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Christine Cuckolds Joel after he BEGGED her SO HARD not to SHOW ANYONE his SECRET NAUGHTY Videos

My Husband had me in tears
sneakin’ out of the house
for over twenty-five years
wearing my Red Lipstick
My Black Stockings TOO
snuck behind my back
just for something to do
He wore ALL of my sexiest outfits
my makeup, my lingerie, my blonde wig
He doesn’t want the world to know this
or that his penis is not very big

He LOVES to SNEAK into his wife’s 
Which quite coincidentally is the same size 
as his VERY LITTLE dick 
Her Steampunk Gear & Black Lingerie 
he sneaks into that and more
Likes to show off stocking tops and
dress up like a whore
He wants to keep all of this
his big fat secret thing
Cared more for dressing up as a slutty girl
than for his wedding ring

He doesn’t want the world to know
His dick’s not very big
A tiny, minor, INSIGNIFICANT little detail
and he stole my new blonde wig
So now when I threaten to show 
all his small town lifelong friends
Jodie’s “Secret” Cross-Dressing blog
he knows his fake macho reputation 
surely’s gonna immediately end 
reputation fucked hard like a dog

I could be oh so very forgiving
but I’m not of course
Revenge is for what I am living
I’m gonna be a nasty little snot
I was considering a nasty divorce
where everybody points and talks of him
feeling sorry for moi the wife
saying “poor woman had to tolerate his teeny tiny dick”
and “he wore her clothes their whole married life”
“watched cuckold videos with lots of big black COCK”
she proved he liked to put on her favorite Red Lipstick
and to POSE in PUBLIC. Putting on WAY TOO MUCH of his wife’s
favorite Red Lipstick. Trying to pose in front of other women hopefully.
Right Joel?
And I can prove all this with SCREENSHOTS
and Selfie Videos of Hubby in DRAG
When I found his SECRET Flash-Drive
which I surely will keep for keeps
to Fuck with his New-Cuckold Mind
he nearly had a heart attack
while I never felt more alive
like a whiny baby he weeps
He said baby please don’t tell ANYBODY
please don’t SHOW MY FRIENDS	
I said darling if you don’t obey my every word
you know how this story ends

I took years of Hubby’s Video Selfies
edited them like an ANGRY wife SHOULD
made a blog dedicated to
Hubby’s Cross-Dressing &
he has it down VERY good
To show just how good he is
at dressing up as a girl
and when hubby finally sees it
his head will spin and swirl
Because it will be OBVIOUS 
to his “Playin’ Dress-Up and
SNEAKING around”.

Can’t just use an ALIBI like
“It was my wife’s idea”
“just for a costume party”
“lost a bet” “wife made me over”

and that he dresses up ALL BY HIMSELF.
Isn’t that RIGHT, Joel?
It tickles me sort of intimately 
that people will see this view
his blog I linked to right here
on my biography website too

And I’ll show my husband
this Blog I made for him 
for the very first time
Just before my 
arrives at our house
to fuck me in front him.

And, yes, we WILL laugh.
At least, Paul & I will.

What do you think?


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