Enheduanna Chapter 6 :  Act 4

This is chapter 6 of 6 chapters in the series Enheduanna

Chapter 6 :  Act 4

Lugan’s army destroys Uruk then besieges Ur and captures Anna. He wants to kill her for revenge. He ties her up to torture her but during this he starts to have strange feelings for her. 

Anna has never been sexually dominated before. She had always been a princess but she too starts to fall in love with Lugan. 


Lugan and his guards enter the chamber of the high priestess in the city of Ur.

Cities crumbled 

and fell.

One by one 


Their gates 


with men 

and beasts. 

Great Uruk 

as well. 

Men and women


and laid

to waist.

Their bodies 

cut to bits 

and shreds.


Ur’s fate 

has now befell.  

One man 

will spell

its doom. 

Bringing fire 

and hell.

Adorning its walls 

with heads.

(Anna is sitting and awaiting for her fate)


Look at the great pretender 

sitting on her throne of lies.

She dares to defile our gods,

our ancestors old and wise.

Put her in ropes and chains.

With her blood I want to stain 

my hands like her father did to mine.


Who do you think you are,

barging into this sacred room?

You bring shame and doom

to our gods among the stars. 

If you are half the man your father was, 

you would kneel before me 

like your father did to mine.


Your father is long dead.

And now 

I will get rid of you, 

your brothers,

your sisters, 

your entire line.

– Anna

You are more of a fool 

then I thought you were 

to think you can do

half the things you say

or dare.

Even as we speak 

the great armies of Akkad 

are preparing to march.

They just await my word,

or a sign.

-Lugan (shouting to his guards again)

Tie her down on the altar of Sin.

We will have our fun

before this night is done.

I will cut her heart,

drink her blood

feast our win

on this day 

and dine.

(The guards rip Anna’s clothes off and tie her naked on the alter)


Oh great Innana in the sky

Give me your strength.

Bring down your wrath 

on this swine.


Oh great Innana in the sky

I will send you this slut 

in bits and grind 

her bones so fine.


Why don’t you let 

the goddess decide.  

if you think yourself 

sooo divine.


What do you have 

in mind?


Just you 

and I. 


Let Innana decide

our fate.

I bet by the time 

you strike that sword

I will have you 

on your hands and knees 

with your soul entwined.


(Lugan looks at Anna’s naked body and he is tempted. But most of all he is challenged)

-A guard (interjected)

Be careful my Lord.

I have heard 

she bewitches men’s hearts 

like sparkling wine.


Leave us. 

All of you.

I will show this witch

what it is

to be a man.


I will be fine.

(The guards scramble to leave the room)

-Anna (smiling)

Aren’t you going to loosen the ropes 

or untwine?


And rob myself of the taste of revenge?


Not in your life time.


What are you planning to do?

Let me loose and I will show you

how to have a good time.


Don’t worry slut.

I know all there is to know.

I am going to use 

my fingers to dig

my way inside.

My teeth to bite

your grapes of vine.

My mouth to lick

your dripping wine. 

I am going to fuck you to hell

until you cry out my name 

and whine.


Yeh, Yeh, Yeh…

As you say my Lord.

But that will never happen.

Not when I’m strapped like this, 

facing down,

on this shrine. 

-Lugan (laughing)

I can see 

you have never been bound 

in you entire life.

Strapped liked a wench,

flogged or caned 

until you are sour.

I am going to use my whip

to drive you insane.

Map your skin 

with blood

and lines.

But before all that,

I will drain my whole

in your tight hole

until you can’t feel 

your spine.




Ohhhhhh….goddess in the sky.

What are you doing?


I hhhhhhate…..


Ohhhhhh….goddess in the sky.

You are so tight.

I don’t know

If this is love 

I just felt

or is it hate!!

How could I have been so blind?

I feel like

you yourself 

is in my arms

dancing with lust,

your skin in flames,

next to mine.


Ohhhhhh….goddess in the sky.

I have never felt so alive.


in my entire life.

Could this be?

Could this be the one?

I have prayed for decades 

to feel this much.




among hundreds

for just the one 

who can do exactly such.


Ohhhhhh….goddess in the sky.

More than that

and I will be out of my mind.


Ohhhhhh….goddess in the sky.

What is happening to me?

Why do I feel so sublimed?


Ohhhhhh….goddess in the sky.

I will never let

your mistress

out off my grasp. 

You have sealed our fate. 

Chiseled it in stone.

Fused our souls,

with skin and bones. 

I am hers for life

and she is 

forever mine. 

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