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Club Moon Chapter 6

This is chapter 6 of 13 chapters in the series Club Moon

“You son of a bitch,” James the coworker at the office welcomed me.

Oh Shit. What did I do? I knew I had been coming to the office everyday half asleep. But I haven’t done anything wrong did I? So why was James acting like that? Club Moon was taking a toll on me as I had been going there almost every night but I didn’t skip a day at the office. I did my work although a little sloppier then usual. Was I being fired? I must have been. The smile on James face didn’t help much to alleviate my tension. 

“Who did you fuck to get this?” James added. And now I panicked.

“What are you talking about?” I asked the snickering idiot in front of me.

“Congratulations on the promotion,” he finally said and I almost fell down.

“What promotion?” I yelled out at him.

I immediately switched on my office computer and logged in. And there at the front screen was the first email I opened,

Dear Mr Sam Smith

We are pleased to inform you that you have been selected to the position of Executive Vice President of Sales at Glow Enterprises.

If you accept this new position, you will receive a salary of $124,323 per annum, plus full health coverage.

Your new responsibilities at this job will include managing the sales staff, compiling and analyzing all relevant sales information from your sales associates, and reporting your findings to your superior, as well as once per month to the board of directors.

Should you wish to accept this new position please let us know as soon as possible so that our HR department can facilitate the transition process as quickly as possible. 

We at Glow Enterprises would like to welcome you into our management team and would like to extend our congratulations on your new position.


Miss. E. M. Glow

Chairman & CEO of Glow Enterprises

There must be a mistake. I was a lowly employee at Glow Enterprises. I could not possibly have been promoted all the way to an executive management position so fast. They must have had the wrong guy.

SMACK. James hits me on the back trying to show his enthusiasm at my promotion.

“Everyone is talking about you Sam,” he said, “you must have done something right. Tell me.” At that stage my mind just blacked out and I kept staring at the computer screen. Of course James kept talking and talking but I wasn’t aware what he was blabbering about.

I stood up and decided to go see someone in HR to clear this up, “there is something wrong here,” I told James as I walked away from my tiny cubicle towards the elevators. People were talking about me behind my back and pointing their fingers as if I had just saved everyone from a burning building. HR, HR, HR where the hell was HR?

“There is no mistake Mr Smith,” Miss HR told me, “we just need you to sign a few papers and I will personally take you to your new office.”

I entered my new corner office on the twentieth floor still bewildered at what had just happened. Why was I promoted to this position? I get to report to the company’s Sales and Marketing President and directly to the board of directors. How could this have happened so quickly? My head was spinning all day trying to fathom every single piece of information thrust upon me and I went home in a daze at the end of the day.

Of course I could not miss not going to Club Moon at night. I would as hell quite the presidency of the country if I had to chose between that and Club Moon. Exactly at ten p.m. I was at the club and sitting at Shine’s bar.

“Do you see my dilemma,” I told the lovely bartender, “they must have the wrong guy I tell you. This is all a mistake,” wrapping up my story on how I was just promoted to an executive management position at Glow Enterprises.

“So you think you are not qualified for the job?” Shine asked me.

“No. No. I am more than qualified. Hell I have a masters degree in this stuff,” I explained, “but I didn’t expect this so fast.”

“So why are you so hung up about it,” she just said, “you can do the job. can’t you?”

“Yes of course I can,” I cried out and it just hit me. Of course I can. I can do this. I want to do this. Shine was right. Why was I so upset about it? I looked at Shine and I wanted to kiss her. And I did. Yes I did. I just bent over the bar and held her face between my hands and kissed her as she had done yesterday. That was one of the most beautiful kisses I have had.

“Emmmm…” Shine moaned but when she pulled away from me she said, “that was a nice kiss Sam,” she added, “Unfortunately I am working honey, so come back when I am done.”

Now this time I wasn’t going to take ‘No’ for an answer. I looked into her eyes and said, “Shine sweetheart, I will be staying here until you do.” I could be a stubborn man if I chose to.

“But Sam you’ll be missing so much,” she was surprised, “I won’t finish here until the morning.”

“And I will stay here until the morning,” I added. Stubborn and pigheaded.

“But what about Moon or Elsie,” she exclaimed, “aren’t you going to look for them. They might be waiting for you somewhere at the club right now.” Elsie? How did Shine know Elizabeth’s nick name? I must have told her something about that.

“Yes they might and I will find them,” I said, “but not tonight. I want you tonight Shine. And I will stay here until I get you.” Stubborn, pigheaded and a pain in the ass.

All night I stayed at the bar. I didn’t move from my seat. Shine tried to persuade me to go away but I remained standing my ground until a few hours later when she finally gave up and started to open up to me.

“So what kind of things have you tried in the club?” I asked the fabulous Shine. We had intermittently talked about many things when she wasn’t serving her customers their drinks and I found her to be a very fascinating woman. She told me she worked for Glow Enterprises for sometimes but she found office work to be a little dull for her taste. She loved working behind the bar where she gets to meet very interesting people like myself.

“I like the dungeons down there,” she said, “although I haven’t had the chance to try all the stuff. I have to work here you know.”

“I have seen a swing hanging in one of the rooms down stairs,” I said, “how would you like to use that?” 

Shine looked at me in silence for a few seconds then she asked, “why do you want to fuck me Sam?” 

“Shine. You’re one of the most beautiful women around here and I like you,” I said, “besides you have one of the most amazing eyes and I can’t sleep if I don’t get to fuck the girl with those eyes.”

“You are really serious about this aren’t you?” She just asked without expecting an answer from me. I was grinding like an idiot so the answer was right there on my face.

I was surprised at what Shine did next. This girl always did surprise me. She just walked from behind the bar grabbed my hand and pulled me like a puppy behind her.

“But Shine!” I exclaimed, “what about your work!” 

“Fuck the work,” that was the only answer I needed.

She kept dragging me behind her, down the steps of the first floor, then the second, then the third until we reached the dungeons. She knew exactly  which room she wanted to go to and she pushed me inside locking the door behind her.

“Ok Sam. This is your chance. Take off your clothes and carry me to the swing,” as she quickly started to take her own clothes off. Damn. When she stood in front of me naked like a Greek statue I froze in my place. My pants were almost half way down and I was ogling her round breasts and nipples like a little kid.

“We don’t have all day,” she broke the silence, “help me on the swing and do what you want with me,” she added, “I have to get back to work soon.”

Damn it. This wasn’t what I expected. But I wasn’t going to let this opportunity pass by. The gorgeous Shine was in my grasp and I wasn’t about to screw this one up. Oh maybe I was.

I ran towards her and carried her in my arms. Thank God for my gym workout. I was able to lift her and place her on the swing which was dangling from the ceiling. I had never used such a contraption before but it was simple enough. Finally I managed to lay her on her back with her legs spread wide apart. I believe she was comfortable in that position unfortunately I was still nervous. My cock was already on full mast but my heart was pumping faster and faster.

“I have heard you are an expert pussy eater,” she said, “so show me your stuff,” as she smiled her beautiful smile melting my heart away.

I immediately knelt on the floor and put my head between her thighs. I approached and spread her lower lips to see all the treasures I was privileged to kiss and that is what I started to do. I planted little kisses everywhere my mouth could reach. On her lower lips and in between. Then back to her thighs. Then back again to her entrance. I wanted to tease her and Shine knew it. The moans coming from her mouth confirmed it. 

Suddenly she grabbed me by my hair and pulled me towards her pussy, “I can’t take all this teasing. Lick me faster Sam,” she cried out.

My mouth was smack in her pussy and I almost couldn’t breath. I didn’t need to. I had been given a task and I was as hell going to do it to the full. However I didn’t expect my mouth to be full of her juices later on. As I was licking and eating her pussy as fast and as hard as I could I felt her thighs start to squash my head in between. Now I couldn’t breath and I couldn’t hear. A few minutes of being lost in the pussy world of Shine I felt her shudder. She kept holding my head pushing it towards her pussy as she shouted out my name in pure ecstasy, “oh Saaaaammmmm.” Her juices flooded into my mouth and noise and I almost gaged from the amount of sweet liquid I drank but I tried not to stop licking and she continued to scream, “oh shit, you son of a bitch,” coming once again in another violent thrash rocking her body as well as mine.

She opened her eyes and looked at me saying, “oh you’re gooood,” she added, “everyone warned me about you.” I wanted to ask her what she meant by that but she surprised me again.

“I want your cock inside of me Sam. Right NOW,” an order I scrambled to obey. 

Now the swing is a marvelous device. I took note to get one of those for my home. Using it was almost like swimming. You are free to move effortlessly without exerting too much effort on your back. All your concentration is focused on your partner as you pump her up.

I stood up and aimed my cock between Shines’s legs. I held the swing so it would not move and I started to insert my dick slowly inside her pussy. She held tightly on the straps enjoying every inch of my shaft as it penetrated deeper and deeper inside of her until it was finally all the way in. And I started to pump. And she started to moan. I didn’t expect to last very long as I had been saving up all my cum for weeks and weeks for this day. I was right. I shot my load after just a few seconds to my dismay and hers.

“I am sorry love. So sorry,” I scrambled to apologize for my premature ejaculation, “I could not help it. But you’re so fucking amazing.” 

“Emmm. That’s ok,” she said and my heart just broke to bits, “let’s see if your next round is better then this.” I wanted to kneel right there on the floor and kiss her feet. Amazing doesn’t even describe what I felt for this woman. I could swear my cock sucked back half of its blood upon hearing those last words. But still it needed the other half.

“Come here and let’s see what we can do.” Oh my God, she was giving me another chance. I simply loved that girl.

I sprung around and stood before her with my cock just inches away from her mouth. My dick was still dripping with my cum as well as her juices and she put it inside her mouth and played with it like a fiddle. I was a pawn between those lips. What do you know. FLUCK. and it was back in the game. She is witch I tell you. And I loved witches. They are my favorite kind of people.

“Ok Sam,” she said as she pushed me away, “I want you to make me come now. So get on with it,” 

I sprung back to the other side of the swing and shoved my cock inside of her with one swift thrust. No time for pleasantries. I had work to do and so does she. And I started to pump, harder and harder, faster and faster and she started to respond. 

“Oh yes Sam. That’s it. Yes push it more, I want more,” and in a few more minutes she began to squirt more and more of her juices as I shot more and more of mine and we both exploded in a flash of eternal joy.

That first time with Shine was a quick and a delightful experience. I knew I would be coming for more and she was ever so willing to give me more and more of her love.

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