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Club Moon Chapter 3

This is chapter 3 of 13 chapters in the series Club Moon

Going to the gym was a disaster that was bound to happen.

I had been contracting a painful hard-on all day which I was not able to get rid off as I kept thinking about Club Moon. So I thought, if I wore my baggiest shorts to the gym I would be able to hide it. I was wrong. The moment I entered the gym, I saw all the lovely ladies with their sports bras and tight sports wear, my hard-on returned. The only alternative before me was to cut short my daily exercise and return home. What a disaster.

“Ok Shine, spill it out,” I blurted, “you know who Moon is and you’re hiding her from me.” That was the first thing I asked after I came into Club Moon all fired up and ready for action. My visit to the gym had fueled my drive and I would have killed any one who stood in my way.

“Why Sam!?! I didn’t know you had it in you,” Shine replied. She saw how agitated I was but she didn’t know why. “You seem a little tense tonight. I thought yesterday went well with the young lady. Didn’t it?”

“Yesterday?” I was confused. “Oh Kris! That young lady. No it went great. We had a great time,” I replied, “by the way is she here?”

“Yes. I have seen her around,” Shine explained, “but she was with a guy so I assumed…”

“She was?” I was relieved, “that is good. I hope she finally enjoys herself in Club Moon.”

“You did good Sam,” Shine finally said. I looked at her and I wondered why she said that. 

Oh God how could I stare at this beautiful creature in front of me without my hard-on acting up on me again. Shine the stunning blue eyed bartender looked ravishing behind that bar of hers. Her shinny hair with that beautiful smile didn’t help reduce the fire I felt inside.

“SHINE,” I yelled at her, “you are changing the subject.”

“And what subject is that Sam?” She asked.

“Moon,” I said, “the subject is Moon, and you know it. Where is she?”

“How should I know?” She replied with a smirk on her face. Damn this one was playing me and she knew it. “I think you need a good whipping if you keep looking at me like that,” she finally said. 

“Are you going to do the whipping yourself?” I asked.

“Much as I would love to, but you know I am working,” she said. Damn. Why did I have a feeling she was going to say that? But I wasn’t going to give up. After I find Moon I am coming after Shine, her employee.

“Ok. Ok. I get it. I’ll wait. But why do you want me to try the whipping?” I wondered, “is Moon down there?” I was curious again.

“Why don’t you go and find out?” Shine proposed. I was starting to have a feeling that I was being played like a puppet. What the heck? This was Club Moon and being played with is part of the game. Wasn’t it?

“Ok I will go to the dungeon and try my luck,” I told her, “but I will bring you a whip when I come back to let you finish the job. So don’t go away.”

“Ooooh I can’t wait Sam,” she said smiling wickedly as she waived me away. 

I took the elevator and went straight down to the fourth floor. The lowest level of Club Moon was where the dungeon was located. It was truly a seductive place. Dimmed lighting with heavy background music gave the atmosphere a sense of decadence and surreal surrender. As usual there was a crowed watching a domination act being performed by some of the guests. I still don’t comprehend the need for some people to display themselves in front of an audience. I understand that many are into voyeurism but I was still not there. Well not there yet. I still preferred a private setting myself but watching was another matter. Who wouldn’t love to watch a show of that magnitude?

This time the show featured a man tied up with his hands in the air. A woman was working his cock twisting and pulling in the most awkward way. He must have been in pain or maybe in pleasure. I really couldn’t know because his face was completely covered up with a head mask. Another lady was playing with his nipples and putting all kinds of wooden clamps on his body. I was standing amidst the crowd who were all a-fixated on this scene when suddenly I felt a pair of hands grabbing my ass cheeks from behind and squeezing them hard.

“Don’t turn around,” a woman standing on my left ordered.

“Keep your eyes straight forward and don’t look back,” I heard the voice of another woman whispering in my right ear. Damn two of them.

Then I saw the hands before I felt the bodies of the two ladies snuggling behind my back. The first hand was that of a lady with white smooth skin where as the other was chocolate black with silky brown complexion. 

I unconsciously wanted to turn around to meet the owners of those delicate hands but the white lady held my face straight and said, “we told you not to look back.”

Then the black mistress brought her hand forward. She put it on my pants and squeezed my cock from outside my trousers as she said, “you are not listening to us. If you are not going to do as we say then we will walk away right now and you will never see us again. Do you understand?”

I was flabbergasted. Of course I wanted them to see them. But I also wanted to know who those ladies were so I asked, “yes Mams. Can I at least have some names?”

The black mistress whispered in my right ear saying, “I am mistress Night. And my friend’s name is mistress Day. You will now listen to our instructions and do exactly as we tell you.”

Then mistress Day explained, “you will go to private room number 3. You will enter and take all your clothes off and wait for us.”

“You will find a mask on the table. You will put it on and kneel on your knees until we come to fuck you.” Mistress Night continued.

“Just nod if you want to be fucked,” mistress Day asked and I must have nodded so many times my head hurt.

A few seconds later they just retreated and left. I stayed fixed in my position for a few more minutes afraid to move. I didn’t know if they were still behind me or not, but I couldn’t take the chance and ruin this for myself. Finally I got the courage to turn around to find them gone. I was standing almost alone in the middle of the dungeon as the crowed already started to disperse.

Room 3. Where the hell was room 3? I found the private dungeon number 3 and I went inside. Amazing. The room contained so many bondage toys, whips of all kinds, clamps, ropes….all you could think of to fulfill any of your ultimate bondage fantasy. But I was under orders to strip and wait and that is what I did. I think I took my clothes faster than a bolt of lightning. I found the mask they told me about and I put it quickly on my head and knelt in the middle of the room waiting for the two mistresses to arrive.

I don’t know how long I waited but it felt like an eternity. I kept thinking that maybe I was played like a fool but when the door swung open and two pairs of legs entered the room I was relieved. The mask covered my eyes but I could glimpse a little from underneath the foldings adding to the excitement of the situation. A very partial view fuels the imagination and always keeps oneself trying to take a peek hoping to see a little of one’s surroundings. Unfortunately the dim lights did not help and I was not able to see the faces of the two mistresses standing in the room.

“Stand up,” mistress Day ordered.

“Not a bad specimen,” Night said as she grabbed my cock and squeezed. My dick was already in full throttle and ready for action. Hell it has been ready for the best part of the day and I hoped it wasn’t going to give up on me now.

“What shall we do with this one today?” Night asked her friend.

“Let’s see how much he can hold his own,” Day proposed and they knelt in front of me and started playing with my cock. I don’t know which one put it in her mouth first. But she was sucking so fiercely I thought she wanted to take it home with her. The other mistress began to play with my balls licking and putting them in her mouth. I could not see anything but I didn’t care. I was in heaven and I’ll be damn if I wanted to stop them and ask. 

I was almost starting to come but mistress Night sensed this, so she yelled out, “don’t you dare come until we tell you to.” Oh fuck and I thought they were doing this for my pleasure. Unfortunately that was the last thing on their minds.

“Oh mistress I can’t hold it anymore,” I cried out and I felt a hard slap on my ass for my insolence. What the hell? And another. Ok I will shut up.

“Don’t you fucking come or you will be sorry,” mistress Night warned me in her strong sharp voice. My blood must have frozen inside my body.

They suddenly stopped and backed away. What the hell? Why? I was almost there. Why? More importantly, What? What were they planning to do next?

Suddenly I felt a hand grab me and push me on to a thick padded mattress on the floor ordering me to lie on my back. I immediately complied. The mattress had two straps on either side to hold my hands and feet in place. In less than a second I was tied up on my back waiting for the two mistresses to begin their play and I was their toy. I still had the mask on and I could not see what they were doing. I had to wait.

Holy fucking shit. After a long wait someone just stepped on my body and I cried out from the shock. It wasn’t really the pain that got me screaming it was more the surprise of being trampled upon. Those bare feet were now strolling up and down my body and I could barely breath. She stood on my chest and extended one of her feet over my mouth. The only thing I could see was a glimpsed of those silk smooth dark feet caressing my face.

“Open your mouth and suck,” mistress Night ordered and before she completed her sentence I started to lick and suck her long delicate toes which she tried to stuff into my mouth.

Oh fucking Damn. I felt another foot down there. It was starting to grind my dick into smithereens. This new surprise made me involuntarily bend forward only to have Night’s foot which was already in my mouth shoved further to the back. I almost swallowed half of it inside my throat. I didn’t know if I wanted to gag from too much flesh or from my cock being smashed and squashed under Day’s powerful feet. Then they suddenly stopped and stepped of my body. Oh damn. Not again, “please come back. I can take it. Just don’t leave me like that,” I cried pathetically.

“So you can take it. Can you?” Mistress Day asked. Oh I should not have spoken.

Suddenly I felt both ladies jump on me. One immediately sat on my face while the other straddled by cock. She slammed it in her entrance so fast I gasped from the shock. The pussy in my face covered my mouth and noise until I was almost out of oxygen. 

“Lick faster,” Night yelled as she grinned her pussy moving and twisting like a devil.

“Fuck harder,” Day yelled pumping my dick so quick I was almost flying off the ground.

Then they switched places. Oh fuck. That was even worse. Night’s pussy swallowed my dick wholly in one gulp. She grabbed my balls at the same time and pulled them backwards as she jumped up and down like a wild horse. Meanwhile Day shoved her clit almost up to the middle of my mouth. How could it have gone inside so far? It was almost up my throat and I was sucking it like a baby’s bottle. 

“Don’t you fucking dare come,” Night yelled out again. Now that was what I call torture. Could I stop myself even if I wanted to? I was enchanted but I endured. 

When suddenly I felt mistress Night shudder and buck her body on top of mine. She screamed like a wild animal grabbing my nipples and pulling them towards her. I thought she wanted to tear them off. But she cried out, “come into me NOW YOU SON OF A BITCH,” and I did. I shot all my liquid inside of mistress Night once no twice no three times. I didn’t know a man could have so many multiple orgasms in one session. My heart almost stopped. 

Mistress Day could not let her friend out gun her so she also flooded my mouth full of her juices until I couldn’t swallow any more of her liquid. She squirted it all out like a fountain and my face was drenched in her nectar. 

They both stood up untied the straps and left the room. Oh fuck and I haven’t even seen their faces. Should I have gone after them? Of course I should have. If I could stand up I would have. Maybe tomorrow. Club Moon wasn’t going anywhere.

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