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 Club Moon Chapter 9

This is chapter 9 of 13 chapters in the series Club Moon

“Don’t you dare come closer,” I yelled out.

I had come into the office early the next day, walked straight to my desk and painfully sat down. Ellen followed me inside asking, “what is wrong Sir?” She must had seen the impression on my face and was worried. But I wouldn’t allow her to come more than a few feet from me. It wasn’t anything she did but what her proximity might certainly do.

“Stay right over there,” I ordered.

Ellen was very much surprised, “but why Sir? Did I do something wrong?” She almost squealed.

I didn’t want to tell her about my predicament but I had no choice. She was going to find out about it anyway so I said, “I have been ordered to do something which will sound strange to you at first.”

“Please tell me what it is Sir,” she pleaded, “you know that I will do anything to relief you of your discomfort,” she gladly offered. 

I have been blessed with more than a secretary. Ellen was turning out to be my confidante as well as my special assistant and I felt obliged to tell her all that happened between Lauren and myself the night before at Club Moon hoping that she would help me sort this mess out.

“SHE DID WHAT?” Ellen yelled out, “I am going to kill that bitch,” and she sprang out wanting to run upstairs to Lauren’s office. If I did not stop her she most certainly would have done something that we both might have regretted.

“Please Ellen,” I begged, “Lauren is testing me. She is trying to see if I am willing to follow her instructions to the letter. If I don’t do what she asks then I would be out of a job.” I tried to explain.

“But she is making you wear this, this…,” Ellen was almost on the verge of exploding, “I don’t think it is normal to go about with such a thing strapped down there,” pointing at the bulge in my pants.

“This thing is called a cock cage and yes it is uncomfortable and specially painful when a beautiful lady is standing so close to me like you are now.” I was starting to feel the effect of her presence.

“Oh I see, but, but, but emmmm…. ,” Ellen finally simmered down but from the way she was eying me and biting her lips I knew she had another thing on her mind until she finally blurted it out, “can I ask you an awkward question Sir?”

“Of course my dear.” Oh why do I always have to be the nice guy?

“Can I see it?” Ellen surprisingly asked.

“See what?” Stupid reply.

“Can I see the cock cage?” She repeated.

“You want to what?” I was flabbergasted but how could I have refused when I so wanted her help right about now.

“Ok, ok, but please be gentle,” I reluctantly accepted and Ellen immediately sat on her knees and opened my zipper to reveal the metallic cock cage. I could see from the size of her eyes and the bewildered smile on the corner of her mouth that she was very much intrigued to see such a contraption wrapped around a man’s penis.

“Does it hurt?” She asked then she immediately followed by, “can I touch it?”

My silence must have been an indication of my approval. Oh who am I kidding. She would have touched it anyway. So Ellen started to play with the metallic frame trying to reach for my already swollen cock inside as well as for my squashed balls with the tips of her fingers. I had suspected that such would be the effect of having Ellen so close but actually having her touch my cock as it was locked inside the cage was enough to bring it closer to the verge of painful castration.

“It is locked! But why?” Ellen wondered in surprise as she pulled at the small lock that was holding all the various parts together.

“Yes. I believe Lauren wants me to give her the key to that lock myself,” I replied, “so I better go up to her and get this over with.”

“And I am coming up with you,” Ellen forcefully volunteered against my explicit wishes and all my arguments to persuade her otherwise proved to be useless. Although arguing with head strong Ellen all the way to my boss’s office helped get my mind of my painful humiliation until we both entered the large office and we stood silently waiting for Lauren to finish her telephone conversation. She was certainly taking her time but she kept inspecting both of us with the corner of her eyes. She particularly stared at the bulge in my pants as she wickedly smiled. The instant she hung up the phone I put the small key to the cock cage on the desk right in front of her.

Lauren looked at me for a few seconds then she stood up and walked around to stand right in front of Ellen. I was greatly surprised for she had completely ignored me given the fact that I had just handed her the key to my manhood. If the window had been opened at that instant I would have jumped from the twentieth floor.

“So how do you like my new toy?” Lauren addressed Ellen. I wondered if it was me they were talking about.

“He might be yours but he is still mine,” Ellen replied and my suspicion was correct . But I could not understand what was going on between those two. I felt I was in the middle of a battle zone and I was the dangling carrot.

“Well, you better take good care of my property Miss Ellen,” Lauren said, “I expect him to be ready for me at the club tonight.”

“We will be ready,” Ellen replied as she dragged me out of Lauren’s office feeling blatantly vulnerable and useless.

That night I painfully drove to Club Moon with that dreadful device still strapped to my dick. The first thing I did was see Shine of course. I had to tell her what transpired between Lauren and Ellen that day. “The two are waiting for me downstairs,” I finally said, “If anything happens to me down there I want someone who would collaborate my story and you are the only one I could think of.”

“Oh poor boy,” and she broke out laughing.

“If you don’t stop laughing I am not going to talk to you ever again,” I tried to reprimand her but she did not stop. She almost fell down grunting on the floor as she laughed her guts out.

“Oh this I got to see,” she finally managed to say.

“Oh no no no,” I explicitly refused, “definitely not, besides don’t you have work to do?” trying to remind her of her ever sworn duties to the club.

“Emmmm…. I guess, but I’ll be waiting for the details Sam,” she said, “so don’t you dare leave this place before you tell me all the details.  And I mean everything Mr. Do you understand?” 

I should have split and gone home that night if not for the fact that the key to my freedom was still in Lauren’s hands so I did not have a choice. Besides, Ellen was also expecting me to be there and I didn’t want to let her down. They had given me a room number to which I was supposed to go and I was told to be ready. “Ready?” Ready for what? I wondered.

“You don’t seem to understand,” Lauren said as I entered the private dungeon, “I don’t like to wait Mr Smith,” she added. I was a few minutes late fidgeting outside that room contemplating whether I should go in or not.

“Strip down and come over here,” Lauren commanded. She was standing in the middle of the room wearing a black leather corset but I was equally  surprised to see Ellen sitting on a chair next to her wearing a matching red outfit. They both looked ready for the kill and the lamb just walked in on his own two feet. What an idiot!

As I stepped naked in front of the two, Lauren approached me and grabbed the cock cage twisting it to make sure it was strapped tightly in place. She pinched my nipples then walked behind me and slapped my ass a few times as if she was inspecting her merchandise. Finally she put her hand on my shoulder and pushed me down to my knees. I knelt on the floor looking directly at her entrance. She was not wearing any panties so she was fully exposed to my delightful eyes. She grabbed hold of my hair and said, “you see Miss Ellen. He is completely under my control.”

This is when Ellen came over and stood behind me. She bent down and whispered in my ear, “I need you now Sir. Leave her and come with me.” 

I tried to turn my head around but Lauren held it tight. She pushed me further towards her pussy until I could almost breath her scent. She wanted me to stay right there yet she did not allow me to touch her. I thought she wanted me to insert my tongue up her pussy but she pushed me away the moment I tried to stick it out. She simply did not want me to turn around towards Ellen. 

“She won’t let you fuck her but I will,” Ellen said, “tell her you want me Sir. Tell her, please,” she pleaded. 

“I am sure you would like to have your tongue up my pussy Sam?” Lauren teased, “you are mine now Mr Smith. I won’t allow you to take off the cock cage until you please me. Then I might let you shoot your cum all over my breasts” she painted an amazing picture which I could not ignore. 

But Ellen wouldn’t allow that to happen. She continued to whisper in my ear as she stood behind me saying, “but Sir I could let you fuck me as you wish,” she said, “you could put your cock in my pussy as far as it can go and ride me as hard as you want.”

What could I have done? If I turned away I might loose Lauren or my job for that matter and if I kept my head straight I would have lost Ellen as a friend. I was in turmoil as well as in pain. My cock must have expanded in every crevice of the damn cock cage. Knowing that two hot ladies were grappling for my attention was driving me as well as my cock insane. But I had to do something and soon.

I jumped up and shouted, “stop it you two.” That was the only thing I could think off. Yeh I know. What a stupid thing to do!. But I didn’t know what else to think of but anything was better then this, “you two need to have your heads screwed back on,” I yelled at both of them.

“But Sir. I thought you wanted me to be yours,” Ellen cried out.

“And I thought you wanted to be mine,” Lauren added. 

I looked at those two lost souls and I had an idea. I hoped to hell it worked but I had to do it fast otherwise everything would crumble away. I jumped towards Lauren as I shouted to my assistant, “Ellen help me tie her up.” As I grabbed one hand Ellen held the other and we dragged a surprised Lauren on a table bench and we forced her on her back and tied her hands and feet to the straps holding her securely in place.

“You son of a bitch,” Lauren screamed out. At first she did not give much of a fight but when she saw what was happening she fumed up, “you’re so fired Sam. I don’t want to see you in my office ever again,” as she splashed and thrashed trying to escape her clutches. “You’ll never see the key to the cock cage ever,” she added, “they’ll have to cut it from your miserable fucking dick.”

I had a feeling that Lauren meant every word she said so the only thing left for me was to continue with my plan to its fullest otherwise I was literally screwed. 

I knelt between Lauren’s legs and opened them wide exposing her clean shaven pussy and I prepared to dive in but before I did that I ordered my assistant to, “sit on her face and make her eat your pussy until she drowns.”

“But Sir I have not been with a woman before. I don’t know how,” Ellen cried out.

“Don’t you fucking dare, you bitch,” Lauren cried even louder.

I had suspected this much. Ellen had never been with a woman. She had always believed that she had to be sexual controlled by men. She needed a woman’s touch as well as a feeling that she can be in control and that is what I intended to give her. 

As for Lauren she has never been tied up in her life let alone having to please a woman. I suspected she had always been the one in control and the feeling of being helpless is a first for her so that is what I intended to make her experience.

“ELLEN,” I yelled out, “do as I tell you or leave me now.” My tone was so harsh she knew she did not have a choice but to obey otherwise she might loose her master. So she ran and clumsily tried to rap her legs around Lauren’s face who kept trying to turn away. 

I had to do something and the only thing I could do was work on Lauren to open up to Ellen. So I plummeted in towards her pussy and immerse my head inside. I licked with swooping strokes and tried to suck her swollen bud until I felt her start to relax. That is when she stopped thrashing and she looked directly up towards Ellen’s dripping pussy. She was starting to surrender to the fact that Ellen was not going to go away so she might as well get this over with. 

Seconds, minutes quickly passed by until I started to hear both ladies moan. This was proof that my plan was starting to work. “Oh fuck,” Ellen cried out, “this is so wonderful. I never thought I could enjoy this so much,” she added, “oh yes lick my pussy you bitch,” she was even starting to exert her self control, “emmmmm…. Oh shit, this is it, faster, faster.”

As for Lauren she was also starting to enjoy herself. Her first orgasms proved as much. I felt her first splash on my face as she bucked her hips for the first time moaning out load but she did not turn her head away from Ellen’s pussy. Not that she wanted to but my assistant wouldn’t allow her the time to breath and neither did I. We both kept licking, sucking and smothering her until her second orgasm erupted as she screamed out so loud I thought someone might come into the room to investigate. 

“Oh shit oh shit, I am coming as well,” Ellen finally capitulated. She collapsed on Lauren’s body face down as she shivered away her spasms one stroke at a time while Lauren kept licking her pussy dry.

I backed away to watch the two lovely ladies lying on top of one another. Then I untied the straps and stood waiting for them to come to their senses.

“So how about you unlock the cock cage now and let me have a go,” I addressed Lauren. I was grinning like a fool thinking that my diabolical plan was a success but I was surprised when Ellen, my faithful and shy assistant said, “No. Don’t.”

“What?” I almost flipped out.

“Oh I still have not finished with you yet,” Ellen surprisingly added.

“That is right. He still has his work cut out for him before we let him loose. don’t you agree my dear Ellen,” Lauren confirmed.

Oh shit. What have I done. Now there are two of them. I just unleashed another mistress to the world and I have to live with the consequences.

How could I have been so stupid?


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