Why would I be expecting excuses from you RED.

It is not like you said a hundred times you were “my best friend.”

It is not like you left me OUT wondering if I said something bad!

Did I fuck up? probably because I did not, or you wished that I had!

Words like “forever” or “until we die” are relics from our past.

Or “those viagra pills no longer work” or “you can no longer last!”

Now those were words you had spoken from the heart.

Like Adele. You disappear for years and then come back like a dart.

“Easy into me?” What the fuck does that even mean?

It’s “Out of Sorts!” NOW?!… Another escape route, a smoke screen.

“OUT?” Where? Out and About?! Out on a Date?! Out the Door?!”

I was expecting an all OUT explanation of whom you left me for.

Finally, you are asking how have I been? with a twist of a “friend?”

What do you think a broken heart feels like RED?

No more excuses.

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