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Chapter 5:  Act 3

This is chapter 5 of 6 chapters in the series Enheduanna

Chapter 5:  Act 3


Lugan is the last king of Sumer in the city of Eridu, the old city of his ancestors. He tells his wife (Nanni) about his father and how he was killed by Sargon. He also tells her that he is gathering what remained of his father’s army and wants to take back Ur and Uruk, the two greatest Sumerian cities. He tells his wife that he wants to slay the high priestess and the daughter of Sargon as revenge for his father’s killing. He considers her an usurper and pretender to the high priestess.


Lugan and Nanni are in their bed chamber. They are making love.

In the middle of the night

when lovers are alight.

Two swim in lust.

Swirling passion and dust.

on the floor of their room.

He drinks her in full

as she takes it all.

Wrapped together as one

before either is done,

before the Sun is in bloom

His manhood he thrust 

between her waiting bust,

welcoming him with a cry

of passion, and a sigh

of lust echoing in the room.

Bursting over her mound.

Sighing with a loud sound.

Drinking his life in her mouth.

Splashing it north and south,

outside of her womb. 


I want to sweep you off your feet, 

on a bed of love, and passion, 

until both our hearts stop to beat.

Every night in this fashion.


I would like nothing less

my love to be in your arm,

but I feel you are restless

Tonight. Anyone done you harm?


You have always known what I felt.  

True. My heart is elsewhere. 

Thinking what fate has dealt

to us and to everyone we care.


Life and fate can be changed.

Nothing is written that could not be

un-chiseled, killed or maimed 

anywhere, anyplace, on land or sea.


I wish that was true my wife.

My father was killed thinking such.

Believing no one could take his life

until Sargon did, as I watched.


Your father underestimated his foe.

He should have had more men

and struck with one blow.

You won’t make that mistake again.


Now we are in Eridu waiting 

for what remains of Sumer to gather,

before we emerge from our hiding,

and march under one banner.


You are the last king of this land.

Everyone will stand with you.

We will fight or die where you stand.

You know what you have to do.


I will retake Uruk then Ur or die.

I will kill Sargon’s daughter, that witch.

She dares on the gods to lie.

I will drink her blood, that bitch.


Your armies will follow you

into the gates of hell as will I.

Rest assured, everyone will do

as you tell them or they will die. 


Oh wife.

What have I done to deserve thee?

My life.

Even the gods have abandoned me

to be

alone in this plight.


My love.

You fill my heart with joy and glee.

My dove.

Traitors or cowards we will never be

or flee.

without a fight.

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