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I close the door and settle in –

“Bless me father; I have sinned.”


A small partition slides away

through which the lattice shadowplay

reveals your jawline silhouette;

a pair of lips I shan’t forget.


“How long, my child, since you’ve confessed?”

My heart is pounding in my chest.

“Since I betrayed my loving man.”

I twist the diamond on my hand.


“My child, elaborate your deeds!”


“My husband’s small, and I have needs.

I’ve found someone to quench my thirst

who fills my core until I burst.”


A pregnant pause invades the air.

I slide my skirt and underwear

across my shins, down to the floor.

“Forgive me father; I’m a whore.”


“My child, the tears of Heaven fall

on saints and sinners one and all.”


“I’m wet with rain,”  I interject.

“My pussy’s crying from neglect.”

I press my panties to the screen.

“Just smell my crotch!  See what I mean?”


You groan a soft familiar sound.

I hear you pull your zipper down.

“Are you erect?”  I dare to ask.

I twist my bra – unclip the clasp.


“Please tell me, child, where you have failed

the laws of God in rich detail.”


“Remove your robe, and I’ll reveal

just how a cock should make me feel.”


And as you strip, I slip inside

your hallowed chamber for a ride.

You roughly slam your throbbing dick

inside my folds so pink and slick.

You thrust…

I hump…

You moan…

I scream…

We strain each bolt and wooden beam

until your balls, tight as a drum,

explode and fill me full of cum!


I kiss your lips.  You’re quite a fuck.

“My husband’s waiting in the truck.”


“Then run along,”  You smugly say.

“Same time next week, same place, same day.”


I smile, and with a vibrant purr,

suck on your prick and ask, “You sure?”


“I’m not even Catholic.”


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