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Club Moon Chapter 12

This is chapter 12 of 13 chapters in the series Club Moon

I walk into my club from the back entrance. I make my rounds, making sure everything is running smoothly and everyone is having fun. I secretly keep an eye out for Sam, the guy who has been the center of my world for the past few months. He has been invited to my club like so many others before him. But I didn’t expect this one to be so special. Since the first day he came in here he insisted he wanted to meet Moon the owner of the club but he doesn’t know that it is me he has been looking for. I don’t know why he has been looking for me? I don’t have a fucking clue. I don’t know if I should feel scared, excited or flattered. What the hell does he want with me? It can’t be pussy. He has been getting plenty of that. He has fucked just about every willing girl in this place, and they all say he’s a great fuck and has a wickedly amazing tongue. I know that for sure. I’ve gotten a taste of that myself. He is good. Oh he is very good. And as such he has been getting plenty of pussy so it could not just be that. Maybe he wants to be able to say he has banged the owner of this establishment too. Who the fuck knows what he wants!?! That’s why I’ve been keeping a close eyes on him but staying out of his path when he is in the club. I have been sticking to the shadows, watching him. 

The only problem is, I can’t seem to get him out of my mind. I’ve seen him in action plenty of times and I know everything there is to know about him by now. But my plan tonight is to see just how well he gets to pick up chicks and how he fucks and eat pussy. Hopefully I won’t get caught. Even if he does happen to see me, I’m sure he won’t know it’s the Moon he’s been looking for. He knows me by another name.

Right then he comes waltzing in through the front doors. He pauses for a second taking in the room and everyone in it. I step back out of his view, but I can still see him.

He makes his rounds also, saying hello and probably looking for his action for the night. I can’t help, but notice how good he looks tonight. No wonder the girls in here don’t turn him down.

Sam stops at a table where a couple of gals are sitting laughing together, while they enjoy their Martini’s. I’ve never seen them before, so evidently they’re first timers. Sam is perfect for the welcoming committee, if what I’ve heard is right, and damn it, I’m finally gonna find out tonight.

He joins them for a little while, soon laughing right along with them. He is confident in a shy way. He does not come on strong yet he does not quit so easily. He jokes in a polite manner giving out an aura of trust with a twist of bashfulness. I don’t think those girls have a chance.  

One of my employees out of a very few who knows who I am approaches me and says  “Boss, we have a problem in one of the downstairs rooms, the giant spinning wheel that everyone likes to be tied too, is broke,” she was almost panicking as she said that. 

“Shh, not so loud,” I take a quick dart of my eye’s to Sam, to make sure he hadn’t overheard her address me.

My employee, follows my line of vision, and gives me a sly smile.

“I’ll call the repair guy in the morning, I’m sure our guests can find something else to amuse themselves with tonight,” I say in a calm low voice.

“I’ve noticed you have been watching him a lot lately,” she whispers.

“Who?” I say innocently.

“Don’t play coy with me, we’ve all noticed what is going on around here, just go over and tell him who you are, get it over with,” she urges me, “ I haven’t had him yet, but I can’t wait till he approaches me for an exciting sexual encounter.”

“Don’t you have some work to do,” I snap out.

She leaves with a knowing smile on her face. I don’t know why, but I feel a stab of jealously, at the thought of her fucking my Sam. Which is crazy because he has probably fucked every woman in this place. Besides I haven’t decided if I’m gonna let him find who I me just yet.

I guess Sam decided to break in these girls tonight after all, cause next thing I notice is them walking out of the main room. He’s got an arm around each gals waist, and they both have a hand on his ass, criss-crossing their arms where they’re holding the opposite cheek of his bum.

I wait till they go around the corner before I follow. I  make it just in time to see them enter the swimming pool area. Good thing there’s a back way in through the bathrooms to the pool area. I enter that way, coming into the swimming area where there’s a towel rack near by. A perfect place to hide where I can see everything and they can’t see me,  I hope.

On one side of the pool, closest to me there’s  a couple butt ass naked in the pool leaning against the wall making out intently, oblivious to all the newcomers.

Sam and the girls are on the other side, but not so far away that I can’t see and hear them good.  Sam strips down in a flash and dives into the water. The pretty girls giggle and sit on the side of the pool, sticking their feet in the perfect temp water.

“Oh, come on don’t be shy, come on in,” Sam tells the ladies.

They just look at him and giggle. What the hell is wrong with these girls. I can’t believe they aren’t all over his shaft yet. He swims back over to them and gets between the blond’s legs and lifts his body up out of the water with his hands on either side of her thighs, and meets her luscious lips with a slow sensual kiss.

I gasp as I watch his upper body muscles play beneath his skin at his effort to hold himself up out of the water.The droplets of water dripping down his body enhances the effect he has on me, or I guess I should say my throbbing cunt.

It’s been a few days since I partook in any of the sexual activities around here.  Yep I keep telling myself that. That’s the only reason Sam has me feeling this way. I’m squeezing my thighs together, cause my little flower is on fire. My breasts are starting to feel heavy.

Sam pulls himself out of the pool right over the top of the blond’s body, making her have to lean back. Sam’s semi hard cock runs a line up her body as he emerges from the pool. His cock almost all the way hard now rubs over her mouth and up her face as he slides himself over her head.

I notice the girl’s chest heaving for air. I don’t blame the bitch. He stands up in all his glory, and leans over the other girl. Pulling her light brown hair back, making her look straight up at him and he kisses the hell out of her. I hear her moan from here as he slides his hand down the top of her shirt and palms her D cup size tit.

Sam stands back up and says, “ Well if you sexy ladies don’t want to get in the water that’s OK,” he gives them a smirk.

He stops behind the blond, who is still leaning back on her elbows, practically laying all the way back on the pool cement floor. Sam leans over her and picks her up by her waist, lifting her where she’s hanging upside down in his arms.

Blondie’s mouth is now in conjunction with Sam’s bare, rock hard dick, and the V in between her thighs is right there in his face. She’s wearing a little skirt, that has bunched around her waist. I can even see her little g-string from here.

Sam takes his chin and grinds it into her pink opening over her g-string as he walks over to the lounge chairs, and lays her down gently on the nearest chair.

“You smell divine,” he tells her, and then softly kisses her lips. Then he turns towards her friend, as he walks away you can see the disappointment on her face.

I haven’t even realized it, but I had my shirt and bra pulled down under my heavy achy breast. Making them stick out, and I’m playing with my erect nipples. I’m so absorbed on what Sam is doing, I didn’t even know I was touching them. Fuck, I’m already so turned on and they haven’t even got to the good part yet.

Sam does the same thing to the other girl. Picking her up upside down. Damn she’s going commando! This girl isn’t shy in the least as she immediately licks the length of his cock. Sam hesitated for a split second, probably surprised. Then he leans his head down and licks through her slit, giving her little pearl a flick of his tongue before he lays her down gently on the chair next to Blonde’s. You could hear her moan loud and clear even where I was hiding.

“Sweet honey,” Sam groans, “Now what to do with my two beauty’s?” he smirks standing over them.

“We seem to have a problem, I’m in my birthday suit, and you gals are clothed still, undress for me, both of you.”

“Don’t you even want to know our names?” the blonde asks.

“Of course sweetheart, I’m sorry I didn’t ask before, I was just so taken with how sexy you both are,” he answers.

Oh, he’s a smooth talker, he got himself out of that one pretty quick, as I see her melt. The light brown hair girl is already nude.

“Well, I’m Cher,” the blond says, “ and this is my friend Amber,”

‘I’m Sam,” he says as he slides his hand up Amber’s inner thigh.

Cher discards her clothes, not wanting to be left out of the action. There was barely enough room for Sam to fit in between the two lounge chairs the ladies are occupying. But he doesn’t seem to mind one bit, as his hand makes it up to Amber’s pink heaven. Amber lets her legs fall wide open throwing her head back.

Sam lets his other hand travel up Cher’s inner thigh. Cher has both feet on the ground for easy access to her wet womanhood.

“I can’t believe how wet your pussies are,” he says gruffly, as he starts fingering their wet openings at the same time, same rhythm. He starts off slow and slowly increases his pace.

I notice the other couple in the pool watching them intently now, just as I am. I want to join Sam so bad, but I don’t. I reach down and unbutton my shorts and slide my hand down to my drenched cunt and slowly push two fingers in between my pussy lips, and inside my throbbing flower. I let out a little whimper, it feels so damn good, and I’m so aroused. Hey everybody else is getting finger fucked, I don’t want to be left out. I’m still tweaking my granite hard buds, every now and then I’ll stop to massage my tits, but then go right back to pulling on my rosy nipples.

I fantasize that I’m the girl with the light brown hair. Amber I believe her name is. She’s got big tits like me, and doesn’t seem to be shy like me, and Sam’s stroking and plunging his fingers just right inside of her bald pink pussy. Something else we have in common.

He’s driving his fingers in their slurping holes, curving his fingers just right and then alternating to rubbing up their clits, then drive right back into their pussies, curving his fingers again to hit just that right spot inside, some call it a g-spot, some say it’s just the other side of your clit. Whatever the fuck it is, it feels damn good cause I’m doing it to myself, biting my bottom lip trying to be quiet.

The couple closer to me, have already noticed me, because of my big mouth. But thankfully they dismissed me and went back to their sex play and watching Sam and the girls.

Sam’s still kneeling between the two chairs, just going to town on these two lucky ladies. His rigid cock sticking straight out hoping to be sucked by me. If it was me over there I would not be neglecting his fuck stick like that. I would at least be stroking his nice, manly shaft. I could give him a different name, but it’s probably too risky.

Cher and Amber sure seem to be enjoying themselves. I can tell they’re  getting close by the noises escaping their mouths. Sam leans down and sucks Amber’s clit into his mouth, while he keeps fucking Cher with his fingers. He has two fingers in Cher’s opening and his thumb wiggling on her clit.

They both lose it at the exact moment. They’re thrashing around like they’re  having seizures. Hollering like they’re dying. They start to calm down and Sam jumps on top of Amber, and immediately inserts his hard dick into her dripping cunt.

Grabbing her two big soft mounds he jack knifes in and out of her love channel. Her hands are running all over his gorgeous chest and abs as she moans every time she gets filled up balls deep. Yeah, he definitely works out.

My eyes are transfixed on his incredible ass, as I pull my shorts all the way down to my ankles so I have more room to play with my drenched flower, and I haven’t even came yet. I think this is the most turned on I’ve been in my life! It must be because I am sneaking around secretly to watch this fascinating guy. Yep that must be it.

Amber explodes again, but somehow Sam manages not to explode with her. I can see him gritting his teeth as her pussy clenching his cock. When she’s done he turns to Cher.

“Alright baby, you ready for my cock?” he asks her.

She gives a little nod, so he picks her up telling her to wrap her legs around him and he holds her with both hands under her ass.

“Alright my little slut, put my cock into your beautiful pussy,” he demands.

Cher aligns his sticky head to her wet opening with a trembling hand, and as he pushes his hardened rod all the way in she gasps so loud I could hear it loud and clear. Hell, I can pretend to be her too! As I lean back against the wall with my legs stretched out wide finger fucking myself in my cunt and ass. I’ve almost came a few times and had to stop for a minute. I want to cum when Sam does.

He holds her firmly to his muscular body, making sure to stay as one with her, and bounces Cher up and down his shaft. She holds his shoulders and moans like a two dollar hooker, as her vagina gets pounding over and over.

It doesn’t take long before they both start shaking as their orgasms approach. Cher hollers digging her nails into Sam’s shoulders and tightening her legs in a vice grip around his waist, shaking uncontrollably.

“FUCK ….,” Sam shouts as his knees almost buckle. He plunges one last time in her and holds her tightly to him, as he fills her little cunt with his spunk.

That’s my cue, finally I can cum. I’m biting my lip so hard that I taste blood, but I don’t care as my release washes over me in wave after wave. My legs trembling, my eyes closed in total bliss. I whimper, groan, and then moan. I can’t seem to help myself, my orgasm is so strong. I slap a hand over my mouth to try to keep the noises from escaping my mouth, as I’m still playing with my sensitive clit.

Finally I can’t take it anymore, and let myself relax. I’m drained of all energy. I feel like a limp doll. I open my eyes and see Sam looking in my direction. OH SHIT! I hope he can’t see me through the towels.

Oh fuck. This has to stop. I can’t live in the shadows anymore. Should I….?

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