Club Moon Chapter 2

This is chapter 2 of 13 chapters in the series Club Moon

Fantasies and nightmares in one night. How could that be?

After returning from Club Moon that first time I could not sleep well. I kept dreaming about how my fantasies were finally going to be fulfilled. Unfortunately those dreams were coupled with uncontrollable nightmares that would wake me up to the fact that everything I saw might have been a dream. So every few minutes I would jump out of bed to check my email to make sure that it was true. 

Oh My God. Club Moon does exist and I was there.

Of course I could not wait to return to the club on the second day and I almost made a few car accidents on the way. The first thing I did after I entered the club was to proceed to the bar. As I expected Shine the beautiful bartender was on the other side smiling at me.

“Sam. You are back?” she welcomed me with a surprise question.

“And why wouldn’t I be back after seeing what Club Moon had to offer?” I asked in return.

“Oh. I thought lady Moon the serial killer might have gotten hold of you,” she said with a grin. I loved a smart and feisty woman and Shine was proving to be a handful.

“No my dear,” I said, “but I will continue to search for the mysterious Lady Moon if it is the last thing I do.”

“I am sure you will,” she said, “however before you do I recommend that you go and introduce yourself to that one sitting in that booth over there,” and she pointed to a woman sitting on the far corner of the floor sipping at her drink. She was a beautiful blond. Young with a round face and a gorgeous body.

“Are you trying to get rid of me so soon?” I wondered, “cause I am still coming after you.” I added and Shine laughed charming me with her beautiful seductive smile.

“I am still counting on it,” she said, “but she is new here much like yourself and I think she needs someone more than I do right now. Besides I am still working and you are distracting me.”

“If you don’t stop giving me that excuse about working, I think I might take you right her and now on this bar,” I said.

“Oooo. A man to my heart,” she said, “suddenly loosing my job doesn’t sound so bad. But I will wait to see how good you are at charming the ladies before I surrender.”

“Oh Shine. You are making this very difficult sweetheart,” I said, “I’ll go but I expect you to be here when I get back.” 

I walked over to the far corner of the floor where the young lady was sitting by herself obviously avoiding the crowd. She was sitting right in the middle seat of the round booth so I stood on the far side of her table and asked, “what is a nice lady like you doing in a place like this?”

She looked up trying to hide a little smirk on her face and she replied, “is this the only line you could think off? It is old and quaint don’t you think?”

“What can I say. I am a man of tradition,” I replied, “it was this or: How can I get into your pants? And frankly speaking standing over here I might not be able to extend that far,” and she burst out laughing.

“Why don’t you sit down before you over extend yourself,” she said, “my name is Kris. What is yours?” She introduced herself.

“My name is Sam. Sam Smith,” I answered. It turned out she was a young marketing executive working for one of the main advertising houses in Charlotte North Carolina. I told her I worked for Glow Enterprises and she got excited since her company did a lot of work with Glow Enterprises and she liked her job very much.

“Would you like to dance, Kris,” I asked after we had gotten to know one another.

We talked while we danced. And we danced while we talked. It was a nice evening for both of us. The tunes changed into slow romantic music which we both enjoyed. As we were dancing close together I was surprised when she asked, “is that a gun down there or are you glad to be dancing with me?” Kris had a beautiful smile that melts men’s hearts and frankly I was surprised that no one has approached her in this place so far.

“Oh it is definitely not a gun,” and I bent forward and kissed her a long and hard kiss that took both our breath away.

“Did anyone tell you you’re a good kisser?” She asked after she was able to breath again.

“I’ve heard my ex mentioning that once or twice,” I replied, “but not recently. No. What about you?”

“You mean the ex or the kiss?”

“Oh the kiss is definitely a winner,” I said, “I was asking about the ex.”

“Oh no ex. Definitely no ex. Although I almost made it to the alter one day only he bailed out on me,” she explained with regret in her voice.

“Definitely his loss,” I said.

“So what is a nice girl like you doing in a place like this?” I asked her once again. I didn’t get an answer on that first attempt so I thought why not try my luck again. We were still swaying to a slow tune on the dance floor and our hands were entwined behind each others backs.

“I was invited,” she said, “what about you?”

“So was I,” I replied, “but what do you think about this club? Are you planning to participate in all the unique activities that are going on down there?”

“Frankly Sam I don’t know,” she explained, “I have been coming here for the past couple of weeks and I have been exploring around the place. I want to participate but I am still hesitant.”

“And why is that?” I was curious. 

“You want to know the truth Sam?” She was biting her lips as she said that. I could see she was very reluctant to tell.

“Oh please do my dear,” I said, “I am a traditional man and I will never reveal a lady’s secrets to anyone.”

“Ok Sam, but promise me you will not laugh,” she said, “I am a virgin. So here. I said it. I hope you don’t run away.”

I think my jaw must have dropped down on the dance floor. I don’t think my eyes even blinked for a minute as I looked at Kris not believing what she had told me. Could this be true? A beautiful girl like her, a virgin? But why was she here? And what was she looking for? My tongue got tied in my mouth and I was unable to speak.

“Damn. I should not have told you this,” she was regretting her decision to expose one of her intimate secrets to a complete stranger.

“No. No. It is just that……It is just that I am a little surprised,” I said, “well more likely astonished. But can I ask why you are coming to this club if you….I mean if you are…. Damn it. I’ve always thought that this was important for a…..”

She stopped me before I was able to complete my thoughts and said, “I want to be fucked Sam. I want it real bad. And I want you to be the one.”

And I think my heart must have stopped for a second right then. Now I was flabbergasted for better of another word. How was I supposed to react to this?

“Ok. I get it. You don’t want to do this,” she cried, “just forget it,” and she tried to pull herself away but I kept my hands around her waist and I held her where she was.

“No Kris. Please don’t go,” I begged, “it is just that I was shocked. But I am also honored that you would consider me for this. But why me? Are you sure about this? I hope you don’t regret this? I hope I don’t disappoint you.”

“Please Sam. I want this. You seem like a nice guy. I want to get this over with,” she was spilling her heart out to me, “I really want to explore my sexuality and I really want to try many of the things that this club has to offer but I need to start somewhere.”

“So I am just a guy to be used for your diabolical plans,” I smiled to show her that I was ok with this.

“Oooo. A man of honor. Where have you been all my life,” she laughed.

I grabbed her hand and started to drag her away from the dance floor and she yelled at me, “where are we going?”

“I want to take you downstairs before you change your mind,” I replied.

“Yep definitely a man of honor,” she confirmed as we ran towards the  staircase.

Before we reached one of the rooms we saw a large group of people gathered around the circular open bed. Kris was curious to see what was happening so she pulled me toward the crowd and we squeezed ourselves between the people to get to the front rows. Kris was leading and I was behind her with my hands over her shoulders. 

We saw four naked individuals on the bed. Two men and two women. They were tangled up together in a difficult position I might say. One of the men was on his back. His cock was embedded in a woman’s pussy. Another woman was siting on his face. The two women were pleasuring up another man. The first was sucking his cock from one side while the other was rimming his ass from behind. It looked like a scene out of a hot porn movie. And Kris was enjoying herself. Suddenly she grabbed my hands which were resting on her shoulders and she guided them to her breasts. 

“Squeezes them Sam,” she ordered, “I want you to make me come here before we go to the room. I want you to make me wet before we…”

I didn’t have a choice but to obey. I had never done anything like that in front of anyone before let alone in front of a crowed. Although the lights were dim and everyone’s eyes were fixed on the naked couples on the bed but still it felt awkward. But I had to do what Kris wanted. I could not let her down. So I started to grapple with her breasts and cup them with my hands. I was standing behind her and she melted in my arms. She rested her back on my chest and surrendered to my touch as she kept watching what was going on in front of her. I unbuttoned the first row of her blouse and brought my hands inside. Good no bra, so I immediately found what I was looking for. Two full round breasts size 34c I estimated and I squeezed them gently enticing a moan. 

“Harder Sam, harder,” she whispered softly and I obeyed. I squeezed harder working on her nipples and I started to role them and pull them slightly with my fingers. The sounds of her moans increased until she suddenly shuddered in my arms and screamed out my name, “Saaam.”

I had to hold her until her orgasm subsided until she could steady herself on her legs once again. Suddenly she turned around and said, “Sam. I want you now. To the rooms right now.” And we ran down to the third floor where the private rooms were waiting for us.

We entered one of the empty room and locked the door behind us. She immediately started to take of her clothes and stood in front of me in a flash.

“How do I look Sam?” She said. Her virginity was about to be taken away from her and she was asking me about her looks. I will never understand women till the day I die.

“You are one of the most beautiful ladies that I have ever seen,” I said that and I meant it. She looked gorgeous.

She sat on the edge of the bed spread her legs wide apart and said, “do it now Sam. I can’t stand to wait any longer.”

“Kris. Are you sure about this?” I thought I was giving her her last chance to bail out but she insisted.

“Shut up Sam,” she shouted at me, “just come over here and fuck me. Please Sam,” I couldn’t stand the sight of any lady pleading like that so I took of my clothes and I stood naked in front of her. Of course my cock was already up and ready. She laid on her back as I approached. But before I did what I had to do I had to make sure she was wet and ready for what was about to happen to her. I put my hands on her pussy to find it dripping wet and she gave out a gasp of pleasure then she said, ” please Sam. I want it please.”

I went in slowly and I inserted my cock into her waiting entrance and she gasped. I pushed further sensing that there was something preventing me from going further. But I could not give up. With one strong push I thrusted my cock inside and Kris yelled out a very loud scream. I thought I was hurting her so I wanted to pull out but she stopped me.

“Don’t you dare pull this thing out,” she cried, “keep it in there,” she was shivering. Her voice was shaking and her eyes were closed. I knew she was in pain but she wanted this. This was the first time for me either. Even with the ex I didn’t encounter such a feeling.

“Slowly Sam,” her breath returned and she could talk, “push it slowly,” and I did. I started to pump my cock in and out of her pussy and I was surprised to see the transformation on her face. I saw the expression of pain gradually change into pleasure right there in front of me.

“Harder Sam,” she encouraged me now, “oh fuck, please Sam faster,” she moved with me now, “oh fuuuuuuckk,” she came for me now as she bucked and thrashed on the bed until I thought she would pass out in my arms.

I waited for her until she opened her eyes again and looked at me. “Are you ok Kris?” I was worried. 

“Oh Sam. That was wonderful. Thank you,” and she kissed me on my cheek. 

I stood up to see a little blood on my penis and on the bed underneath her. I always thought that this would be a much messier undertaking but it wasn’t so bad. I grabbed a towel and cleaned myself up. I knelt between her legs to do the same but she held my hand and said, “can we do this again?” and I laughed.

“Of course my dear. We will do this all night until you tell me to stop,” I said and we did. We made love until we could not stand up.

As I was taking her home I asked, “will I be seeing you again Kris?”

She looked at me and said, “of course Sam. But I told you I want to explore Club Moon further. I am sure our paths will cross and we will have another opportunity to be together. But I still have so many things to try out first.” 

Now don’t you just respect a lady who knows what she wants.

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