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Deviant Behavior

I just had the worst nightmare…

(Extreme Content)

~ take out your cock ~


As a nurse, it’s so naughty to think of boys just turning the pubescent corner, their freshly springing tufts of pubic hair, the new length of their pricks, and the weight of their swelling testicles just hanging there like bells waiting to be rung. Sometimes they come to the clinic, embarrassed to show me their thing and making me insist that they slide down their underwear.

If their mothers only knew what I was thinking during the exam, how I imagine their sons growing erect as I touch them. “I need to check you here – that’s completely alright and natural – no need to be embarrassed.”

I think that some moms get excited as well, slinking in the corner from their own fervent heat as they observe how I handle young boys, the careful manner of my mission and their response to my touch. Some moms ask to leave, but I convince them to stay.

“It’s nothing she hasn’t seen before, now, is it?” The boys shake their heads though they know this is different. The shy ones, in particular, are fearful of becoming excited. But the hands are true, and the erection comes easy. My breath is warm, and their skin likes the tease of my manicured nails. Soon, the blood rushes in and the need takes it shape, spongy and thick with its pulsating tributaries.


“He says he has been hurting down there.”

“Oh, mom!” He refutes. Tommy has been coming to the clinic for a while, mostly wellness checkups and vaccinations. But recently his mom, Crystal, has been calling the clinic, concerned about a discomfort he describes in his ‘private’.

Crystal is a beautiful girl. Blonde hair, straight and shiny, flowing down the center of her back. Pronounced cheekbones. Beaming blue eyes and towering breasts. Her make-up is immaculate. She wears expensive jewelry, having married well. Her body is muscular and tight. She has on a white blouse and a blue pencil skirt.

“It’s normal to have some tenderness since you’re ‘changing’ down here,” I explain. I’m all about reassurance. Tommy has disrobed and put on a gown. He’s lying on the table. I’ve lifted the gown to his belly.

“Is it here that you hurt?” I’m rolling his testicles softly in my fingers, pretending to feel for masses and lumps. He’s growing exponentially larger. His mother’s eyes are widening as I glance at her reaction.

“Yes,” he says with some trepidation. Tommy is completely erect now. He’s as big as my husband. Well, bigger in fact. I grasp his shaft and squeeze it gently as if milking a cow’s utter.

“Does that hurt as well?” I lift his gown further to expose him completely.

“No,” He whispers, his breath becoming shallow. He’s sitting on his elbows studying my hands. I resume massaging his balls. His scrotum is covered with sparse curly sprigs that he has not yet considered shaving. Thus far, he hasn’t even discussed them with his closest friends. I’m squeezing his cock. I’m rubbing his balls. The head of his penis is tense and purple. There’s a gooey discharge drooling from his slit. His heart is vibrating beneath his hairless sternum.

“Crystal?” I inquire. “Would you pass me a few tissues from the box on the counter?” She’s totally mesmerized, watching my wrist as I begin that familiar twisting stroke down the length of his manhood; that pump and pull motion she’s seen on porn sites for women while her husband was at work and the kids were at school. She offers me the tissues, but I tell her to “Hold them here,” nodding my head at her son’s naked belly.

She has to rush, noticing Tommy’s scrotum is tight and his dick is violently bobbing. I relax my grip, smoothing my fingers across his pulsating ventral surface. His mom is too late. Tommy spews out thick gobs of pungent semen, ribbons of spunk shooting across his chest and splattering his neck. I press down on his penis to avoid spraying the wall.

“Are you okay? Does that feel better now?” I ask.

“Yes, ma’am.” So Polite.

“Why don’t you go to the restroom across the hall and clean up a bit. You can close your gown and slip over there quickly. No one will notice. Alright?”

“Yes, ma’am.” Off he goes. His mother stands to face me.

“Do you suppose,” I ask bluntly, “that you could help him with his dick at home?” She looks stunned at my question, but the blush on her face unveils her excitement. Her bra is thin, and I can see her hard nipples through the sheen of her blouse. I reach up and grasp one between my fingers, twisting and pulling. My other hand has sprinkles of Tommy’s cum on my digits which I touch to her lips.

“Lick it,” I command. “Lick it off.” She does. I grip her breast more firmly, reaching down to lift her skirt. I plant my palm on the crotch of her panties. She gasps. She’s soaking wet. I squeeze. She moans.

There’s a click at the door. Her son is entering. We quickly assume neutral positions. He notices nothing. His dick is poking through his drenched cotton gown like a tent pole. I smile. How can he possibly still be so hard? He’s a sopping mess where he washed in the sink but apparently neglected to dry himself off.

“I couldn’t find a towel,” He explains. So cute.

“Okay, let’s just get out of this thing,” I suggest. I shuffle the gown over his arms and drop it in a nearby bin. From the cabinet, I retrieve a small towel that I use to dry him. He’s standing completely naked, and his mother is watching. I pat away the moisture slowly and gently, leaving his penis for last.

“Does this still hurt?” I’m attentively drying his raging erection.

“No, ma’am. It just feels full.”

“It looks full too,” I concur with a smile. “Doesn’t it mommy?” Crystal is speechless, arms crossed across her ample breasts. I conclude that she’s hiding her PowerPoint nipples. She’s breathing erratically.

“Tommy, can you please unbutton your mother’s blouse?” Crystal’s eyes fly open. She completely stops breathing.

“Unbutton her shirt?” He asks, confirming my request.

“Yes, Tommy. Those buttons right there,” I’m pointing at her chest. “Unbutton them all the way down. I need you to relax your arms, Crystal. Let them fall to your sides.” She reluctantly follows my command. Tommy, in turn, commences opening her blouse. Her bra is white sheer with lacy embellishments. Her dark nipples peer through the straining satin encasement.

“Now slide off her blouse and give it to me.”

“Yes ma’am,” he complies. I place it on the counter, well out of the way.

“Unclip her bra,” I insist. “The clip’s in the back. Turn around, Crystal.” With delicate precision, he releases the clasps. The bra is clinging to his mother’s breasts. I softly turn her to face me. “Remove it, Tommy. Let me have it.” He does. I place it on top of the blouse.

Crystal’s globes are pale and pendulous with dark areolas and large meaty nipples, stiff in anticipation. I slip around behind her and cup her big tits in my hands. Tommy watches me kneed her, probing her pliable flesh as if attempting to express milk from her mammaries.

“Do you remember these, Tommy? You sucked them when you were a baby.” He shakes his head sideways, eyes fixed on his mother’s magnificent mounds. “I want you to suck them now, Tommy. I want to watch you suck them.”

Tommy edges forward and stoops ever slightly. He’s taller than his mom. The muscles flex in his arms while he places his hands on her shoulders for support. As soon as his mouth touches her nipple, she moans. Looking up, he seems concerned, but I tell him she likes it.

“Don’t stop, Tommy. Keep sucking. Swirl your tongue around her nipple. Bite it just a little if you like.” Crystal is staggering in my arms, growing heavy to hold. I’m easing her over towards the examination table where I rest my butt while I’m lifting her skirt. Tommy is volleying from breast to breast, pulling and squeezing with his eager hands. His mother’s head rests on my shoulder. Her eyes are closed; her mouth is open. She’s gasping and mewling, fingers wrapped in his dark curly hair.

“You’re doing so well, Tommy,” I encourage. “Lick them and lap them. Pull on her nipples.” He does exactly that and then some, standing up straight and shaking her breasts wildly by the tips. I wonder to myself if he’s seen that on porno. “What are you doing? Where did you learn that?”

Crystal is wincing and groaning loudly. “Do you like that, nurse Megan? Would you like me to slap them?” Tommy has a devilish grin.

“What?” I’m in shock. “Slap your mom’s tits?”

“Hold her arms and I’ll do it.” He’s lifting her chin, inspecting the angles.

“You mean like this?” I fold her arms behind her back and jerk her up by the hair. I can’t believe I’m doing this. So rough and unexpected.

“Just like that, nurse Megan. So perfect,” He replies. “Do you think she will scream?”

“Are you going to smack them hard?” I’m curiously turned on.

“Of course,” he says calmly. “Perhaps we should gag her.”

“With what?” I inquire. He points to her panties. I’ve pulled up her skirt to her waist. “Gag her with her panties? That’s so naughty, Tommy.”

“Isn’t it though?” He reaches for her thong. It’s black with red embroidery, thin with no liner. He starts sliding it down her thigh.

“No, Tommy,” I interrupt. He looks at me curiously. “Rip them off. Just rip them!” The boy grins like a demon, then shreds the material with a jerk.

“What do you suppose this is?” He asks, showing me the creamy white discharge in the crotch of his mother’s black panties.

“It’s the stuff that comes out of pussies when a woman’s excited, Tommy. I guess your mom’s excited. I think you excite her.”

“Oh, you think she’s excited, do you?” He stretches the fabric taught, then shoves it in her mouth crotch first, tying it around the back of her head. “Let’s see how she likes the taste of her pussy cream.” Then he backs up and pummels her titties.

Crystal yelps with every slap. He alternates hands like a boxer. “Lean her over a little,” He orders. “I want them to dangle so they swing when I swat them.”

I barely recognize this boy. He’s metamorphosized in the blink of an eye to a raging animal. “Like this?” I ask, bending her at the waist with my fingers still knotted in her hair.

“Oh, you’re so fucking good, Megan. You should be a female wrestler, you know that?”

“Are you gonna beat them good, Tommy? Are you gonna slap them black and blue?”

“With you in my corner, what choice do I have? You’ve framed them so perfectly for pounding.”

I feel something fall in my stomach. In the mirror, I watch as he sends her tits spinning, the crack of his fists against her vulnerable flesh. Crystal squeals through her cum spattered nylon gag.

“Okay! Okay! That’s enough.” I finally find the will to step in. “You’ve beaten her senseless. This is totally crazy.”

(How can I possibly be allowing this? Why is this getting me off?)

Tommy ceases her punishment with a look of intrigue. “Lift her up, Megan. Let me see the damage.” I raise her by the hair. I think she’s passed out. “Oh yea,” He growls. “Oh fuck, yea!” He’s pulling her breasts by the nipples, then dropping them to her chest. They’re red and swollen and devastated. “Oh, that’s messed up. They’re messed up good!”

“Now you’re scaring me, Tommy,” I admit.

“What? You were all about this a few minutes ago! What’s your problem, Meg?”

“Since when do you call me, Meg? I’m nurse Megan to you, Tommy. And I’m not all about destroying your mom’s tits.”

(God, he looks bigger. He’s taller than when he came in here)

“You’re all about it now, MEG. You’re all about everything I do. And while you’re at it, take off your fucking scrubs. I want to see you naked.”

“I’m holding up your mother, Tommy. And I’m not taking anything off.”

“You can sling my fucking MOMMY up on the exam table, MEG…and ‘rip off’ that skirt of hers. She’s got no use for it. Just like her panties.”

Tommy picks up Crystal and drops her on the table with a thud. She groans but is essentially unconscious. Her blond hair is matted across her sweaty face.

(Oh my God, what’s going on? How did this get so crazy?)

“I can’t rip off her skirt. I’m not that strong,” I reply. But I unhook the waistband and unzip the zipper. I’m attempting to slide her skirt off her ass when Tommy stops me and grabs my hands.

“You’re my wrestling partner, MEG. You can do anything. Right here,” he insists. He places my hands on either side of the open zipper. “Now pull, MEG! Rip it!” And I do. Her skirt rips straight down the thigh to the knee. I can pull it right off. It’s totally destroyed. What will she wear home? Will she survive to go home? She’s totally naked.

Tommy flips his mom over and smacks her ass hard. There’s a bright red handprint. She barely responds. “Smack her, MEG,” He demands.

“I don’t want to smack her. I think we need to wake her up.” Tommy grabs the top of my scrub suit at the ‘V’ and rips it down the center, then jerks it like a rag right off my body. He snaps my bra straps with his bare hands. He tears off my bottoms. I drop my panties on my own to the floor.

“Please don’t tear up my underwear, Tommy. I need to wear something.” He bends to the floor and retrieves my panties, sniffing the crotch with a smile.

“You smell good enough to eat, MEG.” He rips them in half, then uses them to tie Crystal’s forearms behind her.

“She’s unconscious, Tommy. Why are you tying her up?”

(He’s just getting bigger. He’s just getting stronger. Even his cock is getting longer and thicker, his pubic hair more course. He’s maturing in front of my eyes)

“People wake up, my naked MEGAN. People wake up and you have to knock them back out. Now smack her ass just like I showed you. Smack it hard, wrestling partner!”

I slap Crystal’s ass. She trembles and moans. She’s face down on the table. Tommy opens her legs. I can see her bare pussy.

“Harder, naked MEGAN! Hit her harder than that!” I smack her again with all that I’ve got. She jerks and then groans. There’s a handprint like Tommy’s. “Give her more, naked Megan! Give her more!”


Handprints on her ass, Holy Shit! Handprints and handprints till her ass is a sheet of red, hints of purple hue, scratches from my nails. She’s bleeding.

“Good girl, naked MEGAN. Good girl.” Tommy’s voice has deepened even beyond a normal male adult. It’s at horror movie depth. An unnatural depth. His muscles are bulging. There’s hair on his chest. His cock is astounding. Bigger and longer than anything I’ve seen.

Tommy flips Crystal over on her back. He slides out the stirrups from the end of the table and props her feet in them for a pelvic exam. “I’ve always wanted to be a Gynecologist.” He turns on the spotlight and finger-scissors her slit for a deep probing look up her cunt. Her legs are splayed widely.

“So, she did cream herself,” He exclaims. “Sit down here on the rolling stool, naked MEGAN. Sit down here and clean her up. I know you want to eat her pussy. You were playing with it when I came back in.”

“You saw that?” I’m shocked. I was sure we were secretive.

“I see everything, naked MEGAN. I see your wet pussy. I know that you want my cock.”

“I’m afraid of your cock, Tommy. I’m afraid of all of you.”

“That doesn’t mean you don’t want it, MEG. It just means you like to FUCK in FEAR. Now, lick her pussy. Lick it, before I beat your tiny titties into pancakes.”

So, I lick her. I clean Crystal’s pussy. I show him the cream on my tongue. I swallow it down. He demands more.

“Bite it, naked MEGAN. Bite it till she bleeds. Sink your teeth into her slutty snatch.”

“Please, Tommy, no. I don’t want to bite her.”

“You have to, naked MEGAN. I insist. I want to see it.” And suddenly I want to do it. Every muscle in my body, every bone, every nerve, every cell in my brain pulls me closer to her perfect pink folds, so smoothly shaven, so perfectly shaped. A series of glistening curtains. A gulp of cotton candy. A plump juicy cherry. An apple from the garden.

To my left, his snake is hissing. So huge, so strong, so magnificent. Yes, I want it. Yes, it is much too big. Yes, I want him to fuck me.

Crystal screams through the gag of her cum coated thong! It is the loudest scream ever. Awake! She’s awake at last! Blood in my mouth. Blood pouring from her cunt. Blood on the floor. Blood! Blood! Blood!

I’ve swallowed her clit. Her beautiful clit. The pearl of her oyster. Swallowed like a swig off the half-shell. Tommy laughs in the corner. His cock is still hard, still enormous. It’s been hard the whole time. Hard since the moment I made it that way. Hard and still growing.

“That was fantastic,” he says. “Just fantastic!”

I have blood on my lips. Blood on my chin. Blood on my tits.

“You look gorgeous.” Crystal is writhing on the table, her arms buckled behind her. Somehow, she can’t seem to lift her feet from the stirrups. Tommy walks over with what’s left of her skirt. He shreds it into linear strips. He uses them to tie her ankles to the stirrups.

“You see, naked MEGAN, people wake up. You have to knock them back out.” He punches her face. Her beautiful face. The blow knocks her on her side. Then, she rolls on her back, motionless. No whimpering. No whining. No writhing around.  Arms behind her back.  Ankles strapped to the stirrups.  Legs spread wide open like she was birthing a baby.

Tommy smacks her tits hard. Her bruised and battered titties. She doesn’t move. “See how easy that was, naked MEGAN?” He smacks her splayed pussy. Blood spatters the wall. She still doesn’t flinch. I should be sick. I should be frightened. I should be horrified.

“How about that cock, nurse Megan. You ready for that cock? Bend over the table. Let me give you this dick.”

Tommy reaches between my legs, and I let him. He fingers my cunt. He massages my clit. He lifts up his hand, and I swallow his digits. I clean off the slimy remnants of my snatch.

He slides his palm down the length of my back. He opens my crack and finger fucks my anus. Long, deep strokes. I like it. It’s never felt this good. He tells me to suck his finger. I clean it with vigor.

“Is that how you suck a cock, nurse Megan?”

“It’s how I’ll suck yours, Tommy.”

“I know it is. You’ll suck it after I fuck your pussy, won’t you?”

“Yes, Tommy. You know that I will.”

“You’ll suck every drop of my creamy white cum right off of my shaft, won’t you nurse Megan?”

“Every drop, Tommy.”

“And when you climax so hard that you piss on my balls, you’ll lick them till they’re clean, won’t you nurse Megan?”

“I’ll lick my piss off your whole dick, Tommy.”

“And when I fuck you up the ass, you’ll deep throat my prick and let me fuck your pretty mouth till I shine?”

“Fuck my ass, Tommy. Fuck my mouth. Fuck my pussy. I’ll lick you clean. I’ll get on my knees. I’ll stick my tongue up your chute.”

“Good girl. That’s a good girl. Now get up on the table on top of Crystal. Get on all fours.”

“Like this, Tommy?” I’m climbing on top of her. She’s motionless. Beaten. Devastated. Beautiful.

“Exactly,” he says. “Show me your ass, Megan. Open your cheeks. I want to look at this pussy I’m about to destroy.” I assume the doggy position. He’s gently tracing my labial folds with his finger. I’m slick and I’m ready. He’s as thick as a bottle, long as a forearm. I’m a tiny little opening sewn tight after birthing. He’s dripping his precum in splattering loads. I’m as ripe as a peach with my eggs in a basket. He’s teasing my clit. I’m begging him to split me.

“Just one more thing, naked MEGAN. While I’m fucking you, I want you to strangle Crystal.”

“What? I can’t do that, Tommy. I can’t. I can’t.” I’ve turned to look at him. He’s sliding the tip of his cock down my crack. I feel his warm semen trickling over my slot. “I can’t do that, Tommy.”

“You can do whatever I ask. You already have. Put your hands around her neck, Meg. Put your hands around her neck and I’ll fuck you.”

“But she’s your mother, Tommy.” I loosely slip my hands around Crystal’s gaunt neck, feigning my intention to choke out her life. I just NEED his DICK! I do what I must.

Tommy’s thunderous voice quakes the room with his laughter. “She was never my mother. She only thought she was my mother.”

I feel his cock at my opening. He’s pushing it in. It’s like nothing I’ve ever felt in my life! He’s ripping me in half, tearing my cunt to shreds! Just one single thrust and my pussy explodes. But it feels so amazing! So incredible! So wonderful! His cock! His huge cock!

My hands squeeze her neck. My palms crush her throat. She’s gasping. He’s thrusting. She’s gurgling. He’s fucking. She’s convulsing. He’s coming. She’s quivering. He’s breeding. Her muscles relax. I spray on her stomach. My cunt spills his seed. She pees and she’s finished.

Dead bitch.

Dead bitch.

Dead bitch.

Look at the naked, dead bitch pissing on the table.

“You’re my mother, naked MEGAN. Don’t you remember?”


In a moment there are bright lights. They are waking me up. They are wearing their masks. They are giving me my baby.

“We had to put you under, Meg. We almost lost you. I’m not going to lie; it was a war down here.” She’s looking towards my crotch. I’m splayed on the operating table, my legs in the stirrups. They’re working on me down below.

“I’m Crystal, your obstetrician.” She’s beautiful and blond. “This is your new baby boy, the one you named Tommy.”

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