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Club Moon Chapter 8

This is chapter 8 of 13 chapters in the series Club Moon

“Come to my office right now!” 

I received that message on my cell phone around 4 am very early in the morning.

They probably had the wrong number.

I arrived to work at 9 in the morning that same day as I usually do and I went directly to my office to be welcomed by an angry Ellen. 

My assistant had been trying to contact me for the past few hours and I had been trying to ignore her since I woke up that day. Ellen had proved to be a capable but a demanding secretary. Although I don’t regret hiring her for a second. For the last week she had taken over her job with a vengeance. She had even sorted out my laundry schedule to the minute. I hadn’t thought that someone was capable of organizing my work load as well as my personal life in such a short time and I loved her for it. Well that plus all the other overtime work she had been forced to endure. She was the perfect assistant any manager would ever dream of. What a woman! But a demanding one non the less.

So as I entered the office I was scolded very badly by her, “SAM! Where have you been?” Ellen yelled out, “I have been trying to contact you for hours. The boss is furious. Why haven’t you been answering your messages?”

“Heh?! Who!? What boss? What messages?” I stupidly blundered out.

“Didn’t you receive a request form Lauren to go to her office?” Ellen tried to explain.

“What request? What messages? Oh that SMS! That was from her? Oh shit!” I exclaimed. 

The first order I received from Miss Lauren Abigail, the Sales and Marketing Executive President of Glow Enterprises, my direct boss and I was about to mess that up. 

“But she… it was… Oh shit. Never mind,” I stuttered, “but I thought she was still in a business trip.” I had not met Lauren since I started work at Glow Enterprises a couple of weeks ago. But I had hoped to meet her in better circumstances.

“Well she came back yesterday and she wanted to see you straight away,” Ellen tried to explain, “I think you had better run to her office and beg for your job back. I have heard Lauren is a man eater and from the sound of her voice she sure is furious as hell.”

I didn’t wait for the elevator to come down as I ran the few floors up the emergency staircase to get to my boss’s office.

“I am Sam Smith,” breathing heavily as I told her secretary who I am, “I believe Miss Abigail is expecting me.” 

“Yes Mr Smith. We know who you are,” the secretary replied, “Miss Abigail has been expecting you a few hours ago. Please go straight to her office.”

I entered a large office splattered about with expensive minimal deco style furniture. I approached the one and only large wooden desk but I could still not see Lauren as her chair was turned facing the large glass window with her back to me. However I could only see her two crossed legs which were resting high up on the opposite counter. Damn. I hated to be fired by the lady with those perfectly slender legs. I stood at the other side of her desk with my hands behind my back like a perfect soldier who was about to be shot dead by his superior.

“Well it took you a while to get here Mr Smith?” I didn’t know if Lauren was scolding me or simply stating a fact. It was probably the former and I stood waiting for the final bullet to end my miserably short executive career.

“I am sorry Miss Abigail. I didn’t expect the Message to be from you.” I hated to start any meeting with an apology, let alone my first encounter with my boss however I surprised myself by adding, “but frankly I was even more surprised that you sent it at 4 am in the morning!” What the heck. If I was going to go down I might as well go down with a little dignity.

As I finished my last sentence the chair started to turn around and I was treated to a surprising sight. I had expected the Sales and Marketing Executive President of Glow Enterprises to be a much older woman specially with her reputation as being one of the brilliant minds in the industry. Only Lauren Abigail was probably in her late thirties but her green piercing eyes emanated out of strength and experience. I was even more surprised to see that she was also a stunning brunette with short choppy  hair and a body to die for. She was dressed in a black smart suit opened almost half the way down the front with a matching tight short skirt that almost exposed her panties which I could have sworn she didn’t have any underneath.

She looked at me for a few seconds and returned to crossing her legs up on her desk in front of me without saying a word. I could almost see a little smirk barely hidden on the corner of her mouth as she kept examining me like a piece of meat strung out for the hanging. I couldn’t keep myself from starring at those beautiful legs of hers once again. She most definitely wanted me to have a good look until she finally said, “frankly Mr Smith you were not my first choice as my Executive Vice President,” Lauren finally spilled it out and my heart just dropped down twenty floors, “but you came highly recommended and I wanted to see you before I made my final decision.”

“I hope I didn’t disappoint you Mam,” I tried to cling for a chance to keep my job as her Vice President.

“Well we have to see about that won’t we?” she said, “only I expect my men to come running whenever I call for them. Is that understood Mr Smith?”

“Perfectly Mam,” I replied while still standing at full attention but I was starting to sweat once again.

Suddenly Lauren stood up from her chair and walked around her desk until she stood right in front of me and said, “I know all about you Mr Smith. I know what you like, where you go and what you do every single day and frankly I don’t think you are up to the challenge.” As she said that I felt my sweat start to dribble down my face. “I also don’t think you can do the job you have been assigned to or are even close to our standards.” She finally added.

“I am sorry you think that Mam,” I replied, “I don’t know what I can do to make you change your mind.”

“Oh I think you do Mr Smith,” she said, “I am sure you’ll figure it out. Now go to your office until I call for you once again.”

I returned to my office not sure what had just happened up there. Who the hell was this woman? And what does she want from me? Did she know about Club Moon? How could she know? And if she did, will she hold that against me? I just met her and she had just wiped the floor with my ass and I didn’t even open my mouth to object. How was I supposed to deal with that woman?

I went straight to my office and closed the door behind me. A few minutes later Ellen followed me inside carrying a cup of coffee in her hand. She locked the door behind her and came over to my desk. She handed me the cup then suddenly she knelt on her knees in front of my chair, unzipped my trousers and brought out my limp cock and put it in her mouth.

“What are you doing Ellen?” I asked in surprise but she kept sucking at my cock which started to react inside her mouth. “It is still too early for this. Don’t you think?” We have had a few office frolics since I hired her almost a week ago but that was the first time she did this on her own. It was usually I who initiated our office exercises and they were almost always after regular office hours.

“I felt that you needed this Sir,” she explained, “so sit relax and enjoy your drink,” and she returned to sucking me off. Her head was buried between my laps taking my dick all the way inside her mouth. I could feel her throat as she moved up and down while holding my balls in one of her hands. It didn’t take me long to shoot my cum inside her mouth trying not to spill the hot coffee all over my dedicated assistant’s head.

“So what do you think?” I asked Shine, my bartender friend at Club Moon, after I told her all about Miss Lauren Abigail. Since I got invited to the club I hadn’t missed a single night not going there and I wasn’t going to miss it even if I had gotten scolded by my boss earlier that day. Moreover I wanted to ask Shine about Lauren, “is it possible she knows about Club Moon?” I really needed to get her opinion on this matter.

“And what if she does. What would she do about it?” Shine tried to elevate my concern, “you are a grown man Sam and you can do what ever you want. So why are you afraid of her?” Shine asked.

“I don’t know my dear,” I replied, “I just felt so exposed. It is like she wanted something from me and she was testing if I would be willing to surrender to her. Anyway, it is not like I would ever run into her in this place.”

“Don’t worry Sam. I know you can handle Miss Lauren Abigail and whatever the hell she wants from you,” Shine said, “oh, by the way, where is Ellen?” Shine wondered about my assistant who had been my constant companion at the club since I hired her a couple of days ago.

“Oh she is tied up somewhere in the office,” I jokingly replied.

“WHAT?” Shine blurted out, “how could you do that to the poor girl?” 

“Don’t worry, she was a little tired. I have worked her to exhaustion at the office today. She had a few things to rap up and she wanted to sleep early tonight,” I explained, “and I wouldn’t do anything to that poor girl. You must know me by now Shine. I only get to tie people up in here. Who do you think I am?”

“Oh yes. I know very well who you are Sam,” Shine finally said, “so go and get yourself tied up with someone before I do it myself.”

“Shall I get the rope?” I asked.

“Go Sam. I have work to do, GO” Shine smiled as she yelled at me. Then she returned to serving other customers their drinks leaving me to explore what Club Moon had to offer that night.

I went down stairs to the lower floor where the dungeon was located. I have always had a fascination for this place. I wasn’t a BDSM expert but I get the thrills whenever I see someone being man or woman handled. I myself tend to lean towards being on the receiving side but I have had little experience in that area. I have tried to be a good master to Ellen but my tendencies lie elsewhere. So I stood watching a man suspended on a frame and being whipped by two women, one from behind while the other was flogging his cock from the other side.

“How would you like to be in his place?” I heard a woman whisper in my ear as she stood behind me. Then she brought her hands around my waste to reach for my cock. I remembered the session with the two mistresses Night and Day but the voice of that woman wasn’t remotely close to any of those two lovely ladies. However her voice was a little familiar although I couldn’t get myself to remember where I had heard it before.

“Oh I would love to but it all depends on who was holding the whip,” I replied. That is when I felt the mysterious woman start to open my zipper to reach inside my pants and grab hold of my dick. 

“I was told all about you Sam. But how much can you deliver when you are under stress? I wonder!” She brought out my cock from inside my pants and started to pull at it as I watched the poor man who was being whipped almost about to come in front of the crowd.

“We can go to one of the rooms and you can find for yourself,” I said as I myself was also on the verge of coming between this woman’s hands. I still did not know who she was as she was still standing behind me and I didn’t want to turn around afraid that she might stop what she was doing if I did. 

“Oh some other time perhaps,” she said, “I just wanted to measure you up to see if you are up to it.” 

“Oh fuck yes. I sure am up to it,” I replied gasping, “but now I am almost up there and need to do it. So can we? Oh fuck I need to come right now, pleeeease” I yelled out but she kept jerking me off right there amongst the unexpected crowd of people until I finally burst in her hands. My juices flew all over the place wetting my pants in the process and covering both her hands with my liquid. I was again surprised when she wiped my cum on the front of my shirt to clean her hands off and said, “not bad Sam. But are you willing to put your cock where I want it to be?”

“Oh yes. I am ready to do anything you want from me my lady,” I knew I shouldn’t have so stupidly volunteered that quickly had I known what she had planned for me but I didn’t have a choice after she so expertly handled my shaft till that final end. That is when she brought about a contraption that resembled a metal cock and put it in front of my face. I immediately recognized what that was. It was a cock cage! I have seen one of those on the internet but I didn’t expect to be asked to wear one especially in such a place. Was she kidding me?

“I expect you to be wearing this when you come to my office in the morning Mr Smith,” she finally ordered.

I immediately turned around to see Miss Lauren Abigail smiling as she walked away disappearing amongst the crowd leaving me in the center of the room with my limp cock dangling outside my wet pants and holding her cock cage in my hand.

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