By Mail

“Honey there is a large package for you at the door,” my hubby shouted out. He was standing outside the house late for work as usual.
“But I didn’t order anything,” I replied.
“Well it is a big box and it is addressed to you,” he kept yelling as he climbed in his car and sped off to work.
I brought the big box inside and put it on the dining room table. “I’ll open it later. It must have been sent to me by mistake.” I thought. Now I have to prepare my kid to school.
A few hours later I came back home and do some house chores until I finally have time to sit, relax and decide to open up the box.
“fshfhshdssfshssfdsss,” the box rapping cracked and I managed to open it to find two boxes inside. One large box and a very small one on top. In addition to those I found a letter with my name on it, “Miss Laura “. I am sure it has some explanation as to what is inside. I opened the letter, read the first line and my legs could not hold me anymore.

My Dear Red Slut
You will find in the large box an outfit I would like you to wear.

After that you are going to stand at the corner of Fifth street and Cambridge road at 2 pm.

That is where you will wait for me.
Mr Nash

I sat on the chair trying to tear open the large box and threw its contents on the floor. I was surprised to find a sexy lingerie outfit which I have all but dreamt of owning. I also found a raincoat and leather boots.
“Who the fuck does he think I am?” I yelled out, I can’t possibly wear those and go meet him. Even though he is my secret lover but he has never been so bashful before. And frankly I am not either. No No No I am not going to do that. Not in a million years.
I grabbed the letter to read it again and again to make sure my eyes did not deceive me. That is when I noticed the p.s. written in small letters.

p.s. If you don’t want to do it then open the small box.

So I franticly opened the small box and a huge smile brightened up my face. Inside I found one piece of chocolate. The one I love. And my heart just melts away. I can’t possibly say no to that, nor to him, nor to anything he wants me to do. He is my lover, my friend, my soul mate and my talking diary and I would do anything he asks of me.
(To be continued)
I looked over closely at the lingerie outfit and wondered what I would look like wearing something like that. He bought this from Ann Summers here in the UK. But I thought he hated Ann Summers. He asked me once what kind of lingerie I liked to wear but I didn’t realize he would remember. It is a red and black outfit with intricate patterns of red satin and lace. It had some wicked peep cups with tiny black bows that would hardly conceal my tits and nipples. I am seven month pregnant for heavens sake. I would look like a red ball rolling in that. That thing could not possibly hold my puffed out C cup breasts which are almost spilling on to the D range. Oooooo.. and the knickers are crotchless. I like crotchless. He did remember. 
He also got some matching black stockings but what I really like most were those knee high, high heals, black leather boots. 
And a fucking red Burberry trench coat!. Now how expensive is that? it must have cost a fortune. So I am supposed to wear this on top of the sexy outfit and go stand in the middle of the street waiting for him? He must be joking!!!!!!
The corner of Fifth st and Cambridge road at 2 pm? But that is right next to that college at the time when all those kids are leaving school. He must have gotten the address wrong? He was from the States after all so he must not have known that. Or did he?
I am standing on the corner as he told me to do. My bright red Burberry trench coat is catching everyone’s attention. “Why the hell did he not get one of those long ones?” I swear. I look like a hooker in the middle of the day. I was almost mugged ridding the bus down here. “Oh god! Why the hell didn’t I learn how to drive?” 
After three whistles and a couple of rude remarks from some of the students a red convertible Porsche stops in front of me. 
“Is this the slut I’ve been looking for?” With an American accent he asks. It is him, my lover. I have dreamt of those green eyes and that snickering smile for a long time and I can recognize them even with the lights off. Besides, no one calls me a slut except him and I melt at the sound of that voice.
“It all depends how much a slut you are looking for,” I reply with a smirk of my own.
“Open the trench coat and let’s find out,” he says and my jaw just drops.
“Seriously???” I cry out, “in front of all those kids?”
He just stares at me with those mischievous eyes without even a blink. Of shit he is serious. Should I do it? Oh hell why not, and I open my buttoned up coat to reveal my outfit to him as well as to more than a hundred or so horny kids that line up the street to watch this spectacle.
“Yep that is the slut I am looking for,” he laughs, “hop in before you catch cold.” And I quickly do before the police come to arrest us for indecent behavior. 

(To be continued)
We drove in to the country side with the wind grazing our hair. It was a lovely day for a drive. I sat in the passenger seat with my, no his trench coat opened. I wanted him to see me, my body, his lingerie, his slut right next to him. Unfortunately I was ever conscious of my bump which must have blocked most of the view but he did not seem to mind. In fact he cherished it even more than I did because he put his hand on my bump and said, “I just felt that,” and I just melted even further.
I told him I only had a few hours and I had to go home to my kid and my life. A few minutes later he pulled the car into a secluded cottage right on the outskirts of town. 
“I’ve rented this just for us,” he said then he went inside leaving me sitting in the car. Typical. Not even opening the car door for me. I expected him to carry me inside but no, he just left me there. Ok ok. It is my fault. I’ve always told him I don’t do mushy. I am not a romantic so why would I expect anything more. Maybe it is those damn hormones. A few minutes later I followed inside the house to find him sitting on a plum chair waiting for me. 
“Aren’t you going to show me the place?” I asked.
“No,” he replied, “there is a much more urgent thing to show you.” Oh fuck he is good.
“What about the bedroom?” I asked again.
“No need to,” he briefly replying.
“Here?” I was shocked.
“Here,” he just planned out our afternoon.
I walked over to him, lifted my leg and rested my foot on one of the arms of his chair. I was still wearing the trench coat and it was opened which gave him a complete view of my body inside my favorite lingerie outfit. His eyes immediately fell upon my pussy which must have peaked out of the crotch less knickers. Using just on finger he touched my clit and I almost blew. 
“Aren’t you going to unzip my boots?” Asking again.
“No,” that was all he said. Oh god. I am not going to ask him anything ever again. He had everything figured out.
He grabbed hold of my boots and started to kiss. I swear I could almost feel his mouth all the way from outside of the leather layer. He slowly went up until her reached my inner thighs and he bit me. Oh fuck. I flinched. He bit again this time a little harder and I grabbed his head mainly for support and pushing it between my bush exploding the first of my orgasm that day.

(To be continued)
My legs were wobbling. My cunt was dripping. My lover was looking at me with a huge grin on his face and I was on top of the world. It has been so long since I had an orgasm standing on my feet. I almost felt my water break. He knew what I was going threw so he just held me steady with his strong hands and helped me sit on the chair, the one he was sitting in minutes before.
“relax my love,” he said, “there are still more to come.” My heart was pumping so fast not from that last orgasm but from the fact that there was going to be more. I usually don’t have more. It was either one or nothing. Most of the time it was nothing. And he wants more. 
He stayed on his knees on the floor next to me until my breath came back. He knew exactly when I wanted the more. Before I opened my mouth to ask for more he had spread my legs wide apart and positioned each one on the the arms of the chair. I was still wearing the Burberry coat. I knew it was going to be ruined but who cares. In seconds he was burying his mouth in between the lace folds of my red panties. His tongue was trying to go as far as it could reach to scoop what is left of my honey. But that was going to difficult as more and more of my nectar kept dripping out. I was shocked when he stopped and tore open the little whole in one swift stroke. He wanted to it all. My wet pussy was now fully exposed and those knickers were torn to shreds. But that didn’t seem to satisfy him one bit. He inserted two of his fingers inside as far as they could go and dug out as if he was looking for something. I guess he knew what he was looking for as more and more of my juices seeped out. Then his other hand wanted in on the action. As the first was half buried in my snatch the second was rubbing on my clit and squeezing my bud to oblivion. It was not possible. Two in a row is a first for me. I didn’t think I had it in me. “Oh fuck, oh fuck,” I cried and everything in me just spilled out. Every emotion that was bottled inside, every pleasure I’ve kept hidden, every fantasy I’ve ever dreamt of, every scream I longed to shout just came poring out in one word, “fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.”

(To be continued)

I must have passed out on the chair for a few minutes however when I opened my eyes I felt it. His long thick cock was just outside my mouth touching my lips. I just had to open my mouth and it would go straight inside. So I did. I’ve dreamt of this moment for months and here it is. So I did. I opened my mouth and in went this amazing pole until it almost lodge in my throat. And I moaned sending vibes after vibes in both directions. He must have felt them as I did. They came straight from my heart into the tip of his shaft all the way to his balls. Those balls which I certainly didn’t neglect. How could I when they were touching my chin and I was stroking and pulling at them with my hand. Playing them with my fingers, caressing the soft sensitive skin underneath almost reaching up to his anus.
All this time he wasn’t saying anything. I had always wondered what kind of a lover was he. Was he loud? Was he a talker? A moaner? A grunter? Or was he just a breather? I was about to find out.
So I began my assault on his cock. I grabbed his shaft from its base holding it tightly together with his balls and started to munch on the upper half. Yummy… I’ve never tasted anything so sweet. Stroke after stroke, suck after suck, I gulped. Concentrating all my efforts on this task. Every few seconds I’d wriggle my fingers behind his balls and I’d hear him take a strong breath. He wanted to take his time in this. He didn’t want to load his spunk so soon. I liked that. It was more fun for me. More time to enjoy my sweet. More ooze to taste before the final finally. Let him build up more of that juice. Let his balls fill up with more and more. I want to drink all that when the time is right. 

His breathing was getting more erratic. He must be close. So I squeezed his shaft and balls tight. I didn’t want him there just yet. I wanted to continue with munching on this candy and licking the head like a a sweet lollipop. Should I pull out? Should I let him squirt all over me? But I’ll ruin the outfit. No I wanted to drink him in this time. I didn’t want to to leave any drop escape my mouth. 

He put his hands on my head, that is when I knew it was near. The mountain was about to explode and I was there to take it all in. I felt it. It just expanded for a quick beat and all hell came lose, running out like a volcanic eruption. It filled my mouth all the way down to my windpipe making me gag and tear up until it was all over. He was done and so was I. I sucked him dry making sure he  stayed in my mouth until every single drop was accounted for. 
Yep definitely a breather.
(To be continued)
He retreated and sat on the sofa opposite me. I was still sitting in the same chair looking at him. His cock was deflated but his face still emanated every beam of lust I could think off. I knew he still wanted me even though his body was telling him otherwise. I had to something about that. I can’t possibly go back to my life without knowing what it is like, what his cock can do, what my heart can take. We still have a few minutes left until my boring life hits me in the face again. This might be the last time I see my lover again, the last time I see his body, the last time I get to touch or taste, or feel his breath on my skin. 

So I sat back and pushed myself as far as I can go and lifted my legs up again on the arms of the chair. I wanted to give him a complete view of my pussy. My knicker have already been torn to shreds so everything is now exposed. His dick just throbbed. I saw that. More than that I felt that as my heart pumped with every flicker as it jumped. But still that was not enough. He needed more stimulus. So I put my hand on my pussy and started to play. Moving up and down, feeling the folds of my lower lips throbbing as well. Is that possible? even when I masturbate by myself I never felt anything like that. And I do masturbate a lot. Well is was mainly his fault. When we started talking that definitely pushed me to the limit a lot. But now the feeling I am having is way more then what I ever felt by myself. So I continued my play and he continued to throb. I put one of my fingers inside and I almost came myself. Fuck I didn’t want to do that, not yet. But he still was not there. I had to give him more. So I put my other hand on one of my tits and squeezed. Oh shit I hope he appreciate whatI  am trying to do here. I am about to combust. I pulled down the cup folds of my lingerie to give him a full view of my tits and started to tweak on my nipple. That is when I felt my hand soak with my own juice. and that is when his cock finally returned to its former glory. 

(To be continued)
He stood up and started walking towards me. Oh fuck. My eyes were locked at that dick of his. It wasn’t huge nor thick nor long, just an average size but it was mesmerizing non the less. I don’t know why I couldn’t take my eyes of of it. Maybe it was because I had been dreaming about it for so long I want it so bad right now. My heart was pounding and my hands were sweating. A drop of precum was spilling out from the upper hole of his dick making its way between the two fold all the way down the shaft. It was shimmering in sunlight as rays of light reflected of of it shining like a spotlight on a dark stage. I was hypnotized. I couldn’t think of anything else and it was coming straight at me.

He stood in front of me and placed his hands on the upper backrest of the chair and pushed. Shit! The chair flipped backward. It was a recliner and I gasped as my body flopped back. My legs were still on the arms of this recliner chair. He put both his hands under the folds of my knees and pulled me towards him, towards his waiting cock and it slid in my wet pussy with one quick thrust. “Ooooooohhhhhhhh” I gasped. I had wondered how he was he going to fuck me with that bump intruding between us. Now I knew. For the past months I’ve been fucked from behind while I was on my hands and knees. I missed that. I missed being fucked whilst on my back. It was much more enjoyable. I wanted to feel his cock as it rubbed on my clit. I missed that sensation. I don’t know how he knew but he knew  and his cock was now buried inside of me to the hilt.
He started to push slowly at first. Increasing the paste every few seconds until he was pumping hard and fast. His hands where locked underneath my legs for better grip and he was pounding as I lay straight back on the chair. Who needs a fucking bed. Come to think of it I didn’t see the bed yet. Probably won’t see it today but this is more kinky. Being fucked in the living room shows how much he wants me. We didn’t even make it to the bedroom. Sex in bed takes out the spontaneity of the whole act. Now we are here and that is all I want. 
As he was pummeling his way inside my pussy my breasts were flopping up and down reacting to his every move. I put my hands on my tits and pinched at my nipples as he watched. The more I tweaked the more he got excited and the harder he pushed. I like it hard. I need it hard. Hell knows I’ve been handled with tweezers ever since the cross on the pregnancy test turned blue and now I wanted to be punished for that silly mistake. I should have been treated as such from day one but Nooooo…. I’ve been pampered with feathers since then. But now I wanted the leather and I wanted it hard. My lover knew what I wanted and he was giving it to me. 
Suddenly he looked at me and grunted softlty. He was almost there and so was I. My face was flushing red like the color of my outfit and we were panting like two bitches in heat. He shoved his last and exploded flooding me with this hot cream and I followed suit. We were shivering together as he fell on me and I hugged him with all my might afraid he’d slip away. 
We lay in each other arms on the recliner chair which could barely take me not to mention both of us. Snuggling like puppies we stayed there for almost twenty minutes not wanting to leave, not saying a word. Unfortunately everything comes to an end. We have to go back to our lives once again. In a few hours I have to get my kid from school and I should have been home preparing dinner. So it is take out today. 
He stood up and started to dress. I almost cried. This is over I knew it. I felt it. He was probably thinking the same thing but his face was like a frozen statue. I stood up and adjusted what was left of my outfit. My panties were on the floor split in half. I left them there and rapped the Burbury tight around my body. It was hot outside but I felt cold. I walked out to the car as he was buttoning his shirt waiting for him to follow me outside.
I stopped in front of the Porsche and looked at it sighing at the sight of that magnificent car. Even though I never did learn how to drive but I always wanted one of those. Hell it was every man, woman and child dream to have one of those and it was probably the last time I was going to ride in one. Loosing two dreams in one day is devastating. 
He stood behind me and wrapped his hands around me as if he did not want me to go. I knew he didn’t. I rested my head on his chest and moaned again. My last moan of the day. I thought. I turned my head and gave him a kiss. That is when I remember it was our first kiss. How could we have fucked without even one kiss? Oh fuck his mouth tasted so sweet as his tongue explored inside. Our tongues rolled together like waves on the beach. His hands roamed over my Burberry coat until he found the waist belt and he pulled it loose and I felt the cool breeze blow inside the folds of my outfit. This was probably his last farewell, his last touch, his last caress before we head back home. 
Suddenly he pushed me on the hood of the car and swept away the Burberry trench coat aside. If Mr or Mrs Burberry knew how their creations were being handled they probably would close shop. I was sprawled on the front of the car with my hands gripping the still warm steel hood for support. Then I felt it. Oh fuck it was him once again. His cock was right at the entrance of my pussy pushing its way inside. Oh fuck. How could that be? How the hell did he get hard so fast. Who the fuck cares. I want him again right now and I want him to give it to me as I was clinging to that fucking car. “Aaaaoooooo,” I moaned out load. He was pulling at my hair as he pushed his dick further inside. 

“Oh yes baby,” I cried. I had never been that much of a talker but I could not help myself. I wanted to tell him how much his cock was pleasuring me, how much this was making me feel. “Harder,”  that was all I could come up with but it was enough. We both knew it was enough and he did exactly what I wished him to do, what I dreamt he would do and he was right there doing it to me harder and harder. “Oh fuck, oh fuck,” I screamed telling him I was about to have one of the most amazing orgasm of my entire life on the hood of a Porsche. And I did. Spasming, thrashing, bucking on that fucking car as he slammed me with his seeds one last time. Burberry be damn. 
We drove home not saying a word. He stopped in front of my house and waited for me to go out. Was he expecting a kiss, a thank you, a goodbye touch. He looked at me and said, “I’ll be coming everyday to pick you up at twelve. Be ready.”
I gulped down and opened my mouth like a kid, “what?” I said. What the hell was that all about? I didn’t comprehend what had just happened until the smirk brightened up his face. 
“I’ve rented the cabin for three more months,”he said. 
“What?” I asked once again like a blabbering fool. Three months? Oh fuck I am seven month pregnant. That means he…. Oh shit oh shit. He can’t do that to me. That is past my…….

I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know what to say. Of course I wanted to but…
I just opened the door and stood outside of the car waiting for him to tell me he was kidding with me but he didn’t. The last thing he said was, “oh by the way, you’ll be getting a box my mail everyday until then. You’ll know what to do.” And he sped off in to the horizon leaving me smirking, grinding, laughing at the thoughts of what he has planned for us through out his stay here in the UK.

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