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Club Moon Chapter 5

This is chapter 5 of 13 chapters in the series Club Moon

This was what life was supposed to be. And I was on top of the world.

After my brief encounter with Elizabeth I felt energized like I had never been before. I knew she was something special. A true lady and a kindred spirit. Unfortunately I didn’t have time to get to know her better but I wanted to. I was going to look for her again at the club. Where could she go?

“Have you seen Elizabeth today?” I asked Shine before I sat down at the bar.

“Who is Elizabeth?” She asked. Now I was about to get angry. I was sure Shine knew who I was talking about and she was hiding something from me.

“Don’t play with me Shine,” I snapped, “you know who I am talking about.”

 “You don’t expect me to know the names of every one who comes to the club do you Sam?” She snapped back. She was right and I knew I made a mistake blurting out like that.

“I am sorry Shine,” I replied, “but I met Elizabeth yesterday and I think this one is special. Please forgive me sweetheart I didn’t mean to yell at you like that,” I apologized.

“Don’t worry honey,” she replied, “I know this place can sometimes play tricks on you. So you think Elizabeth is your lady Moon?”

To tell the truth, I haven’t thought about Moon that much after I met Elizabeth. Could Elizabeth be Moon? She could be. She certainly had all the qualification. A lady in her thirties and a lonely spirit. But Elizabeth could get any guy she chooses with her stunning looks and smart personality so why was she alone that night? I wondered. “I am not so sure my dear,” I answered Shine’s question,  “But I have to find her first and I will ask her later.” 

I left the bar for the first time since I came to the this club without asking Shine where I was supposed to go next. I had one goal in my mind and that was to find Elizabeth. I looked everywhere, in every floor, at the pool, at the hot tub area, in the dungeon floor. Hell I even thought of bursting into the private rooms.  Unfortunately I did not find her anywhere. I returned to the bar sulking in my misery.

“So you didn’t find your Elizabeth?” Shine asked. I could sense she was sad for my lose.

“Go away Shine,” I yelled at her again, “I don’t think I like you today.” 

Shine looked at me for a few seconds and did something which I had never thought she was ever going to do. She approached me and grabbed hold of my jacket with both hands. She pulled me to her and gave me a long and hard passionate kiss that knocked my socks off.

After my sighs were exhausted I managed to squeak, “are we going to fuck now?” Might as well press my luck till the end. That was the gorgeous Shine after all. I had to try.

“I love you honey and I hate to see you depressed like that,” Shine explained, “so you better get you ass back in the game or I am kicking you out of here.” I had never been threatened by a woman in my entire life and that night I felt genuine fear of loosing my privilege at Club Moon. Could Shine do this to me? I looked in her eyes and I panicked. She most certainly could.

“So us fucking is out of the question. Isn’t it?” I said and Shine burst out laughing. 

“Go Sam,” Shine ordered, “I have work to do.” Oh damn. Not that again.

I left the bar and wondered about in the Club. I had so many options to choose from. Ladies were looking at me and smiling. Couples gave me those looks as if they were inviting me to join them. Even men wanted some company which I could have offered if I was their type. But I really felt lonely. I realized then how lady Moon could be lonely in such a place despite being surrounded by all those lovely people who wanted nothing but to please her. Pleasure is of the heart and not the flesh, A wise man once told me that. Ok that was my father who was ever scolding me to go and find someone and stop fooling around. I guess I didn’t listen to him and here I am. I am in a sex Club that I have been dreaming about my entire life and I was looking for love. I know. I am an idiot. But what can I say. My father knew the truth after all.

As I was walking back to the bar I was stopped by a couple. They seemed to be looking for a companion for the evening. They looked like nice decent folks and they were a little shy to ask, “my wife here thinks you look cute. Would you like to join us?” The husband asked. I looked at them and I was about to decline their invitation if it weren’t for the wife who was eyeing me with a blushing face and a very shy smile. She was almost unable to look at me. I knew how difficult it was for her to do that and I could not say no to those beautiful eyes. I was and still am a sucker for beautiful eyes. 

“I would love to,” I said, “shall we get some drinks first?” And we all went up to the bar area and sat to have a talk. It turned out that Lily and Ed worked at Glow Enterprise, the same place I did. What a coincidence! I wondered how many people here were associated with Glow Enterprises.

“How do you find this place?” I asked Ed and lily.

“It is overwhelming sometimes,” Lily said.

“Yes. We pride ourselves to be outgoing persons but this is way more than we expected,” Ed said, “We’ve been here a few times already and we always try to pick those we feel we would be comfortable with.”

“Have you tired the hot tubs? I’ve heard they are pretty good,” I proposed that we go and relax in the hot water and they immediately agreed so we proceeded to go down stairs. In just a few minutes we were all sitting naked in the jacuzzi with the water bubbling around us. Lily sat in the middle while Ed and I sat on either side with our heads resting back. Suddenly I felt Lilly’s hand on my dick. I saw Ed’s eyes narrow as well so I assumed Lily must also be grabbing her husband’s dick in her other hand. She slowly started to work both our cocks with her hands pumping them up and down until they were rock solid. Ed leaned towards his wife and started to play with her breasts. He put his mouth on one and started to kiss and suck it. Lily looked at me inviting me with her blushing eyes to do as her husband was doing. She wanted to be pampered and I couldn’t let her down. We played and sucked her tits as the water bubbles were playing around our mouths intensifying her pleasure. She was moaning very softly. Her voice was very low and I could barely hear her amidst the sound of the water jets whizzing everywhere. She kept her hands on our cocks through out our assault on her breasts and nipples. However I felt her orgasms start to built up slowly from the pressure she was exerting on my cock. As she approached her climax she was squeezing it so hard I felt she wanted to squash it to bits. Then she exploded splashing about in the tub. What a relief. One more minute and my dick would have turned into mashed potato. It took her a few minutes to regain her breath back.

“Shall we use one of the rooms at the back?” I said feeling that those two preferred more of a private setting. We dried ourselves and went into one of the rooms. Lily went straight in and lay in the middle of the large bed. 

“Go ahead,” Ed told me, “I will sit her and watch you.” What a loving husband? I thought. He was really concerned for his wife’s pleasure. 

Lily was laying on the bed and smiling ever so shyly waiting for me to join her. So I approached and kissed her gently. She kissed me back and immediately proceeded to go down to my cock. She put it in her mouth and started playing with it with her tongue. She wasn’t so bad. First she licked the head all around trying not to leave any inch untouched. Then slowly she went down licking and kissing my shaft until she reached my balls. She sat down and started playing with those. She seemed to be enjoying herself and she looked at me grinning as she licked and sucked my sack. Suddenly she changed tactics and put my cock entirely in her mouth. I started vigorously pumping it in and pushing as far as I could until my cock extended all the way inside her throat. She didn’t utter a sound all the time she was swallowing my cock.  Meanwhile her husband was sitting on a chair and watching his wife pleasure a stranger as he held his cock in his hand stroking it slowly. 

I was almost about to come so I had to warn her, “do you want me to come in your mouth?” I asked but she pulled out. I was almost disappointed but she didn’t stop here.

“No Sam, I need you to come in me,” she said, “but first I want you to make me wet. Can you do that?” as she lay back on the bed and spread her legs wide apart. I immediately jumped down and provided my tongue service as she requested. In no time her juices started to emerge out from her pussy one drop at a time. 

“Lick my asshole Sam. Pleeeease,” she pleaded. I was surprised that she enjoyed anal stimulation. Very few women I had been with allowed me to touch their holes and I didn’t expect Lily to be that type. But I was so wrong. So I proceeded to lick my way down to her hole and she lifted her legs up giving me more access to everything. I tried to use as much of her juices and my spit to lubricant her hole with my tongue.

“I want your finger inside my asshole Sam,” she ordered. I wondered where all the shyness had gone. But I did as she requested. And she really enjoyed it. 

“Here. Use the lubricant on her,” Ed interjected, “she loves it,” as the loving husband handed me a bottle of lubricant. This couple seemed to know exactly what they wanted so who was I to argue with their happiness. So I used the lubricant, and lots of it seeing how Lily brightened up as I put more and more liquid on her pussy and in her asshole. 

“Now Sam. I want you now,” she pushed me to the bed and climbed on top. My dick glided effortlessly inside her pussy with all the lubricant I had smeared on it and she jumped up and down like a wild cat.

Suddenly I felt the bed move a little and I saw Ed. He climbed behind his wife and started to insert his cock inside her asshole. She looked at me and  smiled. Her grin was so wide I felt her heart pounding as she waited for her husband to go all the way in. As he stopped moving she began to set the rhythm to our movement. She slowly moved backwards and forwards trying to take us both inside of her. She didn’t want to lose any of us. I bet she had done that many times before and she seemed good at it. Slowly she built up speed. I tried not to move afraid I would break her act. In less than a minute she was moving faster and faster as her husband pounded her asshole and she loved it. Suddenly she thrashed and bucked on top of me  yelling out, “aaaaghhhhh,” and coming in waves and waves of orgasms as she was sandwiched between us. 

Unfortunately for us we hadn’t come yet. Neither her husband nor I. But we remained holding her until she relaxed once again.

“Ok you two,” she said, “it is your turn,”

She sat up on her knees on the bed, grabbed hold of our cocks in each hand and started to play with them. She put her husband’s cock in her mouth first and sucked at it as she stroked my dick with the other. Then she switched sides. She pushed her head all the way taking my entire shaft up her throat. She was gagging as her tears trickled down her cheeks but she put her hand on my ass pushing me further towards her. 

“I am coming Lily,” I cried but she kept my cock inside her mouth as I shot my load inside. But she didn’t swallow everything. Her mouth was full of my cum which was dribbling out of her mouth. She turned her head towards her husband’s cock and shoved his cock inside her mouth. She was using my cum to lubricate her husband’s cock who wasn’t far off either. He came in his wife’s mouth after just a few seconds. Her mouth was now filled by both our cums. She still held my dick in her hands as I was watching what she was doing to her husband. I was surprised when she turned back to me and again put my almost limp cock in her mouth. In no time my cock returned to it full glory. Cum lubrication was something I hadn’t tried before. Her mouth was full of both cums from both men and she was using every drop of it to make me hard once again. I was glad I had not declined this couples invitation. They were the most amazing husband and wife act I had ever encountered.

You might think that I thought about Elizabeth or Moon after that? I didn’t. Well not that night. I spent a wonderful evening with those two. I almost forgot about going back home.

This was what life was supposed to be. And I was on top of the world.

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