Club Moon Chapter 13

This is chapter 13 of 13 chapters in the series Club Moon

“Yep it is confirmed. I am a slut and everyone knows about it,” I said.

Shine looked at me and asked, “oh honey, why are you saying such a thing?” I would have believed her if she didn’t chuckle as she was saying that.

“It is all your fault lady so don’t pretend the innocent,” I snapped.

“ME??” She was surprised. “What is wrong Sam?” She was genuinely worried. I could almost see the concern in her eyes. But still I didn’t believe she was telling me the whole truth. Heck has she ever told me the whole truth? I wondered.

“You keep playing with me Shine,” I burst out, “you and everyone else in this place. Don’t get me wrong, I know what kind of a club this is. But still I feel there is something not quite right going on around here.”

Shine kept silent pretending she was mixing some cocktail or rather but I knew she wasn’t. We were alone in the bar. So who was the drink for? Most probably for me. I certainly needed it. She kept looking at me from the corner of her eyes. I don’t know much about being a bar tender but I was certain those two drinks she was mixing weren’t meant to go together. She knew I knew she was pretending.

“Are you even listening to me Shine?” I wanted to jump over the bar and shake her up but I was too much of a gentlemen to do that and she was my best friend. Or I hoped she was. 

“Yes Sam,” she replied, “I heard you.”

It was almost three in the morning and the club was about to close. “In a few hours I am going to have the most important meeting of my career and I am in this club. Ok fuck. My life is about to go down the drain.”

“What is wrong Sweetheart?” Shine asked.

“In a few hours I am going to make my first presentation in front of the fucking board of directors of Glow Enterprises and all I can think of is sitting here in this club, with you.”

“It is normal Sam,” Shine said, “this is where all your friends are. And you can’t get away from them.”

This woman just doesn’t stop to amaze me. She always seemed to know exactly how I feel even when I don’t. She was right of course. This place is where all my friends are; Shine, Lauren, Elizabeth, even Ellen, my assistant, whom I had left at the office to rap up the final touches on the presentation which I am supposed to do.

“Yeh, whatever…” I finally sighed and turned to face the other direction to think of my life and what it was coming to be; a slut, a toy, a friend, whatever it was … 

Suddenly I felt someone approach and stand in front of me. I was surprised that it was Shine once again. I was sitting on the bar stool as she came around and stood in front of me, her face a few inches from mine. She looked into my eyes then she kissed me. Her mouth locking onto mine as she gave me one of the most passionate kisses I’ve had for a long time. 

“What was that for?” I stupidly asked after she finished.

“That is for you to forgive me,” she replied.

“For what?”

“For everything,” she said. “Sam, you’ll be great tomorrow. Don’t worry. Whatever happens you know we will still be friends.”

I didn’t know what she was talking about but I didn’t have too much time to think about it. I was more concerned with my cock which sprang up from my pants after she brought the zipper down. “What are you doing Shine?” I squealed, “someone will see us. We can use one of the rooms downstairs. If you….” 

“Shut up Sam,” and she continued to pull my cock towards her making sure it was hard enough. Then she jumped in my lap positioned my dick at the entrance to her pussy as she grabbed hold of the bar behind me.

“You are going to fuck me Sam. Then you are going to go home and sleep. Then you are going to go to that meeting and forget all those negative thoughts that are going through your mind. And what ever happens tomorrow you are going to come back to me and to all your friends here and be the Sam we all want you to be. Our friend.” 

With that last word I felt my cock start to slowly slip inside her wet pussy. She kept her eyes closed until my shaft went all the way in. When she opened them again I could see the longing and raw emotions wanting to burst out of every fiber of her body specially those blue piercing eyes of hers. They were begging me to continue what she started and I couldn’t disappoint her. So I began my part in this exercise. I started to push in and out of her pussy lifting her up with both my hands then bringing her down again. I was still sitting on the bar stool so I was more in control then she was. With every push and shove I could hear her breathing getting heavier and heavier. Sweat was dripping out of her forehead but she was in a trance. We both were. We were lost in each other’s bodies like two rivers finally coming together to form one ocean. 

“Oh fuck Sam. Oh please forgive me…..” She kept saying that but I was not about to stop and ask her for what. The only thing I was hearing was the thumping of my blood in my ears as I was close to exploding into the womb of this gorgeous woman. “Oh fuuuuuuuuckkkkkkk…..” I was pretty sure it was me who shouted this time but we finally exploded together into each others arms.

She stood up without saying a word and walked away leaving me at the bar all by myself. I went home and slept like a dead man.

“What is wrong Sam?” Ellen asked. 

I had my head on my desk trying to clear my mind for a few minutes before the big meeting. Ellen walked in and probably thought I was asleep at my desk. “I am fine,” I replied, “I am just a little worried about the presentation.”

Although what I said was somewhat true but my mind was more occupied with what had happened a few hours ago with Shine. She was trying to tell me something but she backed out before she decided to fuck me at the bar. That wasn’t like her. She always spoke what was on her mind and she never had open sex with anyone like that before.

Ellen kept looking at me as she stood at the door. Oh hell. Ellen was another one of my friends who could read me like a book. She knew I had something on my mind as she stared at me. What happened next was nothing we did not do before. She came over and knelt between my legs and opened my zipper. Oh fuck! What is the matter with those girls? I hoped for once they would ask me before doing something like that. They just saw what they wanted and went for it. Well I wasn’t the one to complain but come on?! I am supposed to be man around here, right?!. Oh hell!!. Who cares. In one instant my cock was in her mouth and she was sucking and licking like crazy. I forgot to tell her that I didn’t have time to shower this morning. So she must have tasted Shine’s juices mingled with mine as she licked my dick clean. But she didn’t say anything. In a few seconds my sperm was happily lounging in her belly as she licked the final drops that escaped from the corner of her mouth. 

After zipping me back up she stood with her hands on the arms of my chair. She looked me in the eyes and said, “Sam. You’ll be great today. What ever happens promise me you won’t leave me.”

I gave her a reassuring smile and said, “don’t worry my dear. I don’t think we will be out of a job after this presentation.” I was trying to make her feel better but I was the one who needed those encouraging words myself. Most probably I will be standing in line at the job center by the end of this day.

The presentation was scheduled to be held in the large meeting room located on the seventieth floor of the Glow Enterprise office building. The elevator ride seemed to take forever. I was dripping wet by the time we reach up there. I was holding several copies of my presentation in my hand as Ellen was holding my computer in hers. She was walking behind me as we were ushered into the large room where all the members of the board and executive officers were present.

As we entered the large room the doors closed shut behind us and slowly all the people sitting on their plum leather seats turned around to face us. and my jaw just dropped to the floor.

“Hi Sam,” she just said, “I would like you to meet the board members of Glow Enterprise.”

Now if I had not just fucked that woman a few hours ago I would not have believed she was the one in front of me right now. Shine stood up and waved her hand pointing at the people sitting around the large table.

“I think you already know everyone in here. Kris’s family has a 10% stake in Glow Enterprise. Elizabeth is another major shareholder. You know Ed as well. He is the executive financial officer of the company and his wife Lily, our accounting genius. You also know Natalie and Doreen or maybe you know them as mistresses Night and Day. Of course Lauren is your boss so you know what she does for a living.”

My eyes were popping out of their sockets as I was trying to absorb what was going on. I was looking at everyone in the room then I finally looked back at Shine begging her to explain all this. I wasn’t able to speak but my face must have told her exactly what I was feeling.

“Oh yes, I didn’t tell you what I do around here,” Shine tried to spell it for me but my mind wasn’t able to register anything from the shock of the situation. “I am the senior executive officer in charge of human resources in Miss Glow’s company,” Shine finally said.

I think I felt a drool running down my open mouth as she said that last word. I tried to turn around to see where Miss Glow was sitting but I could not locate her. Shine knew what I was thinking. Of course she did. She is a fucking, lying, manipulative, devious, witch. She just looked at me and said, “Miss Glow. we have been waiting for you. Please take your seat.” I was looking left and right to see what else they had installed for me when Ellen walked from behind me and sat at the other end of the large meeting table. She just smiled at me without saying a word. I could see she was a little apprehensive as to how I was going to react to all this. 

“Of course you know Miss E.M. Glow.” pointing to Ellen who kept starring at me in silence. “You probably know her as Miss Eleanor Moon Glow, the CEO and majority stake holder in Glow Enterprises and the proud owner of Club Moon.”

If I had a weak heart I would most certainly had been rushed to the hospital by now but I just stood there looking at everyone in front of me and the only word that was popping in my head was WHY???

“Sam!” Shine woke me up from my shock. “We thought we should finally tell you who we all are.”

A few minutes must have passed before I was able to speak and all I could manage to squeal was this, “you have been using me all this time???”

“NOOOO….” I don’t know who said that. Maybe all of them but I don’t think I was hearing anyone from that moment on.

I just walked to the table put the files which I was holding in my hand on the table and said, “You will have my resignation this afternoon,” and I strode out of the meeting room to get as far away from these people as possible.


Ok everyone…..

Do you think Sam was right in doing what he just did???

Will he go back to Shine, to Ellen, to his life, to the Club..???

What will they do next??? Will they even do anything for him???

Now it is for you all to decide……

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