Club Moon Chapter 1

This is chapter 1 of 13 chapters in the series Club Moon

Damn. When is this day going to end? 

I was sitting in my cubicle waiting for the five o’clock bell so I could get out of there. A business graduate with a Masters degree from Boston University and I was fucking sitting behind a desk shuffling papers in Charlotte, North Carolina. How could this be the only job I could find? Every one keeps saying the economy is bad but this was ridiculous. 

“Why are you so eager to leave the office Sam?” James a fellow coworker asked me from behind his desk, “it is not that you have any plans for the weekend.” He liked to rub it in. James was a miserable person and he wanted everyone to feel the way he does. I was almost there.

“Yeh working for Glow Enterprise is my dream Job,” I said, “and Miss Glow surely appreciates all the hard work we are putting in her company.” Sarcasm wasn’t in my nature but James always brought out the dark side in me.

“You know Miss Glow?” and he wasn’t a smart fellow either.

“No James,” I gave up, “I don’t know Miss Glow. No one knows Miss Glow. Hell no one has even seen Miss Glow. She sits in her office on the sixtieth floor of this building and we are stuck here on the third,” DING and I was saved by the bell. 

I had been working at Glow Enterprises for the past year and I was still a lowly fifth grade employee. I had to get out of Glow Tower or I was going to loose my mind.

I was about to shut down my computer when I received an internal company email. Damn. Not now. I was just leaving. It was already one minute past five. I didn’t have to open this email. But I did.

Dear Mr Sam Smith

You are kindly invited to visit Club Moon where we will cater to all your fantasies and desires.

If you decide to accept our invitation then please reply to this email and we will send you the address.

We look forward to your visit and we wish to welcome you among us very soon.

Club Moon.

This was surely a Joke? Somebody in the office was pulling my leg? But who? I didn’t know many people around here and those I got to know weren’t too interested of being more than friends. As for James he was definitely not so bright to pull something like that. Should I go along and see this through? Why not? It is not that I had any plans for the weekend.

The address I was sent was downtown, 500 Caldwell Street. But there was no 500 Caldwell Street or any club that I could see anywhere. Someone played me good alright. 

As I was about to drive away I noticed a small barely visible sign on the wall of a run down empty building. The sign with the numbers 5 and 0 written on it. Another number next to those had almost faded out. God it was another number ‘0’. No? This could not be it. But what if it was? I parked the car to check it out. An inconspicuous battered door stood underneath the faded sign. I knocked on it and a hugh angry man wearing a black suite and dark glasses opened the door.

“My name is Sam Smith and I have an invitation to the Club Moon,” I said.

The man slammed the door in my face. 

What the hell was that all about? A few seconds later the door opened once again and the same large man welcomed me in, “Come in Mr Smith.”

I stepped inside and proceeded to go down a long staircase which lead to the basement. I was faced with another door so I knocked on it once again. This was getting ridiculous. I kept expecting some of my friends to spring up and surprise me with their prank or a surprise party. Only my birthday wasn’t any time soon. Damn I was curious to get to the bottom of this.

The door suddenly opened and I walked inside to find a club, a complete  whole club, a beautifully decorated club with tables, leather chairs, a large bar, dancing floors, as well as a large stage all constructed out of black steel material and decorated with red satin and velvet. Damn this couldn’t be true? There was a club there after all. But who in his right mind would set up a club in such a place and wouldn’t even put a proper sign outside?

I saw a few people scattered around the place. Some were sitting alone while others were in groups talking, smiling and whispering. Hell some were even kissing and making out and I felt a flush of heat swarm in my body. Unfortunately I didn’t recognize anyone so I walked to the bar and ordered a drink. The gorgeous Amazonian bartender handed me my order as she smiled seductively with her large blue eyes. “first time isn’t it?” she asked. Damn she was so beautiful. 

“Is it so obvious?” I replied.

“I’ve been a bartender for years and I know how to spot them,” she said, “My name is Shine by the way,” and she introduced herself.

“Sam. Sam Smith. What is this place?” I asked, “and how come no one has even heard of it?”

“Oh this is a private club,” Shine explained, “by invitation only, and you must have gotten yours,” she added.

“But whose invitation did I get?” I asked.

“Now that is the interesting part,” she said, “no one knows. They call her Moon. It is her club. But no one here really knows who she is,” now she was being weird, “but once you experience what the club has to offer then you wouldn’t care.”

“You mean to tell me that no one here knows why they got invited by this mysterious Moon lady and for what?” Now I was getting worried, “she could be a serial killer for all I know. Hell she could even be anyone around here. Couldn’t she?” I felt a tinge of fear but I tried not to show it.

I don’t know why Shine laughed at what I just told her but she said, “maybe she is. Anyway go and explore the place Sam. I think you’ll be surprised. I’ll have another drink for you when you get back. It is on the house.” 

I grabbed my drink and began to explore. The club was larger then I expected. It extended three more floors down. The first level held the bar and the dancing floor but I didn’t expect what I saw when I went to the second. As I was going down the stairs I heard moans of pleasure then I saw why.

On my right I spotted a naked woman dancing on a pole while some people were standing and watching her in admiration. Damn she was good.

On my left I saw two lovely ladies making out on a circular bed. The whole bed rotated slowly in a complete circle. As it completed one round I could see every angle of their love making as did all who were watching by my side. It was a hell of a show.

I walked further to see a woman being fucked from behind by a man while she sucked another man’s cock. A large audience had gathered to watch those three pleasuring one another. My cock was starting to feel the heat and I held it in my hand to keep it in place.

On the other side another couple were making love, just simple and pure adulterated passionate love. No one was watching those two but I could not help myself. My poor cock would just not let me walk away.

Where the hell was I? What kind of a club was this? It wasn’t the usual swingers club and I have been to a few? Definitely not a strip club. Those people were not doing a show for anyone. It was obvious they were there to enjoy themselves. Were they all invited here as I was? But why? And by whom?

I proceeded to go to the third level. The instant I took the last step down I saw a couple sitting peacefully in a hot tub, drinking and talking. As I walked by they looked at me and smiled. I had a feeling they were inviting me to join them only I smiled back and left them alone. Several other hot tubs of different sizes and design were scattered through out the floor but they were all empty except for that first one. I walked further and I saw several doors leading to private rooms on either side. Some were closed while others were opened to reveal bedrooms with various decoration designs; Amazonian, Roman, Egyptian, Art Deco…etc.

However what I saw in the lowest most level of the club blew my mind away. The complete floor was a large BDSM dungeon that catered to every kind of fetish fantasy one could imagine. I saw a girl tied up on a suspension rope with another girl kneeling in front of her eating her pussy. A man was standing behind her and whipping her from behind. A small audience of five or six people were watching them doing their dominance act. Some of the people were even kissing and fondling one another as they watched. 

This was unbelievable. I had to get another drink. My forehead was dripping wet and my throat was dry as a desert. Could I have been wrongly invited here? Fuck could this place even exist except in my fantasies?

I took the elevator and returned to the bar. “I was surprised all right,” I told Shine, the beautiful bartender. “Were those shows for real? Or have you put something in my drink?” and she laughed.

“No Sam, everything you saw was for real,” she said, “you can also join them if you want. That is if you ask nicely.”

“You mean everyone around here is free to do what they want? And with whom ever they want?” I blurted out.

“Of course,” she replied.

“Even you?” Now I was pushing my luck.

She laughed as she said, “well not when I am working, but maybe later.”

“What about the owner of this place?” I was still curious, “was she one of those playing or watching down there?”

“She might have been, I don’t know,” Shine surprisingly said, “but why are you still asking about her?” She wondered.

“I want to thank her personally for inviting me here,” I explained.

“Good luck finding her,” she grunted, “according to my knowledge no one has.”

“Oh I will,” I said, “I will. If I have to fuck everyone in this club. I will”

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