For your Pleasure

For your Pleasure

Do you see me?

Do you see I did my hair?

The way you like it.

Cascading down to there.

Do you see my face?

I did my lips.

So, you can trace it with your fingertips

My eyes are done as well.

Lined as dark.

As an ink well

Do you see my dress?

It’s barely there.

Slit so high.

And cleavage almost bare

Do you see my feet?

My toes to be exact.

I know how you like to hold them.

When I’m on my back.

Ahh, you do see me.

And I am pleased.

You put down your paper.

And get on your knees.

Should I be quiet?

And not tell a soul.

What you did,

And losing control.

You looked up.

With a contented face

I’m for your pleasure.

Not a drop should you waste.

The night was early.

And we just began.

Next, I’ll be against the wall.

If I can’t stand.

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