Forgive me

If you dare forgive me
for remembering more
than entangled sheets
and the scent of sex,
for treasuring moments
faded by ruthless hours,
for having lost myself
in your deepest soul
while being born again
in the fury of orgasms.
If you dare,forgive me
for I have committed 
the greatest of sins
in the dark districts
of casual encounters.
I have loved you well
in spite of you and me,
of time and also distance,
of unquenched desire.
So forgive me if you dare,
just know that in this case
I am indeed a proud sinner.

February 1, 2024




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    1. Fricking sublime. Like DampKitten, I agree the dark districts of casual encounters is a powerful resonating image. Though there are succinct gems throughout this heartfelt poem: treasured moments faded by ruthless hours and sexual renewal in furious orgasms. Awesome poem,

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