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Club Moon Chapter 7

This is chapter 7 of 13 chapters in the series Club Moon






Oh very bad.

Too smart.

My God that one is gorgeous.

Oh shit, horrendous.

Over qualified.

Brilliant but ….emm…. I don’t like her.

I had been looking over hundreds of applications which HR sent me to choose from for the position of my secretary. I preferred to call her my assistant. I wanted a qualified, smart lady to help me with all the work load which had been thrust upon me for the last week. Of course a smart girl with a beautiful face would be an added bonus. 

“How hard could that be?!” I told Shine all about it, “it is not like I was looking for miss U.S.A. But couldn’t they have just sent me a beautiful as well as a smart one.” 

“Oh yeh those are difficult to find,” Shine mocked me, “and you were thinking of fucking her at the end of the day. Weren’t you?” Damn. Was I so perceptive?

“No. No. No,” I lied, “I already have you for that,” grinning my wide and wicked grin at the lovely bartender who had her hands on her hips, her head tilted to one side as she looked at me with those piercings eyes. 

“You’re full of shit Sam,” damn she got me again.

“Ok ok. So I need someone to ease my tension at the end of the day,” I said, “why is that so terrible? Come to think of it, how about you Shine? Would you like to come and work for me? I can give you a raise right now.”

“Emmm. I know all about your raises my love, but no thanks,” she refused, “I told you I don’t like office work. I like to conduct my business here. This is my office,” raising her hands in the air, “but I think I have the girl just for you.” This woman was always full of surprises.

“Wait here Sam,” Shine ordered, “I will be back with your assistant.” 

I waited for Shine to return to the bar as I sat twirling my drink in my hand. She came back dragging behind her a girl. At first I could not see her face as she was hiding behind Shine. As they approached, Shine pulled her out and held her in front of me with both hands. This girl was a stunner with blue eyes and blond hair which she let fall to cover her face.

“Sam,” Shine said, “I would like you to meet Ellen your new assistant.” As it was Shine who was recommending that girl to me I would have signed her employment contract right away but I wanted to do this the professional way. First the meeting, then the personal information gathering, face to face interview, financial offer leading up to the employment contract. 

Of course she was hired even before I said, “hi nice to meet you Ellen.”

“Please excuse us Shine,” I added, “this is strictly business and I need to ask Ellen a few more questions.”

“Huh, Sure. Business my ass,” Shine puffed and walked way leaving us alone.

“So Ellen. Shine seems to think that I should hire you as my assistant,” I said as we sat at one of the back corner tables. Ellen was a short little beauty with dreamy eyes, lovely face, long blond hair and B or maybe C size breasts. But what attracted me to her the most was her confidence. She didn’t have any. She couldn’t even look me in the eyes as she was talking to me.

“Yes Sir,” She just replied.

“I don’t know what Shine told you about who I am looking for but I need a smart and confident woman to help me out,” I explained the job description. 

“I am not looking for a secretary. There are plenty of those. I need an assistant who can manage every aspect of my work. I need her to be dedicated to me, to be on call almost 24 hours a day if and when I need her. She has to be on top of every thing I do and follow me around on sales trips, meetings, appointments even getting my groceries in order.”

“Yes Sir, I can do that,” she said. This was going to be more difficult then I thought.

I looked at this little lady and I wondered what the hell was Shine thinking! “And what makes you so sure that I would hire you my dear?” I asked her. This was one of the basic question of any job interview. Hell I have had to answers such a question on many occasion myself.

“Sir, I have a degree in computer science and a minor in business,” she replied, “and I can get you your groceries.” Ok she was hired. 

“Come to my office tomorrow morning and we can get you started,” I told her. The interview was over and I saw her face brighten up from joy. “See you tomorrow then,” and I stood up wanting to return to the bar for another drink.

As I was picking up my drink I noticed Ellen standing behind me. I turned around and saw her waiting for me. I thought that she must have forgotten to ask me something so I asked, “yes Ellen? Anything on your mind?”

“Sir, you didn’t tell me what time I was supposed to be there,” she said.

“That is ok Ellen. It is your first day. Just be there early morning. Eight or nine would be just fine,” I replied, took my drink and proceeded to go down stairs. It was getting late. I only had a few hours if I was ever going to find someone to fuck tonight. I had so much work to do and I could not be late to the office the next day.

As I walked down the stairs I glimpsed Ellen once again. Was she following me? It was a large club and that was the only way down so I didn’t think much about it at first. I approached a group of people watching one of those voyeur shows and I stood among them. Are you by any chance one of those who sense when they were being watched? Well I was. I just turned my head around to see Ellen looking at me from across the room. 

I walked back to her and asked, “Ellen? Are you by any chance following me?”

“Yes Sir,” she replied. Wow now that was easy.

“And why is that my dear?” This was getting weird.

“Well you told me that I should follow you around if and when you need me,” she explained. Oh Gosh, this girl had issues. 

“Look Ellen. We both obviously know what sort of club this is. So please go and enjoy yourself. I won’t tell anyone. ok? And don’t worry my dear, you will still have a job when you come to the office tomorrow morning,” I thought that maybe she was afraid that I would shrug her off the next day especially after we had met in such a club. So I wanted to reassure her that everything was going to be just fine.

“But Sir. You told me that I should be on call 24 hours a day. So I won’t leave your side until you leave this place.” She finally confirmed my suspicions. This girl definitely had issues.

That is when it suddenly hit me. Ellen was a submissive and she had just been given a master and it was me. Oh fuck. Shine, I am going to kill her for putting me into this mess.

“Look Ellen. You are my assistant now,” I didn’t want this relationship to complicate my life any further, “so please go and find someone to play with.”

But before I shooed her away I thought I saw a little tear drop wanting to trickle down her eye. “But Sir, don’t you want me?” She almost pleaded.

Of course I wanted her. Every man who has ever had a beautiful assistant would love the opportunity to shag her if he could and I really wanted that girl right then. But it was a little too early? Besides, she still had not taken over her job yet. So officially she was still not my assistant. I was also not so sure about the master-sub relationship. It wasn’t something I had been thinking about at that time. But her eyes were starting to fog up. What was it with me and women’s eyes? Why was I so weak in front of such dreamy eyes like those? I hated to see any woman cry so I had to do something.

“Are you sure you want me Ellen?” I asked, “I am not your typical master material.”

She just nodded her head looking down at the floor as she whispered, “yes Sir. I want you.” 

What was I supposed to do? This girl needed me and now I was officially her designated master. I had to take my responsibility very seriously or I would break her heart. She felt she was bound to me, not only as my assistant but as my submissive. But I knew that such a relationship needed to be sealed somehow. I had to do it otherwise she would continue to cry and I needed her to be in her full faculties if she was ever to work for me.

“Let’s go down to the private rooms and we can continue your job interview,” I ordered and she almost ran down stairs to comply.

As we entered the room she went inside and knelt on her knees waiting for me.

“Please understand Ellen that I do not have much experience in such things so if you ever want me to stop just call out and I would stop immediately, understand?” I said and she just nodded her head.

“So strip off your clothes then come and help me take mine off,” those were the first set of orders I had ever given my assistant. She immediately started to do as I told her. Yep I was right, she had a C cup size breasts. She came over and unbuckled my trousers and pulled them down along with my underpants. She started to unbutton my shirt and helped me to take it off then she stood with her hands behind her back waiting for my next order.

I walked around her examining her slender petit body and those full breasts. I groped them with both hands to see what I had to deal with. Hemmm…. Not bad. I walked around and groped both ass cheeks hard. Not bad indeed. 

SLAP. The first ass cheek had a nice ring to it.

SLAP. The second was even better.

I brought my body close to hers and grabbed both breasts once again from behind. This time I pinched her two nipples hard and she finally gave out her first moan leaning her head back on my shoulder. 

“Why do you want to be my assistant Ellen?” I whispered in her ear. As an employer I had to know the reason for such dedication.

“Emmm…. It is because I like you Sir.” That was a fair answer.

“Will you always be willing to give yourself to the job?” My work was important to me so I had to know my staff were always going to be as loyal.

“Yes siiiiiiiiir, emmmm….” she gave out another moan as I pinched both of her nipples even harder.

I extended my hand further down to her entrance to find it was already drenched wet. I pushed the first of my fingers inside and she gasped. I added the second then the third and I could hear her breathing starting to quicken. With the tip of my thump I flicked her clit and her breathing stopped. 

“Oh please Sir. Fuck me please,” she whispered begging me to finish her off. So I pushed her forward and aimed my cock straight into her waiting pussy. She bent over trying to steady herself on a chair in front of her. As my cock was buried all the way inside I groped both of her breasts once again with my hands and squeezed them hard. It didn’t take her long to reach her limit shivering steadily and I felt her juices starting to coat my shaft with her slippery liquid. 

I pulled out and ordered her to, “suck me of.” She immediately turned around and knelt on her knees and put my wet cock inside her mouth. She started to suck it with quick strokes holding my balls with one hand and pushing me towards her with the other. With every push my cock was going inside her throat deeper and deeper until I could not hold any longer and I exploded into her mouth.

“So my dear. You have now been officially designated as my new special assistant,” I said, “but now I need to go back home and get some sleep. I will see you tomorrow morning at nine in my office, ok?”

“Oh no Sir,” she stopped me before I walked out the door, “I believe you still have not explained to me all the requirements of the job,” and she handed me two sets of nipple clamps and a whip.

I am going to kill Shine before I leave the club tonight. But not before I have had the chance to show my new assistant how to bind herself to the job. This was going to be more work then I expected. Damn it Shine.

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