbed me around the waist and pulled me closer to you. I instinctively threw my arms around your neck.

We had no choice but to sway together, bodies held tight against each other as more people joined us to dance. I felt a rather impressive semi-hard cock rub up against me and I knew I had to stop this before I lost all control. I abruptly pulled away from you.

Me: “I have to go.”

I turned and headed back to my seat but I was very aware that you followed me. I grabbed my wallet to pay for my drinks but you beat me to it. You handed Chelsea enough cash for both our tabs.

Me: “Thank you, you didn’t have to do that.”

You: “Where did you park? I will walk you to your car.”

Me: “I’m a big girl. You really don’t need to do that.”

You: “Maybe not, but I’m going to do it anyway.”

Your tone is such that I don’t argue. All I wanted to do is obey you and say ‘Yes Sir or Yes Daddy.’

Me: “I’m parked out back.”

You: “So am I so this works out.”

You grabbed my arm lightly around the elbow and helped steer us through the bar crowd. It had gotten dark outside so in some ways I was glad you were there beside me as we walked to where my truck was parked.

As you led me around to the driver’s side door, I fleetingly realized no one was parked over here on this side. In the shadows, it was completely private.

I unlocked the door and turned to you.

Me: “Thank you for walking me to my truck but I think I’ve got it from here.”

You: “Are you sure you’re ok to drive? You may need to take a breathalyzer test.” With that statement you gently but firmly pushed me up against my truck, grabbed my face and proceeded to kiss me. For the first second or two, I couldn’t move. I should have pushed you away but instead I found myself grabbing your shirt and I pulled you closer.  Oh my god, your kisses are so much more intoxicating than the tequila ever could wish to be. I heard moaning and I briefly wondered if someone was nearby until I realized it was me moaning under the assault of your mouth and tongue. At the moment I couldn’t think straight and I would have loved to blame it squarely on the alcohol but it’s you and your kisses that have completely overwhelmed me.

Lost in my haze of desire, my hands started to travel up and down your broad chest. I reached around and grabbed your ass pulling your body closer to me. I could feel your cock and it felt like steel against my thigh. I started to rub on it like a dog in heat, anything to relieve the mounting sexual pressure. You pulled back.

Me: “Nooooo, why are you stopping?”

You: “Little girl, we do things at my pace.”

My body tingled in anticipation. I am entirely focused on you and your wants. I had forgotten where we were but instinctively I knew you would keep us safe. You grabbed my hands from where they are squeezing your ass and put them over my head, held there against the vehicle by one of your big, strong hands. The other hand started to move down my body. It reached one of my breasts and you squeezed it. I pushed my tits out to grant you complete access.

You hand proceeded down further and then you raised my t-shirt. As you lifted up my bra, freeing one of my breasts, you started kissing me again. I felt you lightly tug on my nipple and god it felt so good but I needed more. You pinched it, pulled on it a little harder, lightly painful but pleasurable. I moaned into your mouth. You broke our kiss and then brought my breast to your mouth. You sucked on the nipple, making it even harder, and then you bit it.

I moaned and you continued to bite and suck on my nipple, but in the meantime your hand slowly traveled down to my jeans. You managed to undo my belt and my jeans. You slid your hand inside to find your way to my wet panties. I felt a finger slide the silky material aside and insert itself into my pussy.

You pulled back slightly from me.

You: “Such a good girl, you are sopping wet for me.”

You began to pump your finger in and out of my cunt as you lightly grazed my clit with your knuckle.

We stared at each other in lust as you continued to finger fuck me.

Me: “Please.”

You: “Please, what, baby girl?”

Me: “Please can I suck your cock?”

You: “Good girl. Because you asked so nicely, yes you can.“

You released my hands and turned around to lean up against the truck. I stepped in front of you and you brought your hands to my shoulders. You pushed me down until I was on my knees in front of you.

I looked up at you as I unbuckled your belt, and unbuttoned and unzipped your jeans. I licked my lips in anticipation.

I pulled your jeans down part way so that I could free your hard cock to my lust-filled gaze and my greedy mouth. My hand grabbed the base of your penis as I stuck my tongue out to catch the precum that had leaked from your cock, and I lapped it up. I swirled my tongue around the head a few times before I licked up and down on your shaft. I got it nice and wet with my saliva, and my hand started to stroke you as I took your cock into my mouth. I continued watching you as I sucked and bobbed down on your penis, taking a little more of your hardness each time I went down. You looked down at me.

You: “Good girl.”

I melted inside after you said that. One of your hands touched the top of my head, and lightly guided me. I took you in as much as I could, trying to swallow your cock down, held it in the back of my throat for a moment but not enough to gag. I heard you moan and your hands grabbed my hair. You took control and you proceeded to fuck my face.

One of my hands reached behind you, grabbed your ass and pulled you in closer. The other hand went inside your jeans so I could lightly squeeze your balls.

On a particular deep stroke, you reached the back of my throat and held there, deeper than before. I felt myself start to gag. You held it for just a second longer and then allowed me to come up for air. You pulled me to my feet and led me to the back of the truck. I briefly looked up to see if we had been spotted but the parking lot appeared to be deserted of people at that moment. You opened the tailgate and pushed me down so that I was bent over it.

You: “Place your hands above your head on the truck bed.”

I instantly forget about the possibility of being discovered and did as you said. My jeans were already undone so you made quick work of pulling them down to my ankles. I wore a red thong that you quickly ripped off me. You reached down with your fingers and this time inserted two of them into my pussy. I am almost embarrassed at how wet I am. You leaned over me.

You: “Damn baby girl, can you hear how wet you are?”

You pumped your fingers in and out, and quickly added a third.

Me: “Please!”

You: “Please what? What do you need kitten? Do you want me to fuck you with my fingers until you cum? Do you need my cock? Tell me what you want.”

Me: “Please! I need your cock inside me! Please fuck me now.”

You: “That’s a good girl.”

You lifted up off my back slightly, spread my ass cheeks, and I felt you place the tip of your cock at my entrance but you just held it there. I moaned and tried to push back onto your penis but you smacked my ass with your hand.

You: “My pace, remember?”

Finally, you slammed your cock balls deep into my cunt.

You: “Oh fuck yes, so warm and tight.” You started pumping your cock in and out, rough, hard, and I quickly felt my orgasm start to build. I covered my mouth with my hands so as to not make a lot of noise for fear of being discovered but I couldn’t help the occasional moans and muffled swear words coming out around it. Suddenly my legs started shaking and my orgasm hit me hard. As I laid there not able to move, I felt you bend over me with one last rough shove. You bit down on my neck as you came inside me.

We stayed that way for a few seconds, both of us trying to catch our breath. We heard voices and it appeared someone would be coming around the edge of the building shortly so you pulled out and we quickly tugged up our jeans and straightened our clothing.

You gathered me in your arms and we leaned back together against the tailgate until our heartbeats slowed down to their normal rhythms.

Me: “So does this mean you forgive me for being such a mean bitchy wife to you this week at home?”

You: “Hell no. When we get home, you’re going to bring me the paddle so I can spank that sassy ass of yours. Then all will be forgiven and forgotten….until, of course, the next time you’re a brat.”

I turned my head to look at you and opened my mouth to protest but then I saw your eyebrow lift like ‘you know you are a brat.’ I nod my head in agreement. Me: “You’re right, I’m bratty but you know your life would be boring without me.“

I winked and smiled at you.

Me: “Someone has to keep you on your toes.”

You: “And you need someone to help control your sassy mouth.”

You pushed up from the tailgate, lightly smacked my ass and led me to the driver’s side door. You opened the door for me, made sure I was settled before giving me a long, sweet kiss, and told me you would follow me home in your vehicle where you would administer my spanking. Is it bad that I was really looking forward to my spanking all the way home?

    What do you think?


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    1. P.L.
      This is fantastic. You had me all the way through this. Beautiful surprise ending and oh so erotic! I love the second person narrative once you get to the bar. It’s very engaging.

      For a more formal approach, you might shelf the YOU:\ME: stuff in front of your dialogue and just blend in the discussion as you would in any short story or novel. This isn’t actually a script, so you don’t need that kind of delineation. I noticed you were using present tense frequently in your piece. That’s difficult to hold throughout a story, so your verb tense bounces around. I’d change the whole thing to past tense. It’s easier, and you don’t have to think about it as you write. Just a few thoughts, but this is magnificent. A really entertaining story with a nice twist.

      • Thank you very much DK. I love the constructive feedback and I will definitely keep a lot of this in mind. I do tend to write in the present tense, kind of like a running fantasy which means I usually have to go back and try and fix the tenses and I know I usually miss some lol. I think this is the only story I’ve ever used you/me in and I’m not even sure why I did it that way lol. If I get around to editing it again, I will definitely fix that. Thank you again and I’m glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for reading it!

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