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Chapter 2 Invocation to the goddess Inanna.

Chapter 2 Invocation to the goddess Inanna.

Great Inanna,

Heaven’s Queen,

Goddess of Love, Wisdom, and War

I come

beseeching you once more. 


I am Anna,

faithful servant,

appointed by my father’s hand –

Priestess of the Temple Uruk,

the Temple Ur,

and of your land.

Your muse, I ask you place upon me

that all may know

and all may see

my shame

relinquished by an army –

the ebb and flow of destiny.

Reveal the passion

of an era,

mighty fortresses of stone

the blackest heart 

chained walls of terror

– Lugan-

A kingdom overthrown.


my naked shackled lashes,

lust and longings of the crown –

blood and metal

thundered clashes

limply lowered to the ground.

Cast a vision of my exile,

journeyed hills through fields and farms,

running like the mighty Tigris

back into my brother’s arms.

Flame the fires of vindication.

Vengeance breeds its’ just reward.

An army of retaliation

brings even kings to kiss the sword.

Oh, Goddess

make my heart remember

a man whose eyes impaled my soul

and left his seeds

like burning embers

(but embers finally grow cold)

Time tarnishes the silver linings,

dulls the luster of the cup

where tainted wine unwound the bindings

– too tight for lovers to disrupt –

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