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Club Moon Chapter 10

This is chapter 10 of 13 chapters in the series Club Moon

“She wants you in her office right away,” Ellen said. 

Before I even sat behind my desk Ellen informed me of Lauren’s summons to her office. I just woke up sore after my last ordeal with those two. For the past couple of days Ellen, my assistant, Lauren, my boss, and I had been going to Club Moon every night. We had been trying out every single act that any dominant threesome could think of specially that which involved me using those two up in every possible way. I had to admit how much they liked it specially Lauren. It came as a great surprise to her as well since she always considered herself to be a Dominatrix. But ever since she tried the other side she couldn’t get enough. And as such my legs have been wobbly for days trying to satisfy that nympho. She is insatiable and I was exhausted.

And now she wants me in her office. “The hell with her,” I thought. Then again she was still my boss, my supreme commander, and I should see what she wants this time. But if it is another one of her toy contraption, I am going to shove my resignation right up her ensemble.

I really took my time going up to Miss Lauren Abigail’s office. “Let her skin me alive if she wants to but I am not going to dance to her tune every time she calls. She can wait until hell freezes over,” I kept saying to myself.

So I slowly strolled into her office and was met by one of her secretaries who loudly said, “you son of a bitch what did you do?”

“What? What!” Stuttering, “what did I do? Nothing. I didn’t do anything,” I panicked. “What is going on?” I was petrified.

Another older looking secretary came barging in, looked at me with fire in her eyes then she put her hands on her hips and puffed out.

“I don’t know what you did but you must have done something to mess her up,” the first secretary whom I had never thought of asking for her name ambiguously informed me.

“She is still at it,” the second secretary added to the mystery.

“What the hell is happening?” This time I yelled out, “is Lauren ok? Is she sick?”

Before I tried to force my way into my boss’s office one of the secretaries stopped me and said, “Miss Abigail or Lauren to you just came in early this morning and she warmly greeted us and asked about our husbands and kids.”

“Oh yes and she even kissed me as she left for her office,” the older secretary added and they both sat down in silence looking at one another as if the world was about to collapse.

Several minutes went ticking by as I stood looking at those two until I couldn’t  take it any longer, “SO what happened next? Tell me before someone really gets hurt,” I burst out shouting.

“That is it Mr Smith,” the first loud mouth secretary tried to explain, “this is Miss Lauren Abigail we are talking about and she has never ever asked about our kids since we started working for her, ever.”

“Yes Mr Smith. This is exactly it. Miss Abigail isn’t the mushy type,” the second secretary which I really did want to hurt concurred. “Moreover since she came in this morning she has been sitting in her office crying her heart out.” 

Then they both looked at me and simultaneously said, “so what did you do to her Mr Smith?”

“Me I didn’t do anything honestly,” I tried to defend myself but now I was even more worried about Lauren so I ran to her office and barged in unannounced.

The two secretaries ran after me and stood behind me trying to apologize to their boss, “we are sorry Miss Abigail,” one of them said, “he came in before we could stop him,” the second added.

The instant I came into Lauren’s office she jumped off her seat, ran towards me and put her arms around my shoulders. It was a great surprise to her two assistants who silently backed out of the room and closed the door behind them.

Lauren looked at me with blood red eyes, took my hand and pulled me towards a chair. She pushed me down and jumped on my knees hugging me again then continued to cry.

“Lauren! What is wrong?” I was really worried. For the past few days Lauren had become more than just my boss. She had become a friend, an intimate friend to say the least. I had probably seen more of her than her mother ever saw since she became of age. 

“Please Sam,” she cried out, “please help me.”

“Of course sweetheart,” I tried to reassure her, “you know I would do anything for you,” and I really meant it.

“I want her Sam,” Lauren said, “please tell her I want her.” 

It was my turn to be surprised. I didn’t know who she was talking about so I asked, “tell who Lauren. Whom do you want me to tell?”

“Ellen of course, silly boy,” Lauren shocked me again, “I want her Sam. I need her. Ever since you made her make love to me I can not take her off my mind.” 

My jaw must have dropped down to my chest trying to comprehend what I just heard. I didn’t know what to say. She was really infatuated with Ellen, my assistant, and she wanted my help to tell her so. I could see it in her eyes. She was in love.

“Please Sam say something,” Lauren asked, “I will do anything you want, just make her do it again,” and she started to unbutton my shirt.

I didn’t expect Lauren to do something like that so I uncontrollably reacted by standing up. Unfortunately for her she just flew of my knees and landed on her ass on the floor right in front of me.

“OUCH,” she cried out as she tried to rub her aching bottom.

“Oh god. I am so sorry,” I tried to help her get up, “are you ok?”

“Get away from me Sam, get away,” she said as she tried to stand up by herself pushing my hands away, “so you don’t want to help me. I get it. You want her all to yourself.”

“What? No no no. That’s not it,” I tried to explain, “it is just that you have surprised me. That is all.”

“So are you going to help me or not?”

“Of course sweetheart. But you know it is not my call to make. I will have to ask her if that is what she wants.” I said.

“Ok, ok,” Lauren replied, “I guess that is fair. But please don’t take long,” she was almost pleading. “You’re her boss, her master and her friend. She’ll do anything you tell her to do.”

That is when she looked at me and smiled. I had never seen Lauren smile like that before. She came over, stood right in front of me and kissed me deeply on my mouth. When we were finally able to breath she said, “thank you Sam.” 

“For what?” I squealed.

“For introducing me to a new world I knew nothing about,” she replied and she kissed me again. “Now I want you to fuck me like you’ve never fucked a woman before. And I want you to do it right over there on my desk.” 

As much as I wanted to do that I had a feeling that I might be taking advantage of her right when she was vulnerable so I said, “are you sure about this Lauren. Maybe it is not a good idea at…”

“I wasn’t asking for your opinion Mr. Smith.” Yep. Lauren was back and this 

was a direct order from my boss. So who was I to argue with her. 

I pushed her backwards until she was right at the edge of her desk and I  said, “do you think your desk can take both our weights,” I stupidly asked. 

“Sam!!! There are two questions that you never ever ask a woman. One, her age and the other is her weight and you just implied I am fat so you better make it up and fuck me real hard or help me god I am going to snap your neck right now.”

“Ok ok I am sorry,” I smiled as I laid her on the desk and proceeded to lift her skirt up to reveal her bare pussy. “Does this woman ever wear panties?” I wondered. But I didn’t have time to ask as I dropped down on my knees opening her legs wide apart to look at her beautiful entrance.

“Did you know that you are the first man who has ever licked me down there ever?” Lauren confessed as her tears started to flow down her cheeks, “now I want you to do it again. I want to feel appreciated like a woman. Please Sam do it again pleeeeeease.”

So I did as ordered and started with kissing her lower lips gently then followed by using my tongue to push them apart to reveal the entrance to her pussy. Her moans confirmed I was on the right path. The path of lustful pleasure as my tongue glided up towards her clit flickering it sideways with all the force I could muster. I could almost feel her orgasm about to explode but that was not how I wanted this to end. I stood up pulled my pants down revealing my already hard cock and I gently pushed it inside her pussy as she gasped. I grabbed hold of both her hands and pushed them on either side of her taking a firm grip and I proceeded to pump my dick in and out with faster and faster strokes. Through out all that I kept looking straight in to her eyes to see those piercing blues slowly melting away until they finally closed surrendering to the inevitable, her final burst of lust exploding with a powerful thrust that almost knocked me to the other side of the room.

“Thank you Sam,” those were the last words I heard as I left her on the desk before I went to tell Ellen that Lauren wants to make love to her.

“You fucking idiot,” Shine yelled at me the instant she saw me enter the club. “What have you done?” 

“What? What did I do?” Either my IQ had been dropping drastically since I started coming here or I was in need of much rest. “Did I brake something in the club?” I stupidly asked, “I can pay for it if I did.”

“You idiot,” Shine kept yelling at me, “you have broken Lauren’s heart Sam. I’ve known Lauren for years. She’s my best friend and I’ve never seen her cry. What did you do to her? More importantly what are you going to do now? Finish her off.”

“Damn it Shine. Why does everyone keep blaming me for Lauren’s condition today?” I was almost on the verge of exploding myself. “I didn’t do anything. I swear. Ellen did.” Shine stood in utter surprise at this revelation as I began to tell her what Lauren told me.

“Ok stroppy. So what are you planning to do now?” Shine asked

“How the hell should I know,” I said, “I was going to ask you that same question. You’re the know it all. So help me out here.” 

“Oh no lover boy. You’re on your own on this one,” Shine gracefully declined, “but you better fix this soon or I’ll brake every single bone in your body myself,” and she left me standing in the middle of the club to fend on my own. What a friend!

I called Lauren the next day and told her to come to Club Moon. The first thing she asked was if I told Ellen anything about her and I vaguely replied that I did.

I was the first one to arrive to the club and I went straight to our room; the private dungeon room where we have been spending our nights together. Ok I agree it is not the most romantic setting to confess ones love but nothing about those two had been romantic so far. Lauren came into the room a few minutes later. She didn’t say a word and she started pacing back and forth waiting for her lover to arrive. I was sitting on a sofa looking at her and perspiring like a shower. When Ellen finally came in Lauren froze in her place and I immediately stood up waiting for something to happen. Well my plan was really simple. I thought that having them confront one another would solve the problem. Very simple and stupid but it almost worked. Lauren stood at one end of the room while Ellen was on the other and I stood right in the middle. Oh God. I wished the earth had opened up and swallowed me right about then. Bad plan. Bad plan.

Well I am going to briefly jot down below how the conversation went and you can judge if my idiotic plan had worked:

“Why didn’t you tell me about this before?” Ellen asked.

“Because I didn’t know it before,” replied Lauren.

“I am very flattered,” Ellen said.

“I wrote you a poem,” Lauren said.

“I thought you weren’t the mushy type,” Ellen said.

“I usually aren’t but suddenly I felt so poetic,” Lauren explained.

“Oh that’s so sweet. Thank you,” Ellen was excited but nervous. It was probably the first time someone has ever written her a poem before.

That’s when I tried to intervene, “maybe I should leave you two to figure this out” yep very much the intervention specialist.

“Shut up Sam,” Ellen, my ever so timid assistant, snapped at me and my intervention was just circumvented. 

“I’ve never been with a girl before Sam forced it on me,” Ellen said. 

“And neither have I,” Lauren added. 

“But you know me very well Lauren,” Ellen said, “I never thought that someone like you would want someone like me.”

“I guess we are both messed up,” Lauren sighed, “maybe that is another reason I want you. You know me better then anyone.”

All this time I had been trying to find a way to slip past those two and leap toward the door but I didn’t make it. 

“And where the hell do you think you’re going Sam?” Lauren yelled at me, “sit down before I brake both your legs.” 

What is it with everyone wanting to braking my extremities. Enough was enough but before I said, “I …….”

She yelled again, “Sam SIT,” and I flopped down on the sofa waiting for the events to unravel. I don’t know why both girls wanted me to stay in the room. Maybe they wanted some reassurances and I was the only one who can give it to them. I don’t know. But I couldn’t ask them right when they were about to make love.

“What now?” Ellen asked.

“Now is the time for you to say Yes or No,” Lauren replied.

Ellen just smiled and nodded her head and before I knew it both girls were in each others arms embarking on a passionate kiss that took my own breath away.

I have seen many hot lesbian love making scenes watching porn all my life, what hot blooded man hadn’t. However I had never seen anything like what just transpired in front of me that night. It was one of the most beautiful and passionate love making scenes I ever saw. Even when they began to take their clothes off their eyes never wondered away from one another. They wanted to devour everything about each other. When Ellen was eating Lauren’s pussy I felt my cock wanting to explode. However when Lauren was on top of Ellen with her head between her thighs it almost did. I just sat there wetting myself as my two girls were drying each other’s pussies one orgasms after another rocking their bodies through out the night.

I had to sit still on the sofa all that time. I didn’t want to leave. Hell I was afraid to leave. I only had two legs and I was fairly attached to them so leaving wasn’t an option. And who in his fucking mind would decline an invitation like that. But eventually I dozed off many many hours later. I must have dreamt all kinds of lovely wet dreams. But one which really stuck in my mind was about me sitting in a chair with two lovely ladies sucking my cock until it exploded all over the place. What a lovely dream. I woke up very early the next day to an empty room. Lauren and Ellen had left and my cock was dangling out of my sticky pants and my semen was splattered all over my trousers.

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