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Chapter 2

This is chapter 2 of 9 chapters in the series Love and Hate

Love and Hate Chapter 2

I didn’t sleep a wink last night. I tried to lock the door to my room but I couldn’t find the key, so I barricaded the entrance with whatever furniture I managed to push against the door. I kept thinking he was going to come in and rape me or do much worse, like give me a goodnight kiss or something. That thought was even more repulsive then the first. Once the slut whom he assigned as my maidservant showed me to the room I kicked her out and stayed on alert all night guarding the door. So now my head is spinning from lack of sleep and I’m sitting alone at the large dinning table trying to eat breakfast. My stomach was turning just picturing his spunk coming out of that whore’s mouth.

“Would you like more tea, My lady?” The whore asked and I almost threw up. 

How could she even show her face after what she did last night?! It’s probably not her fault. I’m sure he is making her do that. But why? What have I done to deserve this? My father almost sold me to this life and my husband whom I just met is fucking the help. If I run away from here I don’t know how long I will survive all alone. I have no one in this world, no friends, no family to run to. I might as well make do with what life has bestowed upon me or kill myself.

“Would you like anything more, my lady?” she giggled. This is it. I’m killing myself. I came into the dinning room to be welcomed by the giggling idiot and the fucking slut, both servants trying their best to serve me breakfast. Good thing he wasn’t there or I might have shoved that knife in his chest.

The table was stacked full with every kind of food imaginable. It could have fed a whole town with enough to spare. “Does Mr Preston have breakfast like this every morning?” I asked Mrs Mellow who was standing behind me probably making sure I don’t run away or kill myself.

“Oh no!” Mrs Mellow replied, “Mr Preston doesn’t even have breakfast in the mornings. This is all for you.”

“Show off”. This is what came into my mind. He was trying to brag his wealth around. He probably doesn’t care if I eat or starve.

“More porridge my lady?” The slut poured the dripping milk into my plate and I couldn’t stand it anymore. I kicked back the chair and stood up shouting.

“YOU!” pointing at the whore, “I want you out of my house NOW.” I was shaking with rage. “AND YOU TWO,” pointing my other hand at the other young winch and she stopped giggling. I know she didn’t do anything to deserve this, until now, but I had a feeling she is going to. 

“NO,” he shouted and I froze. 

He came into the dinning room and headed straight to the other side of the table and sat down. “You can do whatever you want in this house except that.”

I didn’t know that I was holding the knife in my hand until I pointed it at him and said, “this is not my house,” shaking as I said that, “send me back to my father’s house. That is where I belong. We can still be called Man and Wife and you can still call yourself LORD PRESTON, for all I care.” I said what was in my heart and slumped back into my chair.

“I can’t.” He said.

“You can’t or you won’t?!”

He didn’t answer.

He looked at Mrs Mellow who understood what she had to do. “Girls. Let’s leave Mr and Mrs Preston alone. We’ll come back when they are finished.”

Moments of silence dragged on for eternity, but someone had to break the silence so it might as well be me, “Send me home…pleeeease,” I tried to beg.

Unfortunately it didn’t work, “I told you I can’t,” he explained, “I have an arrangement with your father and you are it.”

“Can I at least know the terms of this arrangement?”

For a few seconds he hesitated to answer but he finally did, “I am to cover all your father’s financial debts in return for you.”

I knew my father was going through some difficult times. Heck the entire kingdom is going through some bad times. For more than a hundred years England has been facing one crises after another. The civil war, the great famines, the political upheavals, all contributed to the demise of our family’s fortune but still, I couldn’t believe my father would do anything as gruesome as that, sell his own daughter for money?!?! “HOW DARE YOU speak about my father like that?”  I exclaimed, “You’re a liar Sir.” I had to defend the family’s honor as well as mine.

“YOU FATHER IS A LIAR AND A DRUNK WHO GAMBLED ALL HIS FORTUNE AWAY AND NOW YOU ARE MINE.” By the time he finished spitting out the last of those vile words he had crossed the span of the table and was standing right in front of me, while I was stood against the table with my hands gripping the edges and leaning backward.

Our eyes locked and I knew he was telling the truth. I have been abandoned by my own kin and I’m this man’s property, a slave with a title, and I had no where to go. So I had to do something.

“Ok let’s get this over with,” I said, still leaning backward on the table for dear life. 

He smiled with a slight smirk on his face then he lifted me up on the table and I screamed, “SEBASTIAN!?!? What the hell are you doing?!”

“You said let’s get this over with.”

“NOT HERE?!” I exclaimed.

“This is as good a place as any,” lifting my dress up and pushing me further on my back. I started to feel the milk, tea, and other liquids sipping inside my clothes as well as fruits and all kinds of food being squashed on my back. The most expensive dress I own was ruined. He reached and forcefully pulled down my long panties exposing my pussy to his fingers which explored a little before he dropped down his own trousers himself.

“Open you eyes and look at me,” he ordered.

I didn’t know I had even closed my eyes before he said that. If I was going to get raped, I might as well not look at the instigator of that heinous crime. So I didn’t.

When he did I did. Oh fuck he was big. With one stroke he was in me and slid right through. My pupils were fixed open looking into his, and I could see the surprise in those penetrating greens.

“Oh…so you’re not?!” He was greatly surprised. I so wanted to wipe that smirk right off his face. Of course I was not. I’m almost thirty years old for heavens sake. It is not that I was saving myself for a monastery or something. I closed my eyes again.

With every shove I wanted to open them up but I wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of seeing the lust lighting up my eyes. I didn’t know if my face also betrayed the passion my body was experiencing. I hoped not. But he was good. Ooohhh…. very good. I almost shuddered when he finally exploded into me before he left me all alone sprawled on the dining table with his cum seeping out of my sore and sensitive pussy.

I hate him.

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