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Cloud 9

She tossed and she turned, her pillow was lumpy tonight. This happened quite frequently these days. She was so used to feeling the warmth of him next to her, but now, everything was different. She couldn’t sleep like she used to. She lied awake for hours, her mind speeding through the treacherous trail of destruction. She found herself feeling every emotion known to man every day. It was exhausting.

As she started to finally doze off, her phone dinged. Again. DING.  She knew it was him, finally responding to her blow up she had messaged hours earlier.  Sometimes she just got on this rant and couldn’t control herself. She just let him have it, all these past feelings coming to the surface,  full of anger and bitterness. She sent him 6 messages within an hours time, no response. Now, at 11 pm he wanted to message back. Of course, she thought, now you have the time!!!  It made her blood boil when he did this. Why couldn’t she be more important to him? Why couldn’t he see how much she loved him? Yes, she was alot. She was difficult at times, but didn’t anyone ever teach him that a good woman would never be easy to handle? 

She rolled over to her nightstand and grabbed her phone. ‘Can I come over?’ Her response, after all the mean things she said in the previous text, she simply said ‘yes’ . Of course she said yes, she wanted him just as much as he wanted her. They were like fire and ice. They sizzled everytime they were within 5 ft of one another,  the chemistry was like nothing she had ever felt.

She jumped up, with a grin on her face, unlocked the door, and slipped into something sexy for him. She waited patiently for the sound of his music to come down her street. She could usually hear him coming a mile away. She loved that. The anticipation was something he had unintentionally drilled into her from years of the waiting game. And she learned to love it. Actually, it was a love/hate relationship that she didn’t know how to live without.

She lay awake, waiting, positioning herself several times, she wanted to look good, sexy, desirable. She wanted him to walk in that door and take control of her body, her heart, her soul. And that was exactly what he would do when he got there. She knew this because that was always what happened with those late texts. He had control of her and she was eager to give him the control.
After some time passed, she heard the door, so quietly he latched n locked it behind him. The soft steps down the hall made  her heart race inside because she knew what was coming. He slipped in the room, the lights out, she heard his zipper, he pulled the covers back, not a word was spoken. He found her lips in the darkness. His kisses were like heaven, so slow and passionate, like he meant it. One of the only times she knew he really meant it was when his pants were off. 
His hand slowly crept toward her favorite spot. Her nipples were always ready for him. He firmly gave one nipple a squeeze and brushed his hand on her breast. She trembled,  she could feel her nipples growing with his touch. It made her want more of him. She knew she would get more of him.
Foreplay was always so intense. The most intense sexual experience she had ever felt and with him it was time and time again the best she had ever had. Like magic. 

She let him twist her nipple while she found his penis under the covers. Already hard as a rock, he breathed heavily while she stroked him softly just like he liked it. She couldn’t wait to put her mouth on him. She knew just how to make love to his cock with her mouth. He loved how she sucked on it, as he should, he taught her how 25 years prior.
She slowly slivered her way down, down, down.  She rested herself on his thigh while she wrapped her mouth around him, slowly making his shaft wet with her saliva. Whenever she was sucking his cock she always took her time. Sometimes she thought she may love it more than he did and he LOVED it.

She concentrated on the tip, as he always loved that the most. She licked it, she caressed it, she rubbed her soft lips on it, she knew his toes were curling and she loved how she could please him in a way that no other woman could thus far. She loved feeling his cock grow while it was in her mouth.  As she lie there on her side, with his cock sliding in and out of her mouth, she felt her pussy getting wet. He felt it too, he knew what she needed. He knew that she needed to feel him inside of her.

He whispered to her, ‘give me my pussy’ That only made her more wet, more excited and ready for his cock. He stood up, he pulled her to edge of the bed. She lay on her back, legs up around him as he grabbed her ass n pulled her as close to the edge as she could be without falling. He slowly put his cock inside her as she held her breath.

It always felt like the perfect fit every single time. He knew her spots, he knew her body, better than she did probably. He pushed it all the way in and she took a deep breath. The best feeling in the world, she thought. Her juices flowing, making his cock slide so nicely in and out of her. They both were on cloud 9. She moaned with pleasure as she grabbed his hands to place them on her nipples. He twisted them with just enough firmness to make her know who the boss was. He knew how she wanted it. He would lick and suck on her pink painted toes while he thrusted himself into her wet pussy.

After some time, he told her to turn over with her ass up. She did as she was told.  He pushed the arch of her back downward and slid his cock back into her from behind.  It hit different this way and he knew how much she loved this position.  Head down in the sheet, she moaned for more. He smacked her cheeks, one side and then the other side. Sometimes softer, sometimes he’d throw a good smack in there and she’d let out a yelp. But not a yelp in pain but out of surprise and pure enjoyment. He grabbed her hips and thrusted even harder.

While he was pushing his cock inside of her, he lubed his finger and gently ran his finger up and down her ass. She shivered with excitement. She knew. She loved it when he put his finger in her ass while he was fucking her.  He did it so gently, yet so to the point, like, ‘yes I’m getting your ass.’ She took it too, everytime. Because nothing hurt with him. He pleased every inch of her body, he made her whole body shiver until she exploded.  He knew that would make her cum. She was pushing herself back, back farther n farther so his finger was all the way in her ass and his cock was all the way in her pussy. She was tingling from the inside out, making him wet with all of her juices. Her legs shaking, her body with chills, the best feeling ever, since the last time. She stood up, body still in disbelief that the act of sex could be that magnificent. She leaned her back into his body, so he would kiss her neck and her cheek.  She hugged him, full of love.

They crawled into the bed, she found her spot, outlining him, as if they were two strings intertwined from top to bottom. He whispered ‘I love you’. She smiled. She knew everything would be different in the morning, but she would live on this 9th cloud for the rest of tonight, and she was going to enjoy it. ‘I love you too’ …and she closed her eyes. 

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    1. Your story was enchanting and beguiling – for a first time writer well done! Presentation is all when you upload an erotic tale: so please format your work (format> align should do it!) And an appropriate sexy picture always helps to gain reader interest! Go for it, girl!

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