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Love and hate chapter 1

This is chapter 1 of 9 chapters in the series Love and Hate

Love and Hate Chapter 1

The horses hoofs struck the ground like synchronized drum beats as they sped into the night pulling the black carriage with forceful vigor. They have been traveling for two days from her father’s estate in Essex all the way to Lancaster. She has never been that far north, not that she was looking forward to it. She remembered the night her father told her the news.

“I gave my consent for your marriage to Mr Preston. The papers have been signed and your husband is expecting you.” 

It is still burning in her heart that her own father would do this to her. “I’m not one of your slaves,” she cried out, thinking that she could even change her father’s mind. 

Lord Henry Nitingale, the Baron of Colchester, was a cruel man. Ever since his wife died, giving birth to her, he has become so. “He used to be good man,” was what some of the old servants in her father’s household had told her. Of course she didn’t believe them. She has always known him to be thus; cruel and viscous.

For days she tried to resist her father’s decision but she finally succumbed  to his wishes not before she knew he was going to forcefully drag her into that four-horse carriage, sent by her husband to collect her from her father’s estate.

“You’re almost thirty years old,” her father told her, “it’s not that you’re going to have any suitors anytime soon,” another cruel way of telling her she is getting old. But it is true. She is past marriage material. Women her age were practically having grandchildren by now. She has heard of such arranged marriages but it was 1772 for crying out loud. She didn’t expect this to happen to her in this time and age. Of course it was always this way with the English aristocracy. If you have children, use them to your advantage. And this is what her father did, sell her to a wealthy man without her consent.

Lady Elinor Nitingale has always dreamt of a prince, or a knight in shining armor to sweep her off her feet, or at least meet the guy before she says, “I do.” He is probably an ugly fat man who is afraid to show his face lest he gets rejected. She had never heard of Mr Sebastian Preston before that day. She was told he is a wealthy merchant who owns a fleet of ships operating out of the port of Lancaster. But she knew very well that such men, with newly acquired wealth, marry into the aristocracy to gain their way into the ruling elite. Only she was determined to make his life hell all the way there.

The carriage finally stopped in front of a small secluded castle north of Lancaster. It was late at night but she could hear the waves striking the nearby beach however it was too dark to see what direction the sounds were coming from. The castle was an old Norman building which looked like it was newly renovated, not to big but impressive enough for her to stop and admire the structure which she would be calling home from now on.

Elinor descended from the carriage to be greeted by a woman in her mid forties and another young lady both wearing servant clothes. “My lady,” the old woman curtsied before she introduced herself, “my name is Mrs Mellow and I’m your housekeeper. Welcome home. We are so happy to finally meet you.” 

Elinor looked at the two ladies and said, “I was expecting to be HAPPILY greeted by Mr Preston himself and not by his servants,” trying not to look too impressed however she couldn’t help but snap at the two, “and where is my DEAR husband!?”

“Mr Preston is eagerly awaiting to see you my lady,” the young woman standing next to Mrs Mellow giggled as she replied, only to be silenced by Mrs Mellow’s angry stares.

“Mr Preston is waiting for you in his study,” Mrs Mellow tried to explain, “he said he will meet you tomorrow once you have rested and refreshed after your long journey.”

“I will meet my husband NOW,” Elinor almost shouted, “show me the way.” 

The young woman servant scrambled to run in front of lady Nitingale excitedly jumping two steps at a time up the staircase leading to the study. She opened the door and invited her in, giving a final giggle before closing the door again.

Elinor walked into the large room which was adorned with shelves of books on all the sides. She wasn’t surprised at the size of the room. Her father’s library was almost as big and as well stocked as this one, but she was surprised at what she saw right in front of her. She couldn’t move a muscle.

He was sitting behind a large open sided desk, sprawled in his plum leather chair, with a woman kneeling between his legs and obviously sucking at his member. Elinor was sure he saw her coming into the room only he did not move or say anything. The woman sitting on her knees must have heard her as well. She tried to pull away but he held her firmly between his thighs, preventing her from standing up. He even pulled her further onto his dick eliciting a gag. As the woman continued sucking the man’s cock he kept his eyes fixed at Elinor and she couldn’t move. The shock was so greater Elinor couldn’t even breath. Finally he was done with a stifled sigh and he let the woman go free. She stood up with his cum still dripping from the corner of her mouth.

That is when he spoke. “Beatrice,” he addressed the young woman who also happened to be wearing servant clothes. “I would like you to meet my wife, Lady Elinor Nitingale.” He paused for a second then said, “Wife. This is Beatrice, your maidservant.” She couldn’t believe her ears. So this was her husband, Mr Sebastian Preston. He was a man of good build, blond hair, green eyes, almost her age who he didn’t even stand up to greet her and she hated him.

“Nice to meet you my lady,” Beatrice the slut curtsied as more cum came spurting out of her mouth. No way she was going to let that bitch be her maidservant or even come into her room for that matter.

“Beatrice my dear. Show Lady Elinor to her room.” He ordered, “I’ll meet her for breakfast in the morning.”

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