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Chapter 3

This is chapter 3 of 9 chapters in the series Love and Hate

Love and Hate Chapter 3

“So tell me. Are you fucking my husband as well?”

Bernice was surprised I was so blunt. She didn’t reply but she couldn’t help herself. She giggled before looking away. Of course she did. I knew it.

Bernice was helping me take a bath. She held the hot bucket of water and poured it over my head, probably hoping I would shut up or drawn.

“Never mind,” I added, trying to shake the water from my eyes, “it doesn’t surprise me if you were. I have heard that many wealthy men, even Lords, have concubines or slaves like yourselves to satisfy their perverted sexual appetites, so why would my husband be any different.”

“Nooo… my lady. We are not slaves. My sister and I are free women,” Bernice categorically replied, “Master Preston doesn’t own slaves, my lady. Not in his household nor in any of his ships nor at his establishments.” 

After that fucking extravaganza on the dinning table with my husband yesterday, the two sisters came in and helped me get back to my room. That is when I realized that Beatrice and Bernice were sisters. Twins actually. Not identical twins I might add, but definitely twins. I didn’t see the resemblance until they were standing next to each other in my room. Even then I wouldn’t allow Beatrice to be my maidservant. I kicked her out of my room once again and I opted to choose the giggling twin to be my maidservant instead. I should have kicked the whole family out.

But still, I couldn’t understand why the two sisters were in my husband’s employment. I was determined to find out. “So why do you allow him to treat you like that?!” I asked.

“Like what my lady?” Bernice was confused, “Master Preston is a fine gentleman, my lady. In fact we owe him our lives and we’ll do everything he asks of us.”

“YOU OWE HIM YOUR LIVES?” shouting my surprise. “You’re certainly showing him a great deal of gratitude,” mockingly adding my disapproval.

“Oh he deserves more than that, my lady,” giggling again as she added. “He saved our lives from pirates who did all sorts of terrible things to us, specially to my sister Beatrice. She took most of the brunt of their torture.” The giggles stopped when she relayed that story. “We were not more than twelve when we were taken by pirates……almost five years ago we have been set free by the master and we chose to serve him of our own free will. He doesn’t force us to do anything.”

The story of Bernice and her sister was very fascinating. What was even more fascinating to me was how my husband treated the help in his household. Those who usually own slaves, including my father, tend to beat them up pretty badly. I’ve seen it with my own eyes. And it is not something I want to remember. However that was not the case with Mr Preston. He treated the help in his household as if they were family rather than servants. Well..except for me. On the rare occasion he happened to see me he almost treats me like a slave. When he looks at me I always feel that he really doesn’t like me. And of course I hate him. So we tried to stay out of each other’s way. Our dining room incident was the only proof of our marriage consummation since I got here. Of course I didn’t expect there would be more. Until that day.

Weeks and months passed since the dinning room incident and my husband would go on his business trips for days sometimes weeks leaving me in the loving care of the sluts and Mrs Mellow. I didn’t have any friends around here. More than that Mr Preston’s house was situated a days ride from Lancaster. So I had to entertain myself by reading, eating, or taking long strolls along the empty beaches stretching for miles in both directions.

One day I was walking along the beach and I stopped to admire the waves playing and dancing as if they were lovers swaying into each other’s arms. I love the water and I love to swim. I remembered the first time I did, I was almost six years old. A little boy, the son of one of the servants at the estate, was swimming in a river close by. He was a couple of years older than myself and he dared me to join him in the water. Of course I did and I almost drowned. But that boy taught me how to swim that summer. When my father knew about it he gave that boy a good beating. Only that didn’t stop us from going back to the river year after year. That was a long time ago. I missed that boy and I still love to swim. So I try to do it whenever I have a chance.

I didn’t know what came over me that day but it was an exhilarating experience that I will never forget. Even though it wasn’t that hot of a day I decided to take a swim. I took all my clothes off and dived stark naked into the chilling waters of the Atlantic. As I said I loved to swim and for hours I felt like I was one with the waves. The cold water touching every inch of my body giving me the chills for an instant until a friendly warm swirl washed over me and brought my shivers back down.

“You’ll catch cold if you don’t get out of the water,” he said. 

Oh I hate him. He always seemed to shows up in the most awkward of instances. And nothing was more awkward than me standing completely naked with the water barely running to my knees. The only thing that came to my mind was that this was the first time he has seen me naked. Even on that dinning table I was fully clothed and so was he, well almost. So the only reaction I could think off was to dive back into the water to hide my nakedness. 

“Go away,” I said. He stood right at the edge of the ocean with his hands crossed and he waited for me.

“If you don’t come out of the water I will have to come and get you.” I hated that smirk on his face as he said that.

“Don’t you dare!!!” I warned him. 

Of course he dared. As he started walking towards me I wanted to run but I didn’t. He came in the water still clothed, wearing a long jacket that floated behind him as he stepped closer. I was standing up with the water almost hiding my breasts. My nipples peaked every time the water swirled backwards. He stood in front of me and looked into my eyes. I tried to look away, run, swim…do something but I couldn’t. I have no idea how he managed to undo his trousers but they sank down along with his belt. He grabbed my waist, and with the bouncy of the water, he effortlessly lifted me up and guided me onto his already stiff cock. I had not felt anything like that in my entire life. It was as if the water of the ocean was fucking me along with him. As his cock went inside of me the water flooded in as well, spreading to every craves of my being. I locked my legs behind his waist and tried to push him even further inside. With every shove he drove his long staff deeper and deeper. With every push of a wave the ocean brought us closer and closer until I could not take it anymore. I exploded as one final wave finished me off, clinging to life on his body. 

He carried me out of the water and dropped me on top of my discarded clothes, shivering and shivering …. well shivering from everything. 

“Dress up before you get sick,” the last thing he said before leaving me all alone on the beach. 

“I hate you” I almost said it aloud as I continued to shiver for hours.

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