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My princess knows her carriage waits

outside with Cinderella plates,

but from the limo’s tinted glass

I see her figure swirling past

the castle window, arm in arm

with dark and handsome, Mister Charm.


Her dress, like spangled ocean spray,

invites his swimming hands to play

across the hollows, clefts, and curves

that every man feels he deserves.


Alas, as midnight’s chimes commence,

the princess flees and leaves the prince

in utter awestruck disbelief.

She leaps the hedges like a thief!


Across the lawn, she seems to glide.

I crack the door.  She jumps inside.

And as we’re driving through the gates,

her dainty dress evaporates.


She’s left in leather, bra, and thong.

“Now here’s your collar; put it on!”

I clip her chain, then pull her close.

“When we get home, your ass is toast!”


My princess smiles a fairy smirk,

enticing me to sternly jerk

her slender neck down to the floor.

“Just lick my cunt, you naughty whore!”


She in obedience complies,

for all submissives recognize

reward is earned on bended knee.

The ropes of bondage set them free.


And thus my princess probes me deep

with darting tongue and finger sweep.

My geyser floods her pretty face

with gobs of creamy sugar paste.


She eats me like a warm éclair,

(my custard oozing everywhere)

then licks her lips and asks me soft,

“Now please, my mistress, get me off?”


I roughly roll her on my lap

and give her ass a royal slap,

then pull her leather thong aside

to spread her pouting pussy wide.


“You’re soaking wet, you slutty bitch!”

I wield her garter like a switch

and whale against her curtains, pink

till scarlet welts appear distinct

across the petals of her bloom.


I stop

She cums

Then I resume…


Her agonizing cries embrace

the pain as I increase the pace

and pound my fist inside her core

till beads of sweat fill every pore.


At last, she wilts with trembling thighs.

Her climax sings a lullaby

as limply drooling on the seat

her limber groan admits defeat.


Then from behind, a pair of lights

come screaming up and flash their brights.

They wave us over to the side;

a friend or foe, I can’t decide.


But as the driver’s getting out,

I sense what this is all about.

“Oh, Miss,” he says, “you dropped your shoe!

I had to bring it back to you.”


“Well please come on and join the fun;

there’s room in here for everyone,”

I kindly offer with a grin.

And so the prince just steps right in.


I tell the driver, “Punch the gas” 

then grab the prince and kick his ass!

Much later in our dungeon cave,

we buckle down our brand new slave.


“What will we do with all these boys;

we’re running out of straps and toys?”

my princess asks ~ she looks perplexed

when suddenly she gets a text.


She laughs and lets me read her phone;

To Cinderella: Address Unknown

“Please join me for The Ball at four”

She smiles.  “Mistress, it’s just one more…”


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