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Daddy Surrogate



you need a bigger load



“How long do we have to do this?”

I’m cuffing his wrist to the bedpost as I sit on his naked chest. “As long as it takes, baby.” I reach for his other arm, slide on another handcuff, ratchet it down tightly across his pulse.

“But we don’t have to do it this way, and I don’t like…”

Stuart is by the chair in the corner. He takes off his jacket and slips off his tie. It’s black silk. He’s wearing a button-down Oxford and he’s loosening the collar. The room is in candlelight.

“Baby we’ve been through this,” I interrupt. “The doctor says your little sperms are no longer effective. You’re never going to pollinate my flower no matter how hard you try. Now, why don’t you just relax and let me…”

“But there are other ways,” He insists. “You don’t have to give yourself…”

“Andy, for the thousandth time!” (I’m losing my patience) “We’ve talked about this. You know it’s too expensive. You know we can’t afford it. This is the only way! Okay?” I pull down his jeans, tugging them over his bare feet.

“Besides, Stuart is tall, athletic, and handsome. And he’s very intelligent. He’s everything we want in our children, don’t you think?” I pull down his boxers. Andy’s totally naked on the bed, arms stretched apart in either direction.

“I’m not that tall,” he responds. “Our children won’t look anything like me.”

I tie down his ankles with black Velcro straps, splay his legs open and useless. His dick is already half-mast. “It doesn’t matter, sweetie. Everyone knows you have issues. They’re not expecting a perfect match. They know we’re doing what we have to do.”

“What? Who knows I have issues? What kind of issues? What did you tell them exactly?”

“Baby, you need to relax.” I bend over the bed, kissing his cock till it hardens. He drops back his head on the pillow. He groans. “It’s nothing to be ashamed of, Andy. People ask questions, ya know? It’s been such a while. Everyone knows we’ve been trying. What do you want me to say?”

“Not that I’m shooting blanks! Nothing that specific!” My husband thrashes about, testing his restraints. They are tight and unyielding.

“Look, if you’re going to argue then Stuart and I can go to another room. I just thought you’d want to be part of this – so you could watch and be with me and everything.”

“No! No! Not another room! Not even this room! Meg, I’m just not ready to see…”

“That’s enough,” I scold softly, my finger across his lips and my other hand stroking his erection. I mount the bed naked and straddle his belly, leaning over to kiss his mouth. “It’s going to be alright, baby. He’s just going to do what he has to do and then leave. That’s all. Okay?”

Andy looks teary. “You promise?”

“I promise.”

“Just what he needs to do? Only what you need?”

“Only what I need, babe.” I kiss my husband’s cheeks, then lick his neck slowly. His little cock is poking my crack. I slide down and let him feel my wetness, guiding my slit along the length of his shaft.

I glaze his dick with my dripping honey. He moans. Sitting on his groin, I ride him a bit – thrusting my hips like a rodeo cowgirl. I grind his erection between the lips of my cunt. He lifts up his ass, desperate to impale me. I crunch him back down – hard to the mattress.

Stuart has undressed completely, clothes neatly piled in the chair by the corner. He carries his necktie to the foot of the bed. I turn so my husband can’t see my face, licking my lips lasciviously.

“Fuck me,” I silently mouth, gazing into his beautiful eyes.  His cock is hard and massive.

He smirks a devious hiss – climbs on the bed behind me, hands to my hips, tongue to my hairline.

“Hey, only what she needs,” Andy protests.

I lean over and gag him with the crotch of my panties that I find stuffed under his pillow. “That’s enough, sweetie.” Andy’s gnawing at the tainted fabric, tasting my sex. “I’ve been wearing those all day.”

I’m moaning. Stuart’s testing my moisture, cupping his palm on the plump of my peach. I’m drooling in his hand.

“You’re ripe,” he says. I nod in agreement. His finger nuzzles my tiny sphincter. “Here too,” he suggests.

“Everywhere, Stuart.” I grimace in need. “Anywhere, anytime, anything you like, Stuie.”

He presses his palm to my mouth. “Smell yourself, Meg.” I breath in the aroma. “Savor it,” he insists. I stick out my tongue; lick him like a dog. “Suck on my finger,” he commands. I do. He slides it up my chute after teasing my anus.

“Oh, fuck!” I exclaim, leaning over Andy. My breasts are small globes dangling close to my husband’s nipples. Stuart is spreading my slit with his thumbs on my labia. I’m lifting my ass, giving him the view.

“Am I wet enough, Stuie?” I’m a sloppy mess.

“Let me rub your clit, Megan; make sure that you’re ready.” He’s circling. He’s pushing. He’s prodding. I’m gasping.

“Shit! Shit! Shit!” Soft whispers into Andrew’s ear. Unintentional.

“Guuuuhhhhh!” My husband screams through my sopping panties. He’s jerking the restraints. He’s writhing and twisting.

“Shhh! Shhh! Shhh!” I’m kissing his cheek, brushing my lips to his pinna. “He’s gonna make me cum, baby.”

“NNNNNOOOOOOOO!” Andy’s squinting his eyes.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.” My breathy apology, soft flutter of wind through his hair. I’m heaving and trembling, raining on his meager manhood. Stuart’s penis is bigger, waiting eagerly at my clasping doorway. When will this climax be over? When will he stop pushing my button? When will I stop gushing on my husband’s cock?

“Stuart, fuck me,” I mumble. I’m biting my bottom lip, looking over my shoulder with desperate intentions.

“What was that, Meg? I didn’t hear you.”

“Fuck me, Stuart,” I repeat. I’m increasing my volume. Directing my voice to his face.

“Louder, please – for everyone.”

Andy’s staring him down. Suart’s gleefully poised.

“Fuck me, god dammit! Fuck the shit out of….AAAAAHHHHHH!” I’ve been speared to the depths of my core! He stays still for a moment as I absorb the impalement. Every inch is inside me. Every thick throbbing inch. Balls to my clit. Palms to my ass. He’s spreading me open for a better look. He ties my arms behind me with his necktie.

“You’re already creaming.” His smug observation. Push it in. Pull it out. Now he’s hammering faster. Pounding and pulling. Pussy disaster. It’s a white frothy mess, and he’s nowhere near climax.

“Stuart! Stuart! Stuart!” I’m coming again! Clamping on his cock, tits spinning in circles. My nipples are grazing my husband’s chest. This is worse! This is worse! I’m screaming! I’m peeing! He’s pulling my hair.

“Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck that pussy, Stuart! Give me that seed. Empty your balls in my cunt!”

“That’s right, bitch! Beg for it…”


In the bathroom, Stuart lifts me to sit on the sink. We’ve left Andrew cinched to the bed in a slumber. Stuart’s semen gushed out of me and smothered his cock, a generous lubrication for a slick, slimy hand-job.

“He came really fast.” I’m smirking and smooching. “And you took forever – as usual. I’m so fucking sore.”

“When will you tell him, Meg?”

“Tell him what, Stuie?”

Stuart places his hand on my belly. “Hasn’t he noticed? Your budding breasts? Your pouting nipples? Your pooching belly?”

I laugh. “No, I guess not.”

Stuart’s sliding his cock back inside me. I’m wrapping my legs round his waist, arms around his neck. He’s gonna fuck me again. I love it when he fucks me. I love it when he creams my pussy.

“When do you suppose he will realize you’re pregnant?” He’s thrusting in me now. I’m groaning loudly, unconcerned if Andy hears me.

“I hope when he does, I’m as big as a basketball, and I’m lactating on his chest while you’re screwing me senseless.”

Stuart smiles. He’s gonna shoot another load inside my cunt. His balls are tight, and I reach down to squeeze them. “Give me the last of it, Stuart. Fill me full. Pump it deep.”

And he does.


Andy has his hand on my belly. I’m tight as a tick. We’re days from delivery.

“Do you want to suck on these tits, sweetie? Suck out some milk?” He welcomes my offer. I love how his lips tease my nipples, the soft flow of Colostrum into his eager mouth. I’m grinding and huffing. These days it’s hard to catch my breath.

“Tastes nice,” Andy says. Milk dribbles from my nipple as he speaks.

“You missed some,” I giggle. I’m lifting my breast with my hand. More milk’s running out. “Lick it with your tongue, baby.” He does.

My breasts are so full. I love how heavy they feel. Between my legs, I’m grinding cock. The doctors say it’s a bad idea this late in my pregnancy. That it might break my water. But I like to get fucked. I like to get fucked hard. I like to get fucked by a really big dick. I like to cream all over it.

“That’s it baby, fuck it. Fuck that pussy. Pound it like you mean it.”

I want to encourage him. He’s about to make me come, and he’s been giving it to me for my whole pregnancy. These days, I come like a geyser. Soak the sheets. Piss on his balls. He likes it. He says so. It makes him shoot his load. I still like that load, that gush, that creamy center.

To him, it seems like overkill, creaming in my cunt.  To Andy, it’s one step closer to the day I get pregnant, and he can have me back exclusively for himself.  Andy’s blind to my condition.  Magically incognizant of my protruding belly.  Hypnotized into believing that I look just the same.  

“Lie down, Andy.” He does. I straddle his face. “Do you want to eat this pussy? Suck out some milk?” He welcomes my offer.

I love how his lips tease my clit, the soft flow of semen into his eager mouth. I’m grinding and huffing. These days it’s hard to catch my breath.

I’m gonna come all over his complexion.

“Get over here, Stuart.” He does. “Kiss me, you stud.” I wrap my arms around his neck. Our tongues are tangling. “That’s the biggest load you’ve ever pumped inside me.”

He smiles. “And you didn’t even need it.”

“But I wanted it, Stuart. I wanted every drop. Do you like to watch me feed it to him? Do you like to watch me come on his face?”

“I like everything you do, Megan. Will you like having my baby?”

“I’m going to love it, Stuart. Just as much as I loved you fucking it into me.”

There’s a massive gush between my legs. I’m squirting like crazy …but it’s never been …this crazy. Holy Shit! My husband’s drowning down there. I’m holding on tight.

“Megan! Megan!” Stuart’s pulling me off. “What are you doing?”

“Coming like a bitch! Holy Hell!”

“Meg, you’ve broken your water.”

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