Club Moon Chapter 4

This is chapter 4 of 13 chapters in the series Club Moon

I felt like I was being used and I couldn’t do anything about it.

Lady Moon was ever on my mind. Only her slippery employee, Shine the flaming bartender, kept on sending me on all those wild chases. Why was she doing that? My intellectual deductive reasoning went into super drive. I was trying to figure out who the elusive Lady Moon might be? Could Moon be Shine herself? No! That was not possible. Moon must be a rich lady or she would not have afforded this place. So Shine was out of the game. I had seen the lovely bartender serving drinks behind the bar. She could not possibly cover something like that. Could she? Shine was also a very outgoing person and she could get any man with a twirl of her finger. As for lady Moon I had a feeling she is a lonely spirit. She must be looking for someone. That must be the reason why she was surrounding herself with all those people. But has she found him? I doubt it. If she did Club Moon would have lost its patronage a long time ago. Finally lady Moon couldn’t be very young. The young don’t care and the old care to much. So she must be in her thirties maybe early forties. That was the age bracket I should be aiming for. So I sprung into action.

“Don’t talk to me Shine,” I said angrily, “you are playing with me.”

“Why is that Sam?” She played the innocent but I was not buying it.

“I am starting to get a feeling you don’t like me,” I said.

“Me? No! I love you honey,” she said, “and I wouldn’t do that to you.” Damn I hate it when she looked at me with her skewered smile. I melted straight into her fingers.

“You mean you love me to the point of going out with me?” I asked, “or do you say that to all your customers?”

“Oh honey you are my one and only love,” Yep she was playing with me all right.

“But you keep sending me on all those wild goose chases,” I explained, “when you know who I am looking for.”

“Oh you mean your Lady Moon,” she was surprised, “but why are you still looking for her?” She was surprised.

“I still haven’t given up,” I said, “I will find her. Mark my word.”

“Oh I have seen a few who started by asking about her,” she explained, “but after a day or two in here they would just loose interest and enjoy their  time at the club.”

“Oh I am enjoying my time all right but I will continue to look for her,” I replied, “now point the way, will you?”

“You’re a stubborn man Sam,” she said, “maybe that is why I love you. And yes I love you to the point of going out with you when I finish work.” Damn the work again.

“How about I stay in my place until you do,” let’s see her get out of this.

“What about lady Moon?” She asked, “she could be waiting for you right now,” she was squirming her way out, “she could be sitting and waiting for someone to talk to,” wiggling away, “heck she could even be enjoying herself all alone in one of those hot tubs down there,” aaaand she is out.

“The hot tubs?” I asked, “why the hot tubs?” Could this be another of Shines’s clues. Maybe. I will have to see.

“Have you tried the hot tubs Sam?” Shine asked, “they are my favorites.” Yep that was definitely a clue with a good shove in the back.

“Ok. Ok. I am going,” I said, “damn girl you don’t have to kick so hard.”

“Enjoy the hot tubs Sam.” Shine finally said, “and good luck.”

I walked away from the bar thinking about Shine and Moon. I was definitely being used but by whom? Moon invited me inside her club and Shine was showing me around. But why were they doing this? I walked down stairs to the third level. The whole floor smelled like saline from all the water vapor coming out of the hot tubs. It was the first time I noticed the small swimming pool which was hidden on the far corner of the room. Why didn’t I see that before? Probably too busy ogling the ladies to notice anything. I wanted to check out the pool but first I had work to do. Lady Moon was probably in one of those hot tubs and I was coming for her.

Only there was no one sitting in any tub anywhere. My hopes were dashed and I was devastated. Shine was going to pay for this. As I was about to go up I heard a splash coming from the swimming pool. Now I had to investigate. I approached slowly and peaked around. I saw the glittering figure of a woman swimming underneath the water. Her long brown hair reached down to her back. She was slender, had long legs but I could not see any further details. I sat on one of the chairs admiring the view waiting for her to swim towards me. I still could not see her face. She reached to my side of the pool and lifted her head up from the water. She looked like a mermaid emerging out of the sea.

Holy fucking hell. Those green eyes which stared at me knocked me out. I almost slipped out of my chair. Her wet hair scattered all over the place floating on the water around her. Her piercing green eyes looked at me from in between the strands of hair waving about on her face. She looked at me and smiled.

“Have you been here long?” She simply asked.

I think I blabbered for the first few seconds until I managed to regain my senses and replied, “no. But I couldn’t get myself to leave. Do you always swim here all alone?”

“Yes. I like to get away from the hustle of the people upstairs,” she said, “But why are you here?” She did sound curious.

“I was thinking of taking a swim,” of course I lied.

“It must be difficult in those clothes you are wearing, isn’t it?” A knock out punch. And a smart lady at that. I loved smart ladies.

“I was waiting for you,” I replied.

“For me?” She was surprised, “but why?”

“I could not possibly do that without taking your permission,” I said.

“My permission?” Now she was intrigued, “you don’t need my permission. It is a free club if you so noticed.”

“I did. But nevertheless, I could not swim naked with a woman if she doesn’t want me to,” I was pushing my luck acting all gentleman like but she radiated an aura of pristine which I was trying to match.

She remained silent for a few seconds then she said, “do you know this is the first time that anyone asked me that,” she explained, “they usually just jump hoping to get lucky.”

“Well I am not anyone,” and we remained silent looking at each other until I finally asked, “so can I?” Oh God I was hoping she was going to say yes.

She smiled at me and said, “why not, go ahead and jump.”

I would have jumped with all my clothes on but I played it cool. I started to take my clothes off one piece at a time slowly folding them on the chair. The lovely mermaid who still hadn’t given me her name kept looking at me with her green glittering eyes. Of course my heart was pumping like a boar and my dick was hard like a pole but I knew what was coming and she smiled in surprise knowing I was trying to tease her. I pretended I was a patient man and this was something normal I did every day. I jumped in the pool and, “holy Shiiiiiit,” I screamed. The water was fucking freezing and it took me a few seconds to got used to the cold. All my efforts went up in smoke as she laughed at my shock. She had a lovely voice.

Now we were both in the pool and we were looking at each other a few feet apart. I started to approach her slowly. “Is this when you jump at me and hope to get lucky?” She asked with a smirk.

“I think I am already the luckiest man in Club Moon,” I said as I put my arms on the edge of the pool trapping her on either side. I leaned forward and gave her a long passionate kiss. The lights were dim and still the only part of her body which I could see was her head. But as she started to stand up her breasts slowly emerged from the water until she stood in front of me in all her glory. Holy fucking shit. Could such a thing even exist? Her body was a piece of art. Sculptured in the like of a Greek goddess. Her breast were ……. Could those things even be real? No way. I was afraid to touch those breasts. No woman could possibly have breasts like those. They were so perfect and round with nipples all hard and pointing up towards me. I was gulping for air.

I collected all my courage and touched them very delicately. I just caressed them with the tip of my fingers afraid to blemish nature’s most perfect of creations. I looked into her eyes and felt she was giving me permission to go further. So I touched the hardened nipples and she gasped. I brought my head towards her and with the very tip of my tongue I flicked the first bud then the second. She relaxed back on the ledge of the pool inviting me to continue. So I sucked the first nipple into my mouth and I heard a moan. I wanted more than a moan. I was aiming for a cry so I had to work harder. I put my hand between her legs and she parted them voluntarily. Her entrance was slippery wet and my finger just glided inside until I got my cry, “emmmm, oh shit,” and I smiled.

I easily lifted her from the water and positioned her on the pool ledge. She kept her legs wide apart. I was still down in the water but I dived towards her wet entrance and started to kiss my way around, thighs, trimmed pubic hair, lower lips, and finally the ultimate treasure of all, her clit.

“Oh yes, that is it lick here please,” as if I need any further invitation.

As I was licking with my tongue I inserted one of my fingers inside her pussy and she immediately bucked her hips and yelled out, “oh fuuuuck.” I was disappointed she came so early. I wanted her to last longer for my own sake. My dick was as hard as hell and it was still waiting in the water.

A few seconds passed and she opened her eyes again to look at me, “now your luck is about to change,” she said as she slid back into the water aiming her body straight onto my cock. Her pussy engulfed my shaft as she wrapped her legs around me. This was the first time I had fucked a woman in the water and it was unbelievable. I felt like a super hero who could lift his girl with just one finger. Only it wasn’t my strength doing the lifting it was the water buoyancy. I was able to lift her like a feather and swing her up and down on my shaft so easily. I felt I was Hercules. She clung her hands around me as she bounced like a wild cat. I wasn’t going to last long and neither was she.

“Oh yes,” I cried and she answered back, “faster, faster oh fuuuuck,” coming one more time. I followed suit. I couldn’t let her down. And I ejaculated inside of her pussy in a burst of pure lust and ecstasy.

She pulled back and swam to the side ladder to go out of the pool. I was smack frozen in the water looking at this creature as she was walking away. She took her robe from a nearby chair and proceeded to go out of the pool area.

“Can I at least know your name?” I had to ask. This was my only chance before she went away.

She looked back at me and smiled, “Yes Sam you can,” she said, “My name is Elizabeth, but you can call me Elsie,” and she walked out of the room.

I stood mesmerized in my place. I wondered if I was ever going to see this stunning beauty again. But suddenly it occurred to me, “how the hell did she know my name?”   

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