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Drunk Asian Wife Fucked by a Friend in Need While Sleeping as Husband Secretly Watches

My Asian wife, Luci, and I enjoyed a late summer road trip up the California coast. An old friend, Gary, who we hadn’t seen for years was recently divorced and offered to let us spend the night since he now had so much room in his house. We jumped at the chance to break up the journey and catch up. As thanks, we took him out for a spicy Mexican dinner where the Don Julio 1942 tequila flowed, as did the catching up stories. We learned his wife had left him for a woman, having discovered she was a lesbian. He confessed he hadn’t had sex in over a year and his confidence was shaken by his wife’s coming out.

We did our best to make him feel better and reassured him that her coming out had nothing to do with him and he just needed to start dating again. Luci got very drunk and was a sloppy hot mess indeed, kissing and sucking the Don Julio bottle as if it were a cock, telling Gary that he’d get fucked soon enough, that he was a young, attractive guy who had been hurt but he was thinking too much. He just needed a good fuck to clear his head of all that baggage. 

She held Gary’s hand and spoke with Don Julio wisdom running high, telling him that soon enough he’ll have lots of women to fuck once he just loses his post-divorce virginity. Through slurred words, Luci told him repeatedly, earnestly, the way drunks always do, you gotta get back in the saddle, Gary. Get back on the bike. Go fuck a chick, any chick, just stop living in the past. You need to let the little head do the thinking for the big head!

We drank so much tequila we thought it wise to take an Uber back to his place. I sat in the front seat and Luci and Gary sat in the back. His throbbing cock tented his pants at the sight of Luci’s short dress inching up her thighs to show off her panties, his hard-on no doubt aided by all the sexy drunk encouragements she’d given him to go fuck a woman to get over his wife leaving him. And here she was, a sexy woman, drunk with so much of her on display and a dirty Don Julio-fueled mouth running wild. he had to be thinking, imagining fucking her.

Halfway back to his place, Luci announced she was tired and wasted and was going to take a quick nap. She toppled to the side, placing her head on Gary’s lap and right away she was snoring and drooling. I looked at our friend and smiled.

“Oh well,” I said, “tequila does this to her, especially 1942. She’ll be OK in the morning.”

The look on Gary’s face was one of utter confusion and frustration – my sexy Asian wife’s head was on his lap, resting on his hard cock and her miniskirt had slid up her thighs to expose her panty-covered pussy and as she turned to get comfortable on his cock pillow, her short dress slid up her butt, exposing her barely-there thong separating her tight ass cheeks. Her pussy bulge and tufts of hair were easily visible. Gary’s mouth gaped open, and he drooled at the delicious sight, quickly licking his lips. I felt sorry for Gary; the poor guy hadn’t had sex in over a year and here was a prime piece of married, drunk Asian fuckmeat rubbing on his cock and showing off her ass and pussy. I knew from his vantage he could see her pussy mound. I was sure he’d come in his pants before we got to his house.

We arrived at his house, and Luci was still out cold, and Gary had pre-cum stains seeping through his khaki pants. He helped me pull my passed-out wife from the car. I put her over my shoulder and carried her to his front door, perfectly aware that he had an even better view of my wife’s thong-cased cunt lips as he brought up the rear, carrying her high heels that had fallen off her sexy little feet that were swinging from side-to-side as I manhandled her up the steps and inside.

I laid her down on the couch, careful not to pull her skirt down. I arranged her face down so her curvy ass was on full, inviting display. I enjoy showing her off and watching men’s reactions. I’m a voyeur and it excites to see men ogle my wife, and often do more than ogling. Gary, with one eye on Luci’s ass, poured another couple of tequilas, and we chatted, getting down to the dirty details he wanted to know. He’s long known that we’ve had an open relationship, and when he was married, he and his wife thought we were weird swinger-types and couldn’t imagine how we could fuck other people, but now he wanted details of how it worked. I explained we both could fuck anybody we wanted, and it suited our personalities and desires to be non-monogamous. We’re happy and very much in love and lust and have been living and fucking like this for 20+ years.

Tequila-emboldened he said, “So if Luci was awake, I could fuck her now and you wouldn’t mind?” I clinked my glass to his and said in toast “Of course I wouldn’t mind. If she was awake and wanted to fuck you, you’d be fucking on that couch right now, and I’d be enjoying the sight of you cumming in my wife, and by the way she was all over you in the car, I could tell she wanted it. Too bad she’s passed out.”

“Yes, too bad she’s passed out,” he mumbled sadly, staring at her exposed ass. And I’ll blame Don Julio for the wicked idea that took over my libido and better judgement at that very moment. Luci and I have often roleplayed scenes like this where she pretended to be drunk and passed out and I’m a stranger taking advantage of her after pumping her full of cocktails at a bar, so I rationalized Luci wouldn’t mind giving Gary a sleeping fuck. So, I fake-yawned and said I’d better put her to bed so she can sleep it off as we have to get going early in the morning. I suggested Gary hang down here a moment and I’d put her to bed. We’d then have one last nightcap. He nodded, clearly disappointed at thinking his chance to fuck Luci had passed. I hoisted my wife onto my shoulder and this time I pulled her thong aside before turning to face him so he could see her plump, wet cuntlips.

“I won’t be long,” I said.

“Huh-huh,” was his sullen reply, staring at my wife’s cunt as I gripped her ass to hold her aloft. I knew he give anything to bury his face right there into her butt and taste that sweet Asian pussy and ass. I carried Luci slowly up the stairs to the guest bedroom so Gary could get ample views of the pussy he wanted, and unbeknownst to him, I would arrange for him to fuck. I laid Luci down on the bed, pulled off her panties and her dress, draping a tee shirt around her she brought along to sleep in. I checked out her pussy and yes, she had gotten excited teasing our friend; her cunt was moist and plump. I knew she wanted to be fucked. Don Julio doesn’t just get her drunk; expensive tequila is a powerful aphrodisiac for my Asian wife.

I kissed her good night on the cheek, smelling the tang of tequila on her breath. She didn’t react, soundly asleep, snoring. To test the depth of her tequila coma, I ran my finger along her pussy lips and slid a couple of digits inside and when she didn’t react. I finger fucked her.

Maybe a slight moan oozed from her pouting mouth but no protest. Her hips undulated and she got wetter with every finger thrust. I rotated my fingers and rubbed her clit, banging into her like I planned Gary would soon with his cock.

I was tempted to whip out my hard cock and fuck Luci, but it was not my cock I wanted in her cunt. Gary needed to fuck my wife more than I did. She rolled over on to belly and I slid a couple of fingers in, and she raised her ass up to get a better finger bang angle. I wondered if she was fully passed out or faking it as she was being very responsive. She moaned and groaned a “oh fuck me, fuck me, fuck me Gary,” so I knew she wanted our friend to fuck her, and maybe the being drunk was all a coy Asian hotwife act to let him have his way with her. This was just like our roleplaying scenes we’d acted out.

After a few more finger bangs and louder moans, I pulled my fingers out covered in her juices. She groaned and rolled on her side, offering a clear view of her naked ass and cunt. I licked my fingers clean but left enough on them so Gary would smell my wife’s cunt on my hand.

I went over to the bedside cabinet and turned on my laptop camera and set it to record after positioning it with a perfect view of her ass and the bed. I turned off the screen so the recording would be secret. I left the room light on and went down to Gary who had almost finished the tequila without me. I did another shot with him and relayed that Luci was soundly asleep. I told him I kissed her goodnight and gave her a little fuck. She didn’t wake up at all. She is a bit of a light weight. You know Asians. She’s only 100lbs and she had as much 1942 as us.

“You fucked her?” He was incredulous. I left out that it was just a finger fuck. Minor details…

“Hell yeah, she got me all hard being flirty with you, and she’s so wet. Here – smell – that’s what fuckable married Asian pussy smells like.”

I stuck my hand under his nose and he recoiled in shock. I licked my fingers and leered a “hmmmm-hmmmm – tasty cunt she has,” comment, adding “If she was awake, she’d want a good fucking so why not give her one passed out. I’ve often fucked her when she’s passed out.”

Heading off his potential guilt at fucking my passed-out wife I added. “We often play it as a sexy game where she pretends I’m a stranger fucking her after she’s drunk too much at a bar. We’re kinky that way. We roleplay all kinds of weird shit scenarios. Often. It keeps our sex life really hot. She’s even had me dress up as a burglar in a ski mask and surprise her in bed where I take her by force. And the funny thing is she doesn’t remember a thing, or so she says. She sometimes thinks she just had a very wet horny dream.”

He looked towards the stairs and whispered, “So she wouldn’t mind being fucked even if she’s passed out?”

“No, man, I took a few photos of her. Her pussy was so wet thinking of your hard cock. Thanks for getting her all excited for me. Want to see?”

“Yeah, of course, if it’s OK.”

“It’s more than OK. I love sharing Luci in the flesh and digitally, so to speak.”

I scrolled through my images and showed him the shots of Luci’s sleeping beauty ass and pussy.

I made my next move. “Fucking hot ass, huh? Look at how wet that tight Asian pussy is. She really likes you and I’m sure she’d be fucking you now if she was awake, so give her what she’s dreaming about. When I had my cock in her she moaned your name – she said, “fuck me, fuck me, Gary, fuck me. Get back in the saddle and fuck my married Asian pussy.” She was probably dreaming of your hard cock that she used as a pillow in the car.

Gary stared at the pictures, unconsciously adjusting the large erection in his trousers. So, I made the final move to seal the deal, giving him access to Luci he wanted without me there to spoil his fun. I’m well aware that guys who haven’t been a part of the wife swapping scene aren’t too comfortable fucking a wife in front of her husband.

“Look, sorry to get back to boring shit, but is it OK if I use your computer? I gotta send some emails and make sure about our reservations for the rest of the trip. I don’t want to impose but we won’t have time in the morning.”

He almost tripped over himself and his protruding erection in eagerness to show me to his study and his computer.

I laid it on thicker just in case he needed more encouragement to fuck my wife.

“Hey, thanks for everything, letting us stay here. And don’t worry, everything will work out. And I’m sorry Luci passed out, but you know, she won’t mind if you just go in the room and look at her body. You could kiss her ass goodnight if you want. You’ll see up close how wet that tight little pussy is.” 

What was I supposed to do? Lead him up the stairs by his dick and stick it in her for him, which is what I was basically doing with all these hints. If he was the proverbial horse, I’d not only led him to the water trough, but I was also pouring it down his throat. His cock was hard and twitching. He was ready to fuck her, so I gave him one final push.

“It should take me about an hour to get everything done so if you want to go upstairs and say goodnight to Luci go ahead. We’ll let ourselves out in the morning.”

We shook hands and he stood in the doorway, erection tenting his pants, pre-cum spreading.

“She moaned my name?”

“Yup. She moaned your name and said get back in the saddle and fuck this Asian pussy with that big hard cock I’ve been feeling all evening.”

“She said that?”

“Yup.” Well, almost, us erotica authors are allowed to embellish.

“And you’re sure she’d want to fuck me, and you don’t mind?”

“Nope. Turns me on to know my wife is attractive to lots of men and can help you in your time of need. What are friends for, Gary, especially ones with hot Asian wives who like to get fucked by many men.”

“OK, I’ll go up then.”

“Have a good one.” I winked.

He turned red. “I will.”

I doubt he’d need the hour. He’d probably cum in a minute. I remote logged into my laptop and watched Gary fuck Luci.  He wasted no time in lifting her ass up so he could get easy access to that tight Asian pussy.  I thought it was so dirty that he didn’t undress, just whipped out his cock out of his khaki pants to have his way with her.

I was impressed. Gary has a nice big thick cock with a curve, just the kind Luci likes because they hit her g-spot just right. 

He started out slow rubbing his thick cock up and down her wet pussy lips, parting them with each stroke, growing bolder, easing his thick cockhead inside my wife.  

I have to admit I stroked my cock secretly watching Gary use my wife. I’m a voyeur and whether watching Luci get fucked either in the same room as a group thing or secretly on hidden cameras or after-the-event videos really gets me off and this encounter was delicious. Gary wouldn’t be the only one coming tonight because of Luci’s tight pussy.

When he grabbed her ass and pulled her to him and pounded into my wife like she was a rag doll I came hard, especially the way he lifted her sexy ass up for the best angle. Over the laptop microphone I heard Gary grunting and Luci moaning. Gary was definitely getting back in the saddle. This was a year’s worth of pent-up fucking and frustration he was taking out on my wife’s pussy.

Then woah – I didn’t expect this of Gary. He slid his finger into Luci’s ass and finger fucked her butt, rubbing his cock inside her pussy through the thin skin separating her two tight holes, and then he switched his finger for his thumb as he came in Luci’s well-used pussy. I was hard again from watching this surprising anal play. I never suspected Gary was anything but pure vanilla.

Gary pulled out after cumming in Luci but kept working her asshole as she groaned, her slutty words hard to decipher since her ass was up and her head down in the pillows, but I knew she too was enjoying a long cumming from the way his thumb assplay was rubbing her pussy and the way her pussy lips pulsated when he pulled out.

Gary was definitely not a post-divorce virgin anymore thanks to my ‘passed-out’ wife and too much Don Julio 1942 tequila and manipulative me. When I came up to the room, Luci was still face down and there was a wet spot underneath her that I decided to add to by reclaiming my Asian wife. 

I wasn’t sure whether to tell her about Gary fucking her. I have a feeling she wasn’t fully comatose, but she might have thought it was me. Either way, she’ll understand – hey, what are friends and tight, wet Asian pussy for…

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