Fly Away

Why are you smiling

Little bird in the sky?

You’ve traveled so far.

Seen the world go by.

You’ve been to the Moon.

Skimmed the clouds up high.

Talked to stars as they twinkled

and laughed ever so shy.

So why are you singing 

when you should cry?

Forget the times 

we spent together and fly.

What have I done to you

except to lie?

And lay to waste your world

and let your heart wither and die.


So fly away. I warn you.

I wonder why you bothered to stay?

To give me joy?

In my world of concrete and clay?

Run to what is left of yours,

to a tree, a branch and play.

Before you waste your time 

or get hurt one day.

Before my music dies

and my world turns to dust like today.

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