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Cheating on you at the party

I’m looking at you, and the party is in full swing. Large rooms of friends’ houses, couples, singles, lovers, and spouses. I see you standing and chatting uninterestedly with some woman. I’m standing with my husband, and we’re also disinterestedly talking to some acquaintances.
You and I look at each other without our partners noticing.I want you, and you want me. The music is loud, everyone is happy, and only you and I exchange looks that no one can see. You came to our company just a few months ago. I hated and despised you. You are much younger than me. I thought you were a kid, ambitious, and arrogant; you annoyed me, and then I had to admit to myself that it all turned me on.
I started wearing more challenging clothes and stuttering when I talk to you, so that it makes you smile, and I ran to my office. It wasn’t long before just a whiff of your perfume would cause my nipples to harden and my pussy to release juice. I was getting closer to you as we talked, putting my head on your neck just to smell that cologne of yours mixed with the scent of your skin. I knew I shouldn’t, that it would make my crotch cringe, but it was always stronger than me.
You made the hours at the company the most beautiful part of my day and made me love cold corridors and offices. Why did you touch my upper arm? Everything could have been left to my imagination. It could have been just imagining you making love to my husband. It could have been me running my finger over my clitoral area in my locked office. But you decided to gently grab my upper arm. And why did you leave your hand there? For God’s sake, why did I let you do that? And when you finally decided to let me go, you had to rub my hand? I went home early that day, curled up on the sofa, and had a few words with my husband. Until the morning, when I saw you again. in your nail shop, while people were still coming to work and it wasn’t crowded. I approached you, you got up to say good morning, and I hugged and kissed you.
Why didn’t you reject me? Why did you let me keep my arms around your neck, and why, oh, why did our lips meet?

Days passed; we went out for coffee on break; normally, your hand was on my knee; in the car, we kissed for the first time as lovers. And now at the party, surrounded by all these people, even those dear and loved ones, we look at each other secretly.
My husband put the arm around my waist, over the little black dress, which I put on especially for you, under which I don’t have a bra, while my legs are covered by black stockings and on my feet are high heels. He doesn’t know that.
And my best friend, who organized his party, approaches our group. She greets everyone, but mostly everyone looks at her cleavage. She is charming and feminine; quickly, people stop paying attention to the women in our group, including me. I separate from my husband, while she turns her attention to him. He acts as if bewitched by her, and the alcohol also does its job. She offers him another glass from the exact waiter who passed by us. I apologize to my husband; I say I have to go to the bathroom.
Then she turns to me and says, “On the second floor, last door on the left, my dear.”

And she will continue to entertain my husband with laughter. My gaze is on you as we make our way through the crowd of happy, drunk people. We meet at the staircase, which is fortunately hidden from view. I say fortunately because I take your hand and lead you up the stairs. That’s so irresponsible of me; someone could see us. But there is not much light there; it is hidden from view. We climbed hurriedly, and now we are on the floor. I look down to see a crowd of people drinking, laughing, and celebrating. I watch how my husband enjoys the company of my friend and how they both smile and laugh.
Last door on the left. We are here.
I open the door to the bedroom and the large French bed.I just pushed you in and closed the door behind us.
“Let’s be quick; we don’t have much time,” I say through the kisses you give me, all intoxicated with desire and lust.

I take off your jacket, and you kiss my lips and neck. Clothes that breathe my dress and leave bare parts of the thigh and ass. I push you on the bed and unfasten your belt and pants. Oh, Lord, you’re already stiff! Your cock is powerful, big, and full of veins. I waste time and swallow it in my mouth. How I like his stiffness and the salty taste in my mouth, and your sigh when you felt the heat of my mouth and throat on him.
You want this to last, but we don’t have time. You put your hand on the back of my head as a sign of pleasure, but love, we don’t have time… I get up from the floor, kneeling on the edge of the bed. You approach me from behind, and we both know what we want and what will happen. You run your finger over my lips, which are open and wet.
“Oh, you’re so delicious,” I hear you say softly behind me.
Did you just taste my juice? Oh, how it pleases my soul! I love to know that the juices of my pussy please you and make you happy. My love, they are leaking because of you.
Your powerful cock passes over my lips; I’m ready to cum.

You place the tip of your cock at the entrance to my desiring femininity, grab my hips, and in one powerful and orgasmic move, you rush all the way into me.

I sighed, and the orgasm shook me–the first one I have with you, my love. First and foremost, my whole body is shaking. You don’t even wait for him to calm down, but you move strongly and masculinely, lovingly, to stab me. You hold me tight and pull me towards you. I move my bottom to meet your thrusts. As another orgasm awakens, I forget about my husband, family, and home. They no longer exist; there is no one and nothing but us, my love, you, me, my over-satisfied cunt, and your perfect cock. You make me happy, my love, a man whom I used to hate and despise and to whom I am now giving myself in my friend’s bedroom. I completely give it to you while my husband waits downstairs, in all his ignorance. I enjoy cheating, I enjoy being happily married to a wonderful husband, and I enjoy betraying him by fucking with you. I am happy and even more enjoying the fact that I am having another orgasm, and my

My husband is downstairs, and my friend is holding him back, waiting for me to come back.
You, my love, can’t stand it either. This is our first sex, and I can feel your cock expanding.
“Please cum in me. Feel free. I’m not protected, but I want your sperm. I’ll take care of everything in the morning.” I tell you, intermittently, while enjoying this hot, raw sex, we have to be faster, and I want this to last… and it will last; believe me, this will not be the only time.
These words of mine pushed you over the edge; the thrusts of your hips are brutal; I hear you moaning like a wounded beast, and then suddenly, you pull me onto your hips and hold me pinned to your cock while spewing hot volleys of sperm into my birth canal.
I’m cumming too. Oh dear, how I like your young and potent seed!
You moved away from me; I’m starving you; you’re out of breath. A trail of cum hangs from the tip of your powerful cock. I kneeled down, and in two passes, I licked off both your liquid and mine. God, it tastes wonderful.
We fix our clothes and our appearance in the mirror. You slowly go out first, and after a minute, I follow you. Although I felt like an eternity had passed, we were only five or six minutes into the realm of passion. For the first time.

As I leave the room, almost timidly, everything returns to normal. I am returning to another world. I love my home, family, and husband. I approach the fence of the first floor and see my friend still talking to my husband. You, my love, pass by the two of them and go to the door, leaving. She noticed you and looked discreetly up, like me. Then, with a smile, she turned my husband so that his back was facing me.

I go down and take two glasses of some drink from the waiter. I approach my friend and my husband. I apologize for being absent for a while. The husband is happy; he doesn’t have an iota of self-doubt. With a smile on my lips, I give him a drink. We toast to our love and raise our glasses to drink. He drank his in one manly gulp. I kept mine in my mouth, and with the feeling of fire that destroyed every taste of cock and pussy juices, I gasped, showing my husband the liquid in my mouth. I hug him with my arms and open my mouth for a kiss, which he accepts. Our tongues bathed in drink intertwine, so we share a kiss and a drink.
“Let’s get out of here. I want you; I want you to conquer me to confirm that I’m yours,” I say softly in his ear.
We go outside and sit in the car. I kiss him while he drives and feel how much I love him. Even more so after the woodshed, even stronger because I found a lover, because tonight I lost my second virginity.

Angels of Lust

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