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Chapter 4:  Act 2

This is chapter 4 of 6 chapters in the series Enheduanna

Chapter 4:  Act 2


Anna returns to her quarters to find her maid (ILum) and scribe (Sagadu) having sex. She interrupts them to tell them that she was summoned to her father’s court.

She tells them that they should make love to her as she is now high priestess of Inanna and Anu.


Anna enters to find ILum and Sagadu making love.

Two lovers savagely unite

in the early part of the night.

Holding tight to dear life 

a lover, a husband, a scribe.

Plunging his might

like a sharp carving knife

into his lover, the maid, his wife.


Don’t you two ever rest?!

Lusting on my desk like newlyweds.

Go to your rooms or at best, use a bed.

(Scrambling to fix their attire and stand to attention in front of their mistress)

-ILum (wickedly smiling)

Sorry my young mistress.

It was all his insistence.

-Sagadu (yelling)


But!! But…

She was the one…

She wanted to have fun..

She dragged me on…

She!! She…

-Anna (chuckling…)

Breath Sugadu…breath…

Before you sniff out your life.

I’ve known ILum for a long time.

She was my maid before 

she ever was your wife.

And I know for a fact

that she is always the one.

Now stop fooling around

and help me pack

before the rising Sun.


Where are we going my lady?

I sense you have much to say.

I have always been your friend 

and confidant long before this day.

So tell us what we missed today.


You are right my dear ILum.

I do have much to say.

I just came from my father’s court.

And I’m honored to tell you

you are now looking at Nanna’s consort

and the High Priestess of the god Anu

(Upon hearing this surprising news ILum and Sugadu knelt in front of their Mistress)


What are you two doing?! 

Rise up you fools.

I don’t need you to drool.

Even though I am the high priestess

I am first and foremost your mistress.

I need your strength not your foolishness.

I need your help where I am to stay. 

I need my dearest aids to fend

my enemies and keep my friends at bay.

I need you both to stem my fear.

But most of all I need you to be near.


We are forever yours your highness.

We will do as you please.


We are servants of the high priestess.

And we will always keep you pleased.

-Anna (smiling again)

This is exactly what I want to hear

Words of wisdom and lust 

not blabbering fear.

But I see my maid is still in heat

and my scribe’s little dangling spear.

And since you are still on your hands and knees

you might as well my lust appease.

So carry me to bed and shed

my clothes for I might as well 

practice to cast the priestess spell.

I need my passions to quell.


Your wish 

is our command.


Your command 

is all we wish.

(Sagadu and ILum escort their mistress on to her bed as ordered)



Eat your heart out.

Drink every last drop 

that falls

from my mound

for I am in lust.

Lick what remains

of my river 

until I burst

until you smell 

the musk


on my mane.


Plunge into your wife.

I want to see her eyes

shine as you dive

deep into her hive.

I want to hear her 

whine your name 

and mine

as I dine

and drink 

the wine

of my fruits 

before we all

turn to dust.

For my name 

is Enheduanna 

I am the wife 

of Nanna

high priestess

of Inanna

and passion 

is my game.

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