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Club Moon Chapter 11

This is chapter 11 of 13 chapters in the series Club Moon

This was getting ridiculous. What was I doing wrong?

I had been coming to Club Moon for the past few months and I was getting desperate. Of course my physical needs were being well taken care of. I had been with many beautiful ladies; alone and in groups of twos, threes and more. I had been used for their entertainment in every kind of way; as a slave, a Dom, a sub, as well as a master. I had been a lover, a voyeur, a performer and a friend to many. But through out all that I had not forgotten my ultimate goal and that was to find Moon, the lady of this club. 

How difficult was that? Well it was more difficult than I thought. Every one knew Moon owned the club yet no one seemed to know who she was. I had reached the conclusion that she must be filthy rich and I mean filthy in the best possible of ways otherwise why own such a place and leave it be. However the club was perfectly run and every one knew his job very well. Yet I had not seen anyone who might be labeled as the manager except for Shine and she only ran the bar. But what surprised even more was the fact that the wealthy Moon didn’t want to advertise herself. If I was in her place I would be on every newspaper from here to China. But I wasn’t going to give up. She was somewhere in the club and I was going to find her.

I came upon many contenders for the title of the illustrious Moon. But non fit the profile which I drew of her. Of course Shine came on top of the list but every fiber in my body was telling me otherwise. Rich and serving drinks to her customers? not likely. Besides I had seen how hard she works and how tired she becomes at the end of her shift. So why go to all this trouble if you own this place? The only other person who came close to the title was Elizabeth and I have seen very little of that green eyed goddess since our last encounter in the swimming pool. Could Elisabeth be my elusive Moon? Well I had to find her first.

“Shine my love,” trying to be sneaky, “have you seen Elizabeth around?”

She looked at me with those piercing eyes for a few seconds. Oh hell. I swear this lady could read me like an open book. “And why are you looking for Elizabeth Sam?” She asked.

“Why? Do I have to explain everything to you?” I stood my ground and she kept starring at me until, “Ok Ok I’ll spill,” I was shattered to the ground. I hate this woman.

“Ok I believe Elizabeth is Moon and I want to find her,” that was easy only was I perspiring like a broken shower.

“Oh God,” Shine puffed, “why are you still pursuing this Moon quest? Why not just enjoy yourself and leave this be.”

“Never my dear,” I said, “I am stubborn that way. I just can’t sleep knowing Moon is here somewhere and she is hurting.”

“Hurting?” Shine was surprised at my assumption. “And why do you think that?”

“Of course she is hurting,” I tried to explain, “just imagine being alone in such a place and not having a friend like me to talk to or play with.”

“Now why didn’t I think of that!” and she burst out laughing, “but Sam I don’t think Elizabeth is your girl,” she added.

“Well let me be the judge of that,” I said, “but why are you assuming she isn’t?”

“Because I know Elsie and I don’t think she is your Moon. Besides she isn’t much of a player,” Shine tried to subtly explain, “this girl has issues and playing is far on her mind right now.”

“but we already played once before. Maybe she would want to play some more”

“Yes I know all about your pool exercise but that was a mistake” Shine said.

“MISTAKE???” I yelled out, “I am no mistake.”

“Oh I am sorry Sam. I didn’t mean it to sound like that,” she apologized, “it is just that she told me what you did. She just doesn’t want to be touched by a man and that night she was carried away by your enthusiasm.”

“Sorry my ass,” I was still fuming, “I am going to find her. You mark my words.” 

“Good luck,” those were Shine”s last as I left her to look for my Elisabeth aka Moon.

Unfortunately my luck didn’t materialize until a few days later. Every time I happened to spot her at the club she slipped right through my fingers. Until I finally managed to corner her at the gym where she liked to stay away from the crowd.

As I entered the exercise room Elisabeth said, “I believe Shine told you I don’t want anyone to touch me.” She was holding two dumbbells in her hands and I had a feeling she knew how to use them.

“I think I told you last time. I am not just anyone,” I was trying to play cool, “besides you can ask Shine. I don’t listen to anyone.”

“I’ll scream,” she yelled.

“Well I was counting on that,” I replied.

“I am serious Sam. I don’t like any man touching me,” she said.

“SERIOUSLY!!!!! Why come here if you don’t?” I looked at her and I felt she was hiding something from me so I had to know what she meant by that.

“This Place?” she exclaimed, “I don’t like coming here much. Not my kind of place. But all my friends are here and I like to hang out with them,” she tried to explain, “ I am serious. I don’t like the feel of men’s hands on my skin.”

Oh lord. Was it my luck or do most women in this club have serious issues? And this woman sure had big ones. Shine tried to warn me but I did not listen. Moon or not I just couldn’t leave her all alone like that. That is how I am. I don’t give up until I break my neck trying.

“Well you didn’t have a problem at the pool last time,” now let her get out of this.

“Oh that. Well that was a mistake.”

“MISTAKE???” I yelled out again, “stop saying this word. I’m no mistake. And that was no mistake.”

“Ok Ok Sam. I am sorry. I’m sorry I led you along last time. Ok I enjoyed it as much as you did but seriously Sam, I have this phobic condition whenever a man touches me. Maybe the water or maybe your bashful jump had something to do with it but now I don’t think I can let you come near me,” she finally explained as her tears started to trickle down her cheeks, “please Sam. Don’t.”

I looked at her and my heart melted. This woman was really hurting and I was the only one who ever managed to come close to her around here. She was coming to Club Moon and she wasn’t enjoying herself or any of the facilities offered in this place. I just couldn’t turn my back on her.

“This is going to be awkward,” I said.

“I see you’re not going to go away. Are you?” she asked.

“Of course I am not,” I said, “haven’t you heard anything about me from your friend Shine who by the way is going to get a slap on her ass the next time I see that manipulative witch.”

“I knew Shine had something to do with this,” Elisabeth swore, “I really appreciate your trying to help me Sam but I am ok. Just tell Shine you tried and it didn’t work.”

“No. No. She’ll string me by my balls if I don’t do something,” I said, “any ideas on how are we going to do this?”

“Emmmm…. Well I have an idea if you’re up to it?” Elisabeth shyly said with a smirk on her face.

“Emmmm…. You know I am always up to it,” I couldn’t help myself. I had to say this.

“Ok Sam. Come with me,” and she lead me to one of the empty private rooms upstairs. At the beginning I thought she wanted to take me to one of the private dungeons downstairs but I was surprised with her choice of rooms when she entered the one with lush Egyptian deco furniture. I didn’t know what she had in mind and how we were supposed to make love without me touching her until she told me what she had planned.

“Seriously?????…” I exclaimed. This was the first I’d heard of such a thing.

“Seriously Sam,” she replied, “this is the only way I can make sure you don’t touch me,” as she waved the wrapping foil in her hand. Yes seriously, plastic wrapping foil which she wanted to wrap around me so that I can not move my hands or any of my extremities. 

“I’ll look like a chicken in that!!!!!” I almost screamed at her.

“Ok Sam. I understand your reluctance. It is ok,” she said. “However this is the only way I can be sure you don’t use your hands. If you don’t want to do this then we can leave right now.”

“No. No. I’ll do it,” I had to do it, “only I don’t know how the hell are we going to enjoy ourselves if I am covered up in this.” 

“Oh don’t worry Sam. You will,” she wickedly smiled, “I’ll make sure you will.” She tried to reassure me. I was already committed to this so I had to wait and see what she planned for the night.

She told me to lie naked on the bed and she started to roll the nylon foil 

around my body; Once, twice, three times until I was totally wrapped up from head to toes. You would think that this material was thin enough to tear easily but once it was wrapped around a few times it clung like second skin. I was shrouded like a mummy. Now I knew why she chose the Egyptian room. Very ironic.

The only thing that she left uncovered was my head so I said, “now how the hell are you supposed to get to my cock if it is kept inside there?” I should have kept my trap shut.

“I will unleash your cock Sam. I told you not to worry,” she tried to reassure me as she went to get something. But when she came back holding a pair of scissors in her hand my heart almost stopped.

Oh course I couldn’t move. Oh I tried. Only I managed to flip left and right a few times. “Elsie! I hope you know what you’re doing!” I cried out.

“Trust me Sam I’ve seen this done before,” she said, “you’re in good hands.” Now why didn’t those words reassure me?

She was still wearing her sports clothes as she sat next to me and started cutting the nylon material around my cock exposing it to the outside world. “What a relief,” I thought. At least HE was able to breath a little.

Elisabeth looked at me and asked, “are you ok in there Sam?”

Now how was I supposed to answer such a question? I was wrapped up like a chicken on a bed. I couldn’t move. My cock was dangling outside, flipping erratically while a beautiful goddess was sitting next to me and she was asking me if I was ok. “Of course I am ok. Now what are you planning to do next?” I screamed.

“Relax Sam and let me do all the work,” she said and she started to remove her skimpy outfit revealing her lush body as my cock sprang up to life. I couldn’t help myself. It had a life of its own.

She was completely naked when she sat on my legs admiring my throbbing dick which was oozing pre-cum. She smiled as she licked her lips admiring the view. She bent over and held my cock in her hands squeezing it and playing with my balls, pulling and twisting a few times to make sure they were alive. Then she kissed the upper most top of my dick once and said, “how many times have you ever come in one night Sam?” She surprised me with this question.

“Hhhhhh???…. Emm… Twice. Maybe three times if I am lucky,” I replied.

“Well Sam your luck is about to change,” she said, “I plan to make you come way more than three times tonight,” and she gulped the whole length of my shaft inside her mouth. I could see she was hungry for cock. She probably haven’t had any for a long time. She wanted to devour it all in her mouth. She licked and sucked furiously with every stroke. Then she came down licking every inch until she reached my sack of balls. It was already pretty hard, the same as its next door neighbor. She held my shaft in one hand and started to suck on those balls, opening her mouth wide so each one slid comfortably inside. Then she started to go up again to put my cock in her mouth all the way inside her throat. It didn’t take me much to shoot my first load inside her mouth as she drank it all, every last drop. Once she was satisfied she had milked me dry she slid her body all the way up until her entrance was right in front of my eyes.

“It is your turn Sam,” she said, “show me the famous tongue which I’ve heard so much about.” and before I could ask “heard from who?” her pussy was touching my mouth and I could not breath. I think I might have held the world record for swimming under water right about then for I dived in and started licking at her labia until I felt her start to tremble. She held my head in both hands making sure it was right were it was supposed to be, grinding my tongue on her lower lips and using every feature of my face as a stimulus until she exploded inside my mouth. She flopped on her back next to me to rest for a while without saying a word.

I was still wrapped in cling film. I thought she was going to remove the film at that stage but she didn’t. I guess she was still afraid I might use my hands which I probably would have. I had never had sex without the use of my hands before. It was a little frustrating but a new experience non the less.

However this experience wasn’t over by no means. After a few minutes of rest and utter silence Elizabeth looked at me and asked, “ready for next round?” She grabbed hold of my limp cock as she was lying on her back next to me. Of course I could not move but my cock sure sprang to life in a few seconds. “Well that was quick,” she smiled in surprise. Then with one quick swing she was on top of me positioning my cock right at her entrance. Sliding inside was easy. She was wet and my cock was oozing so it was a quick push to the hilt. Unfortunately I was not able to contribute much to the matter. She had to do all the hard work. I just relaxed and enjoyed the view. She was one fire. She was jumping up and down like a wild cat. Her hair was flying around all over the place. Her eyes were closed but her mouth was not. She was moaning out, almost crying from excitement until suddenly she froze up opened her eyes looked at me and shuddered out loud, “oh fuuuuuuck….” Shivering and shaking for minutes. With every shudder her womb would suck my cock further inside pumping me harder and harder until I too succumbed to my shudders and exploded in her as she finally collapsed on top of me.  

“That is two Sam,” she said with her head resting on my chest. She was  breathing fast and I felt she was exhausted. But from the tone of her voice I knew she was having the time of her life.

“Elisabeth, sweetheart,” I said, “why don’t you cut me loose and I can show you how this is properly done.” She looked at me, a little hesitant, biting her lips until she finally agreed to cut away the cling film. I was free and I could move my body once again. I knew then why some people use such material when they exercise. My body was covered with sweat perspiring all over and I must have smelled like crap. Elizabeth sat on the edge of the bed waiting for me to make my move and looking at my hands with dread. 

I brought forward my hands and asked, “Do you want me to show you how I can use those for your pleasure?” I offered and she just nodded her head as she relaxed on the bed opening her legs wide apart. So I stroked her pussy with my fingers strumming delicately on that lovely instrument and she gasped. My cum was still oozing out of her entrance and on to the bed. I smeared my white sperm all over her pussy mingling hers with mine. It was so messy but she didn’t mind and neither did I. Then I put the first finger inside and she clenched the bed sheets with both hands. “Relax my love,” I tried to reassure her and she slowly began to breath normally. So I returned to using my fingers to strike another chord. The sound of slurping together with the sounds of moans were more than intoxicating. I inserted another finger inside and she almost jumped. But she didn’t scream until I brought my mouth down there keeping my fingers inside. Oh it was a good chest loud cry as she lovingly cursed me with all her heart, “oh you fucking shiiiiiiiiiiit,” as she came in waves after waves of pleasure. But I kept sucking at her throbbing bud as she bucked and thrashed on the bed knocking my head left and right.

A few minutes later her breath returned back to normal and she said, “I want more of that finger fucking Sam.” Whether it was an order or an act of pleading I did not care. She was going to get it if we have to stay here all week. Fortunately for me she jumped on top of me and rested her head on my thigh giving me ample view of her pussy once again. Again she tried to wake up my cock while playing with it and pulling at it until a few minutes later it responded to her will. I was back but not as hard as I would have hoped. Come on, three in such a short time is a miracle. Don’t you think? Anyway she knew that I would not be capable of more than that so she had to make use of what she had in her hand. So she put my dick in her mouth once again and began her feverish milking once again. Of course I could not just rest there without contributing so I returned to licking her cunt once again. I also had to make use of my fingers to help with the stimulus and every time I inserted another finger she would squirm and whine which in turn made my cock respond even better. It was a win win scenario. I also had one of my fingers stroke and rub the entrance to her arse hole multiplying my own pleasure. Of course my third took more time then the first two but eventually we both came in each other’s mouths.

I think we both dozed of and we slept in that 69 position for some time. I woke up a few hours later to her mouth sucking me for the fourth time. She was right to her word. She promised more than three and she gave me six. Oh those last two were after we had breakfast. 

Well you can imagine how hungry we were that morning. 

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