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In keeping with celestial charms
you took my hand, then arm in arm
we feathered fathoms high above
into the clouds where we made love.
The angels blushed and gathered round
as nude and wet, you laid me down
on floating cotton fluffs of mist
that rumbled softly while we kissed.
Our passion brewed electric charge.
You spread my legs.  Though not so large,
my breasts, suspended, swayed in time
to claps of thunder from behind.
Fists of hair, your thrusting surged
until my velvet need was purged
with lightning bolts that pierced my core
where sheets of rain began to pour
a deluge down on mother earth.
I screamed like I was giving birth!
And in those throws of pleasure’s pain
arose a mighty hurricane
that flung us deeply into space.
We came to rest and took our place
amongst the constellations’ lights
where we could sparkle, bold and bright.
But you had warned, a mortal’s shine
is shortly lived and lost in time;
that every star up in the sky
will one day fade and surely die.
And so, from gleam of Heaven’s face
I lost your hand and fell from grace
through cold blue dark and breathless air
at comet speed – extinguished flare.

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