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For You

Every night I go to bed and wait for you.

Imagine your fingers running up my leg.
Hoping you’ll find me just soft for you.

I pray, I dream, I cry, I beg.
I beg for you to open my legs for you.

For your hands to touch, squeeze, I ache.
I long for the pleasure of pleasing you.

All day, all night until I am awake.
I cry, I scream when I come for you.

Your fingers caress my pussy and clit.
How could I not react to the touch of you.

the pleasure, the pain of my nipples when bit.
I imagine you’r hugging me, I cry to you. 

I sleep, I dream you’ll be in my dreams.
I try to tell you I am waiting for you.

My cries, my sighs not heard it seems.
I thought you knew that I trusted you.

Counted on the love we must have had.
I grew to cherish the thoughts of you.

The life, the love that had gone so bad.
I’ve waited for you and always wait for you.

For your touch every single night. Just for you.

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